Online Payment Application – Online Payment Application. Nowadays we can make various kinds of payments easily and quickly using online applications on smartphones.

Starting from paying for insurance, TV subscription bills, internet subscriptions, vehicle taxes, and much more. Of course these applications offer convenience to those of us who want to pay online.

Moreover, sometimes these applications provide attractive promos and cashbacks to take advantage of. Thus, our payments become more efficient and also reduce expenses.

Maybe here you also don’t know what the online payment applications are. Don’t worry because on this occasion we will recommend it to you.

Best Online Payment App on Android

Check out some of the best online payment application options on Android smartphones that can be used. Please have a look and see together the application options below.

1. Doku Wallet

The first payment application in Indonesia that we recommend is Doku Wallet. Doku Wallet or better known as Doku is a financial service with a digital concept which is certainly very useful for people.

The Doku Wallet application can be used for electronic money storage. The money can later be used as a payment method on various online shopping sites. National and international online shop.

In addition, you can use Doku as a payment medium for various bills such as PLN tokens, water, electricity, transfers between DOKU and accounts. To have the Doku Wallet application, please download it on the Play Store only.

2. Tokopedia

Another recommended application to pay for various needs in Indonesia is Tokopedia, everyone of course knows it. Who is not familiar with the largest online shopping platform in Indonesia?

Tokopedia is a place where Indonesian people can shop online. But did you know that Tokopedia offers the largest online payment service in Indonesia, and you can pay anything with this application.

Not only can you shop online, you can also make various other online bill payments. Even Tokopedia is one of the online spp payment applications. You can pay tuition for all levels.

3. T-Cash

Another application name that can be used to pay for various needs is T-Cash. T-Cash is a digital currency service made by Telkomsel using NFC or Near Field Communication technology.

Telkomsel customers can easily register an account in the T-Cash application. The T-Cash application is also very trusted and widely used by people throughout Indonesia.

After registering an account, you can start recharging using various methods. Can be from ATM Bersama, GraPari, Indomaret, etc. In addition, you can easily and quickly carry out various transactions for various purposes.

4. LinkAja

LinkAja is another safe application for making various kinds of digital payments online. LinkAja is one of the largest electronic financial services using an application system in Indonesia.

The LinkAja application has become your medium for online digital financial transactions. Even the LinkAja application also often offers digital payment promos that make the user’s wallet even more efficient.

The process is very simple and fast. After downloading from the Play Store, you can install and register right away. With this account, you can easily make various purchases and other transactions.

5. True Money

Next we will suggest you to use the True Money app on Android and iPhone. Because the True Money application makes it easy for you to make various kinds of online digital payments.

True Money is an Android online payment application. It is one of the innovative financial services whose main target market is people without accounts. The True Money application can be found directly on the Google Play Store.

By providing various conveniences for online network transaction processing. This transaction process can also be done using an Android-based application, website or the True Money Special Edition engine.

6. Sakuku

For those who are looking for an alternative application that is very reliable and easy to use, please choose Sakuku. These applications are widely available on the Play Store and of course often offer promos or cashback.

Especially for those of you who still don’t know, the Sakuku application is a service owned by Bank BCA in the form of an e-wallet or digital wallet. This digital wallet can also be used by many people for various transactions via smartphones.

You can make various payments, such as paying for groceries, topping up balances, withdrawing cash, and other banking activities. You can find this Sakuku app on Google Play Store and App Store.

7. PayTren

PayTren is an Android and iOS based application owned by PT Veritra Sentosa Internasional owned by Ustad Yusuf Mansur. This application is also used to facilitate the process of transactions or payments from online networks.

Besides being used for online payment media, PayTren offers more benefits if you join as an agent. You can earn commissions by participating in the marketing of this PayTren app license.

It can even be said that PayTren is one of the most widely used digital payment tools today. Not only by consumers, but service providers or credit counters also often use the PayTren application.

8. GoPay

The next online payment application is GoPay which of course is also a highly recommended application. This is Go-Jek’s fintech service. It turns out that Go Pay is not only used to pay for transactions on Go-Jek, you know.

This application can actually be used to pay for various purposes, such as online shopping, top-up credit, bill payments, and others. Refilling your Go-Pay balance is also easy and very fast.

You also don’t need to worry when you choose to use the GoPay application, because it is very reliable to use. If you want to download the GoPay application, you can go directly to the Play Store for Android phones.


Another application name that is also very suitable for use by Android users if they want to pay various digital bills is DANA. It can be said that the DANA digital wallet is also becoming more widely used now.

Yes, one of them is DANA which makes it easier for you to transact. You can pay for food, scan barcodes, e-commerce payments and other transactions. Before transacting with DANA, you must download the application.

You can access DANA with your respective smartphone. You can use various DANA features, such as Send Funds, Request DANA, Near Me to find businesses or locations nearby that work with DANA.

10. OVO

The next online payment application that we can recommend to you is OVO. OVO is also the most widely used digital payment. You can use this application for various transactions.

Such as payment of electricity tokens, internet, credit, and many others. Plus lots of fun features like multipoint. These points are loyalty rewards given to users.

Users get points for every transaction made in OVO. In addition, OVO offers various promos offered by many OVO merchants. OVO cooperates with many merchants throughout Indonesia.


That’s the discussion about the best online payment applications that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to make online payments.

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