Online KTP Check Application – Online KTP Check Application. Every Indonesian citizen (WNI) who is 17 years old is required to have an identity card (KTP) which is used as his own identity.

At present, the government also issues electronic ID cards, meaning that these ID cards can be accessed online, know their status, and can apply for replacement. For example when changing status from single to married.

To see the status of the ID card, indeed we can look at each other’s ID card, but if our ID card is lost, we can take advantage of the online ID card access. This clearly greatly facilitates the bureaucratic process in Indonesia.

Similar to location tracking applications, applications to check the status of our ID cards online are also available on Android phones. You can also use it for free, and the application can detect it accurately.

List of Online KTP Check Applications on Android

Here are some recommendations for online ID card check applications on Android phones easily, easily, and for free on Android. We will also explain how to use the applications listed below.

1. Cek NIK KTP

Using the Check NIK KTP application is very simple, because you only need to enter a number and the information will appear quickly. You will get very complete data from the owner of the ID card online.

In addition, this NIK KTP Check application can be used for free without paying, which is a clear advantage. You can also access family card data to meet various needs.

If you want to use the Check NIK KTP application, please use the area name to search on the Google Play store. Each ID card checking application also has a different appearance because it was designed by a particular developer.

2. Cek Data KTP & NIK

The KTP & NIK Data Check Application can provide identity information based on name and NIK. You can get information such as full name, gender, place of birth and date of birth, age and address of the ID holder of Jakartans and all of Indonesia.

The source of data or information displayed by the KTP & NIK Data Check application is the combined result of data obtained using the API​​​. Then Check KTP & NIK Data, translate the code on the NIK/KTP number.

So remember, that the source of the data for Check Data for KTP & NIK is not from the Dukcapil. This KTP & NIK Data Check Application states that it does not store, use, distribute, or misuse any information about yourself.

3. DataKu : Cek KTP dan NPWP

The advantages of DataKu: KTP and NPWP checks are ID and NPWP can be checked, so they are considered quite complete. You can also get other information, such as your zodiac sign, year of birth, and even save your ID card after searching online.

Data sources for the DataKu application: Check KTP and NPWP from the website, so the information is quite accurate. In addition, there is NPWP support from other data sources so that you can obtain taxpayer information.

The recommended KTP check application on Android phones is DataKu: Check KTP and NPWP. In addition to ID cards, the DataKu application: Check KTP and NPWP can also be used to check NPWP. So far, the Dataku app has been downloaded 100,000 times by users.

4. KTP Checker

You can use the KTP Checker application for free such as a vehicle tax check application, the sign is that you need to pay to get your name, postal code, date of birth, gender, street, district, province and even the location of your personal data.

Just enter your NIK, you can easily see your ID card. Another advantage is the ability to store data from the ID card owner so that it can be used at any time. The file size is also small, making it easy to run on various types of Android smartphones.

You can get information about your full name, gender, date of birth, district, city/district, province, and postal code on the KTP Checker. Users only need to enter the 16-digit NIK KTP number to display all information.


That’s all the explanation regarding the Android online ID card check application as we have conveyed in the explanation above. Please just use the applications that we have recommended above so you can check the status of each ID card.

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