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Stornowaybc.com – Old Vidmate App. VidMate is an application that is widely used today, because it can replace YouTube as an entertainment apk for watching short videos.

However, updating the latest version of the VidMate application is not liked by some people. In addition to being heavy with various features that are considered less efficient, the old VidMate application is also considered to be of higher quality.

You can use the old VidMate application by downloading it first. But you can’t find the old version of the application on the Play Store because it’s no longer there.

Instead, here we will share links and download links for the old version of the VidMate application with you for free. Please take a look and see the full review which can be seen below.

Free Old VidMate App on Android

The application called Vidmate Old version of this Apk has actually been in the ranks of apk downloaders. But this time a third party has modified it with more interesting and user-friendly features.

If you want to save what you have uploaded, maybe this Vidmate Old version Apk can help you download and save it to your phone memory. Not only videos that can be saved.

However, almost all types of files such as images, MP3 songs can be downloaded for free through the Old version of the Vidmate application. Its simple interface allows anyone to use the Old version of Vidmate Apk.

You can download the search function, and go directly to social media, YouTube or Instagram. Developer Vidmate is a product of UcWeb, a group of Alibaba companies that have offered the most popular online services.

Old Vidmate Apk Features

The features provided by the Old Vidmate Apk2 developer are quite complete and even quite a lot, for a complete view, here is the latest information. Check out some of its excellent features below.

1. Fast Download

The first feature that you can feel in Vidmate Lama Apk is the download speed which is very short compared to other features. It seems like it would be cool to download at high speed without having to wait long.

2. Download Multiple Platforms

Vidmate Lama Apk can download content from various platforms so that users will be more comfortable because they can find the desired file from various social media or other media. Make users more interested.

3. AutoSave to Memory

Files downloaded from Old Vidmate Apk will be automatically saved to SD storage once downloaded, which is very handy. As a result, users also do not need to transfer downloads manually.

4. Lightweight Appearance

The very simple appearance of the Vidmate Lama Apk application is made to make it easier for users when they want to find and download content or MP3s. This allows anyone to use the Old Vidmate Apk.

5. Choose Resolution

Another feature installed in the Old Vidmate Apk application is that you can set the download resolution as you wish. But keep in mind that the higher the quality, the bigger the MB.

6. Download MP3 Format

For Old Vidmate Apk users who like to listen to music, maybe Vidmate Mod can help add to your song collection. Because in the Old Vidmate Apk there is already a function to download MP3 or music.

7. Unlimited Download

The interesting feature in the Old Vidmate Apk downloader app is that there is no limit to download content or files, so anything can be easily stored in memory. Users can freely download files as much as they want.

8. Live Streaming

One of the great features of the Old Vidmate Apk is the ability to watch live TV challenges via live stream. So you can not only download but also perform other activities.

9. Free to Use

While most apps offer more, it’s usually prepaid, but interestingly, in the Old Vidmate Apk, you get it all for free with no subscription fees. You can save your pocket and wallet.

10. HD Download Quality

Maybe you’ve downloaded a file and it wasn’t very good or bad enough. But with Vidmate Lama Apk you don’t have to worry because there are features to make the resolution better.

Download Vidmate Apk Old Version

In modified version, Old Vidmate Apk is not available on Play Store, that’s why we provide a way to use this downloader. We have provided below links and information about Old Vidmate Apk.


As for how to download the Old Vidmate Apk itself, just click on the “Download” section and you will be taken to the next download menu page to let the process run until it is completely finished.

How to Install Vidmate Apk

The next step is how to install this Old Vidmate Apk so that it can be installed on the smartphone device that you are using. How to install it is very simple, but surely there are still many people who do not understand.

So that we will tell you how to install Vidmate Old Apk. Please refer to the tutorial and how to install the Vidmate Lama Apk application on your respective Android smartphone below.

  • First of all, if you haven’t downloaded the Vidmate Old Apk above, you should download it.
  • Once you have the Old Vidmate Apk file, just click install
  • The apk installation process will not run because of the previous warning to enable unknown sources
  • If a warning appears, you can choose to allow and run the installation process
  • Wait until the application installation is complete
  • If successful, just check and run as needed.
  • The installation method is very fast, although not as fast as the original version, but you can install Vidmate Lama Apk by following the tutorial above.

How to Use Old Vidmate Apk

The Old Vidmate Apk app works the same way as the original app, except you get more features like live TV and more. Vidmate Lama Apk has a modern and minimalist look.

The display and interface presented on Vidmate Lama Apk makes it easy for users. Also, it allows Old Vidmate Apk users to navigate the app without getting too confused, making the following guide more clearly visible.

1. Download MP3

Downloading mp3 content in the Old Vidmate Apk application is very easy to do. This is because the developer provides a simple interface to make it easier for users, here’s how to download it.

  • First, go to the Old Vidmate Apk page
  • Choose the social media features and sources you will use
  • Please search for what you want to download
  • Once found, select the download menu
  • If you click OK, you also select the desired resolution, and the download process will run and save the file automatically.

2. Streaming on Old Vidmate Apk

Next, we will give you a way so that you can watch TV from various channels through the Vidmate Lama Apk application which is broadcast live via an internet connection. Here are the steps you should do.

  • Please open the downloaded Old Vidmate Apk application
  • There are many menus on the Old Vidmate Apk page, you just need to select a TV show
  • There are many TV channels, you can choose according to your wishes, please click on one of them
  • Whether TV shows are visible but clearly depends on the quality of the internet connection used.
  • That’s how to use the Old Vidmate Apk to download content or watch TV shows via live streaming.

The final word

Until here, our discussion about the old free vidmate application that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately use the old Vidmate.

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