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Stornowaybc.com – Old Face App. Time continues to pass, and sometimes we don’t realize that we are getting older, the face or face will continue to change even though the development is very little.

But have you ever wondered what your face will look like when you’re really old? When you are old, considered grandparents, and 50, 60, or 70 years old?

You don’t have to worry about predicting it, because now there is an application that can be used to predict your old face. This application can be used for free on the Android platform very easily.

Like any face changer application, how to use this application just upload your photo now. Then just click change the old prediction face, then this application will display your form in the future.

List of Best Old Face Apps on Android

Not much different from the application for answering math questions, on Android phones there are also many choices of old face prediction applications. You can use the applications that we recommend below.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the best old face prediction apps that you should try to make an estimate of what your future face will look like. With a few clicks, this app gives you amazing selfie quality.

The FaceApp application has advanced photo editing technology that allows you to make interesting transitions with your selfies. Not only that, you can also see old face predictions from photos in the gallery app.

You have the option to add filters, change hairstyles and colors, and even go as far as to add tattoos. The FaceApp application, which is available for free on Android, also functions as a gender swap application.

2. Make Me Old

Make Me Old can change your young face to look old in seconds for free and accurately. This app will show you what you will look like in 30 years from now.

One of the useful features of this app is that it has a simple face scanner that can detect your face and change it. This application is very practical and lightweight for use on smartphones.

If you are interested in the appearance of your family, friends and famous artists of 30 years, you can easily scan their faces. After that, you can then share the results on social media.

3. AgingBooth

Want to know what your face will look like when you get older? Want to know how you look with your friends? If your answer is yes, then the free Android AgingBooth app is probably the recommended app.

This app is a fun tool or feature to age yourself in your photos. Use the AgingBooth app with your family, friends, girlfriend or relatives and share their photos via social media.

The way AgingBooth works is with photos taken from your phone’s gallery, and editing them without the need for an internet connection. The AgingBooth app lets you preview before and after viewing.

4. Fantastic Face

The Fantastic Face app is not only useful for showing you what you looked like in your old age, but it also reveals many secrets behind your face. Including notifying you of changes in your love.

In addition, this application will also notify the development of your wealth and career, even your health. Once your face is scanned using Fantastic Face, this app will generate a report based on your facial features.

Plus, you can also do some fun tests on your face. Not only that, in Fantastic Face you can find out which artists are similar to you, and read your handwriting.

5. Old Face & Daily Horoscope

Old face app on android called Old Face & Daily Horoscope allows you to take selfies. After that this application will then help you to see the face of your grandpa or grandma and your future fortune.

Apart from aging of the user’s face, Old Face & Daily Horoscope app also offers daily horoscope readings. This app will provide predictions about your zodiac sign, love life, astrological sign and partner.

Not only that, the application can also scan your palm and allow the application to read your lines. The goal is to reveal your personality, destiny, to your luck.

6. Magic Face

This Magic Face app for aging face offers both free and paid versions with more features. Like any face merging app, Magic Face can be found free on the Play Store.

Magic Face allows users to take pictures of themselves, then predict your future appearance. Not only that, you can move the timeline back and see what you were like when you were younger.

The Magic Face app even lets you show the appearance of other people, your friends and family. So, they can enjoy their past life, gender reassignment, and even child prediction.

7. Face Aging

The Face Aging application allows users to choose gallery photos or selfies. Then this app will change your appearance to be old, and you can choose predictions in the age range of 60-120.

Unlike other apps on the list above, the Face Aging app can provide you with editable stickers on the app. When you’re done editing, you can add text, change the font, size, and color.

If you want to share the results of the photo, the Face Aging application allows you to save the image in your gallery. Not only that, in Face Aging you can also share photos with friends on social media.

The final word

The discussion about the old android face application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully the information provided can be useful, especially for those who want to know how your old face looks.

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