Offline Karaoke App – Offline Karaoke App. Playing music is fun, and for some people karaoke is also a very entertaining activity because it can relieve fatigue and dizziness.

Doing karaoke can also be done using an Android smartphone at home. Even interestingly, we don’t need to connect to the internet or online, because there are many offline karaoke applications available.

Unlike the Blackberry Messenger application, these karaoke applications are widely available on Android devices. In addition, the application is also available for free so users can directly download it.

If you’re curious about what the apps are, below we’ll explain to you some of the options. Check out the reviews that we have compiled from various sources below.

List of Free Offline Karaoke Apps on Android

Here are some choices of free offline karaoke applications on Android. Please use the applications that we recommend so that you can play karaoke with all the songs in the application.

1. Sing Karaoke Offline Recorder

The first application that is recommended in this list and can be used for karaoke without an internet connection is Sing Karaoke Offline Recorder. You can install it on a low-spec cellphone, because this 4.9MB application is very light.

The developer who made this Sing Karaoke Offline Recorder application is TT Studio New. Well, this application can be used to listen to music online or offline. Similar to MP3 music player app.

The difference from other music player applications, in Sing Karaoke Offline Recorder you can while listening to music, you can also record it. Of course, with the help of the lyrics that appear automatically in this application.

2. Karafun – Karaoke Singing

The next karaoke application is Karafun – Karaoke Singing, which can be installed on Android for free. You need to know that in this application designed by developer Recisio, it is only 31MB in size.

The features included in the Karafun – Karaoke Singing application include more than 20,000 karaoke songs, and control every vocal sound when singing. In addition, this application can directly update the song every week.

For those who don’t have an internet quota package, don’t worry and don’t bother buying an internet package. This is because you can use this application offline or without an internet connection.

3. Magicsing

Another Android offline and online music player and karaoke app is Magicsing. This Magicsing app is designed by Entermedia Co Ltd, you can download it for free, and the size is 65MB.

The feature contained in this Magicsing application is the number of popular songs around the world. So you no longer need to be confused about finding the best karaoke app for Android called Magicsing.

Because this karaoke app for Android Magicsing allows you to karaoke by displaying the guitar cable while playing guitar, or you can also use guitar chords and lyrics app to accompany karaoke.

4. SingPlay

SingPlay is a karaoke application that can convert MP3s into karaoke tracks in the form of songs and lyrics. Most importantly, you don’t need to download tracks or streaming media from YouTube, the application made by NexStreaming Corp can be downloaded on YouTube.

The SingPlay app can convert your music while maintaining the original quality of the music. In addition, you can press the record button to record or record performances during karaoke. Once the recording is complete, you can also edit it.

You can adjust the equalizer or sound control as needed. Don’t forget to share with your friends via social media sharing feature. Just like other applications, SingPlay can also be used for free.

5. Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke is one of the karaoke applications that can be enjoyed online and online today. While playing, you can also adjust the balance and volume of the music to add sound effects to your liking.

This Red Karaoke app also has a special duet feature, where you can sing karaoke with other people or your friends as you like. Good recording quality is also an advantage of this application.

No wonder Red Karaoke offline karaoke application users have covered more than 7 million people worldwide. The cool feature of this app is that it supports Chromecast. By plugging your Chromecast into the HDMI slot, you can enjoy karaoke on your smart TV.

6. Karaoke Offline Dangdut

The next recommended karaoke application for Android is Karaoke Dangdut Offline. This free application called Karaoke Offline Dangdut is 48MB in size, can be downloaded for free, and was designed by Petakalet.

For those who really like dangdut songs, if you use the Dangdut Offline Karaoke application for karaoke, it’s really suitable. Because this application contains dangdut songs, of course, you can access it offline.

Unlike other applications, this Dangdut Offline Karaoke application cannot record your audio and video during karaoke. Therefore, please install the Android Karaoke application without an internet connection right now.

7. Karaoke Indonesia Offline

Another great karaoke app to try for Android is Karaoke Indonesia Offline. This free application called Karaoke Indonesia Offline was designed by Guess the Song and is about 4.0MB in size.

This Offline Indonesian Karaoke application provides Indonesian songs such as Armada, Anji, Judika, Raisa, etc. Guys, you can use this app offline or without internet connection.

Therefore, you no longer need to understand how to speed up your internet connection. Well, for those who don’t know the lyrics of the song on Karaoke Indonesia Offline. Don’t worry, because this application will automatically display the lyrics.

8. The Voice: On Stage

In this application called The Voice: On Stage, you can later sing a lot by choosing hundreds of leaderboards from the world’s top musicians (such as Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Shania Twain)

To beautify your karaoke recordings, you can polish them with sound effects to enhance and enhance the sound quality. The on-screen lyrics in The Voice: On Stage are also pretty good and accurate.

This will make you as comfortable as possible in karaoke while reading the lyrics of the song you sing. The Voice: On Stage also provides a sharing feature, you can share your karaoke recordings to several popular social media.

9. Yokee

The next recommendation is an application called Yokee which at first glance looks a little better than other similar applications. Because the functions in the Yokee application are very complete and easy to use by users.

This Yokee app allows users to karaoke freely and become a celebrity by doing “singing, recording and sharing” activities. The way it works is very simple, you have to browse the music video catalog on YouTube.

Only then can you find the song you want to sing. After successfully selecting a song, you can immediately enjoy the recorded or music track and its lyrics. Don’t forget to add special sound effects.

10. Karaoke Nyanyikan & Rekam Musik

Another android karaoke music player app is Karaoke Sing & Record Music. This application is 34MB in size and you can download it for free. This app is designed by Tencent Music Entertainment Hong Kong Limited.

Just like other Android karaoke apps without internet connection, this Karaoke Sing & Record Music app can record audio and video. There are also audio effects to make your voice sound cool.

You can also add to this video recording using filters. You can also use recordings as ringtones in this app, so you don’t need to download ringtone apps anymore.

11. StarMaker

Another offline Android karaoke app recommended to Android users is StarMaker. This app was designed by StarMaker Interactive and you can download it for free.

This app is only 28MB in size, and you can use this free karaoke app to cover famous songs. This app also allows you to easily collaborate with friends.

In addition, you can record videos while karaoke, add filters, and record them in specific lyrics in StarMaker. So, say goodbye to song cover apps, because this app already exists.

The final word

Just get here first a review of offline karaoke applications on Android as reviewed in this article. Please just use the applications that we mentioned above so you can karaoke via smartphone devices.

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