Notes App – Notes App. Everyone needs notes in their life, and now we don’t need physical paper to collect the notes we need.

We can use the notes application or notes that are widely available on Android phones for free. There are many application options that you can choose at will according to your needs and uses.

Each of these applications has different advantages and disadvantages. But maybe you are also curious about what note-taking apps are available on Android and can be used for free.

Well on this occasion we will explain to you about the application. Please refer to the recommendations or choices of free note applications that can be used on the Android platform for free.

Free Notes App on Android

Here are a few choices of free note-taking applications on Android and can be used without paying. The following are application recommendations that we have summarized from various trusted reference sources.

1. Omni Notes

The first note app we recommend for you Android users is Omni Notes. The Omni Notes app is a journaling app where you can write and share notes instantly.

Even if you are using Omni Notes for the first time, the Omni Notes app makes it easy for anyone who uses it. So what are the advantages? Omni Notes comes in 30 different languages, making it easy to use.

Omni Notes users can choose which languages ​​to include in your notes. The Omni Notes application also provides a feature in the form of a memo shortcut that displays the results of the note directly on the Android phone screen.

2. Material Notes

Furthermore, there are Material Notes which are also of no less quality to use. Would you like to have a secure note-taking app that everyone can read? Then just use the Material Notes application.

One of the advantages of this Material Notes application is the embedded security features. Users of the Material Notes application can lock notes with a 4-digit number on the note. In fact, users will see attractive fonts.

Attractive fonts in Material Notes can be found in a variety of forms that make your writing better and easier to read. For more details, please download Material Notes on the Google Play Store.

3. LectureNotes

If users of the LectureNotes app are looking for an offline journaling app for Android, LectureNotes is the one we recommend. Also a useful application for students or college students.

LectureNotes carries a different concept from other applications, with the appearance of a book. You can write any notes without using a notebook. Once everything is written, you can export the file as a PDF.

The LectureNotes application will provide convenience both in appearance and use. If you are interested, please download it on the Google Play Store for free, aka you don’t have to pay any fees.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep is also one of the most used note-taking apps. The downloads of the Google Keep application so far have reached more than 600,000, a fantastic number.

The easy-to-understand interface of Google Keep is a plus for those who don’t want to use complicated note-taking apps. Google Keep supports note-taking on Android smartphones.

You can add colors to distinguish each note you make. The great thing about Google Keep is that you can pin locations. For example, say you want to go to work and pin your work location on Google Keep.

5. FiiNote

An equally interesting Android diary app that can be used for free is FiiNote. What makes this FiiNote app special? Why is the FiiNote application really your recommendation?

One of the great features of the FiiNote app is that you can write notes right on the screen of your Android phone. In addition, FiiNote offers a number of attractive color options, just like any other note-taking application.

But not only color, this FiiNote software also provides color effects so that the colors displayed are more attractive. You can write different color notes for each letter in your notes.

6. FairNote Notepad

FairNote Notepad is an app created by Tarique, being the next best app we can recommend. This FairNote Notepad software provides a wide selection of colors for note backgrounds.

Users of the FairNote Notepad application will only have to choose a background color that matches your favorite color. In addition, the presence of multiple colors can also help you distinguish each note you create.

FairNote Notepad also offers settings that allow the app to remind you of important things you need to do. This application also has the function of sharing to social media.

7. Evernote

For those who are busy carrying books, the Evernote application is a notebook replacement application. All users need is a smartphone with Evernote installed, and you can jot down everything.

It can be said that the Evernote app is one of the most popular journaling apps on Android. No wonder the number of users of the Evernote application until now is very large and spread everywhere.

One of the features of this app is that you can take notes using text format. However, if you don’t want to take notes, you can leave notes in photos, audio, sketches, PDFs, videos, and web clips.

8. ColorNote

The Android diary app that we will cover on the last list is ColorNote. For those who want to make a list of courses or arrange a schedule and save it on a smartphone in a fairly light size,

With ColorNote, you can make this application the right choice. ColorNote is an application that can be used as notes and memos. This app provides colorful backgrounds.

ColorNote is perfect for those who want to have fun taking notes. Another feature provided by ColorNote is that you can take notes on your calendar instantly, attractively, and for free.

The final word

Until here, first our discussion of the free note application that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so that you can immediately record your needs.

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