Mutual Fund Application – Mutual Fund Application. Currently, mutual funds have become one of the most sought after investment instruments by the people of Indonesia. The investment can also be done easily with just a cellphone capital.

We know that on Android or iPhone there are many choices of applications that can be used to invest in mutual funds. Of course, the investment can be done safely, because it uses an application that has been supervised by the OJK.

As with other investment applications, when using the platform to invest in mutual funds, we cannot choose randomly. Use applications that are trusted, good, and of course the best.

For those who want to know what the application recommendations are, below we want to provide a selection of the best, trusted, and legal mutual fund application recommendations. Here are recommendations that you can use.

List of Best Mutual Fund Apps on Android

No different from the Javanese script application, this mutual fund application is also widely available on Android. You can also choose which application to use to invest in mutual funds.

1. Invisee

One of the best mutual fund app recommendations on Android is Invisee. By using the Invisee application or platform, you can purchase mutual fund products with a minimum balance of IDR 10,000. Very interesting right?

Interestingly, Invisee provides a reminder function, so you can set an investment plan based on your financial situation. For example, you get paid on the 1st of every month. You can set every 2 reminders via email sent by Invisee.

One of the slogans of the Invisee app is: With Invisee, investing is easy and affordable. In accordance with this slogan, investors can indeed start buying mutual fund products with a small capital of only 10,000. Payment is also very simple.


This mutual fund application called POEMS ID is operated by Phillip Sekuritas, one of the leading securities companies in Indonesia. Although better known as a stock investment application, POEMS ID also offers mutual fund investment options.

This actually benefits investors, right? You can invest in stocks or mutual funds in one application, which is only using the POEMS ID application on the Android and iPhone platforms.

Buy mutual fund products and get a POEMS ID through the Profunds function. As an online mutual fund supermarket, there are more than 100 products. You can start investing from IDR 50,000 and monitor the growth of mutual funds in real time.

3. Tanamduit

Tanamduit pursues the target market of young people who are just starting to invest. Not only mutual funds, Tanamduit also provides investment transaction services for Government Securities (SBN), insurance and gold bullion.

The interesting thing about this mutual fund application is that you can monitor your portfolio through the “One View Portfolio” function. Well, you can also compare 3 mutual fund products to see their performance before buying.

For those who are still very zero in investing, don’t worry. Tanamduit also provides educational functions and trading tutorials, so Tanamduit is very suitable for use, especially for beginners.

4. Bibit

Bibit are a relatively new player in the world of mutual fund investing. The company has obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority in 2018, but the emergence of this application has attracted the attention of many investors.

In addition to an attractive brand, Bibit also helps novice investors to directly buy mutual fund products based on their risk tolerance. Seed’s robo-advisor function will select a mutual fund, and all you have to do is accept that it’s done.

The scheme used by the Seeds platform uses the principles of modern portfolio theory introduced by Harry Markowitz when managing portfolios. Seeds have become a mutual fund investment application that is worthy of consideration.

5. Ajaib

The next platform that we can choose to start investing in mutual funds is Magic. Good news for users, starting to invest in Magic is not much different from investing in anything else.

In fact, we only need to fill in a few questions during registration to create an account. Ajaib will also ask you some questions to understand your risk profile on the Ajaib mutual fund investment platform.

Interestingly, for novice investors, Ajaib will provide a wide selection of mutual fund products that are suitable for us, and have been verified to minimize investment risk. Of course this is a distinct advantage that Magic has.

6. Bareksa

You must have heard the name Bareksa often, right? Not only the website, Bareksa also has applications that we can download on our smartphones. The advantage of Bareksa is that they sell hundreds of mutual fund products.

The mutual fund products that Bareksa sells come from various investment managers (MI) in Indonesia. We can also see various price changes, yields, MI profiles, and some descriptions of the returns obtained from the selected product.

In addition, we can choose mutual funds “superior products” which of course are evaluated periodically by the Bareksa team. The Bareksa application can also be downloaded for free and is trusted because it is supervised by the OJK.


Another option is an application called IPOTGo that can be used as an investor recommendation for mutual fund applications. IPOTGO does not only provide investment tools in the form of mutual funds, but also stock investments.

The appeal of this IPOTGo application is that it allows you to compare mutual fund products available on the platform. So you can see the performance of managed funds, participation units, and mutual funds to be purchased.

Don’t worry too much about using IPOTGo, because this application has been officially supervised by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority. In addition, in recent years IPOTGo has continued to enter the ranks of the best mutual fund investment applications in Indonesia.

8. Raiz

Surely there are many who want to invest in mutual funds, but are constrained by conditions because the funds or assets they have are not enough? You can take advantage of the installment or reuse feature in the Raiz application.

In this Raiz installment payment process, the amount and time limit can be adjusted according to your ability. Therefore, even if your funds are limited, you can still invest. Already have a mutual fund investment, but want to take a peek while learning about stocks too?

Not much different from the forex application, in addition to displaying various mutual fund products, Raiz also allows you to buy stocks. But before you start investing in stocks, study the risks carefully on the Raiz app.

The final word

The explanation of the best mutual fund applications on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above to invest in mutual funds.

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