Muslim App – Muslim App. As a Muslim, we are required to carry out worship properly and solemnly, one of which is praying on time when the call to prayer has sounded.

But sometimes we miss prayer at the right time for various reasons. One of the reasons is because they don’t hear the call to prayer or are too busy working.

As an alternative we can use one of the Muslim applications, namely the best prayer schedule application. Of course, we can use the application to get the call to prayer when the time comes.

In addition to the schedule application and the prayer call to prayer, apparently there are also many other best Muslim applications on Android smartphones. If you want to know the application, you can listen to the discussion below.

Best Muslim Apps on Android

Immediately, without further ado, let’s look together the selection of the best Muslim applications on Android smartphones. Please take a look at some of the application options that we have summarized from various sources.

1. Murottal

Murottal is the first Muslim application that we recommend for you on Android smartphones. With this murottal application, users can listen to the recitation of the Qur’an anytime, anywhere very easily and practically.

Many of these Murottal applications can run without an internet network or offline. So users of the Murottal application can easily use it without worrying about running out of internet quota.

Decorating daily life by reading the Qur’an is a comfort for Muslims. There is always peace when listening or living every message in the Qur’an, and the Murottal application will help you.

2. Sejarah Islam

The history of Islam is also worthy of being used as an application recommendation for Muslims in Indonesia. An application that will provide insight and knowledge about the journey of the Islamic religion. Islamic history should not be missed.

Many interesting things will inspire and inspire the difficulty of this religious struggle to spread throughout the world. And in the Islamic History application you can study it in detail and also complete.

Actually there are many other sources that can be used as references or reading material, this Islamic History application is only a digital version. The purpose of Islamic history is to facilitate the study of Islamic history.

3. Taaruf ID

Taaruf ID is a matchmaking application for Muslim and Muslim women, which doesn’t seem that important. But it’s important or not, as long as the use of the application does not conflict with the Shari’a, of course you can use it.

However, if it is a passive method, then there is no need to use the Taaruf ID application or anything like that. Also remember that in general the Taaruf ID application can be used by anyone and anywhere for free.

His presence is an answer for a Muslim who is trying to find his best mate. However, it would be nice if all the best efforts and prayers were only dedicated to Allah SWT to get a life partner.

4. Learns Quran with Marbel

Learns Quran with Marbel is an application to learn the Koran for children. The transformation of people’s way of life is reflected in all aspects of life. Almost all activities are done online easily.

To help your children learn the Qur’an, the Learns Quran with Marbel application is suitable because it is designed with a fun concept. Even though learning the Qur’an is easier, as a parent, you still have to be able to take care of your child’s emotions.

An example of a best practice is to assign time to study, play, and other daily activities. In this way they are used to taking responsibility from an early age, as well as learning the digital Qur’an.

5. Cari Arah Kiblat

We also suggest to you a Qibla application proposed by the recitation of the Qur’an as an example. Actually, the Qibla Direction Search application is fully functional so it is not just a Qibla direction indicator.

The presence of a compass and Qibla direction are the main advantages that help worship Muslims. With this Qibla application, users can find the Qibla direction wherever they are and even track the location of the Kaaba.

If you travel a lot and are unsure of the Qibla direction when you are going to pray, then this app is highly recommended. Not only that, the Qibla Direction Find application is also very easy and free to use.

6. Muslim Pro

Traveling, working, or other daily activities cannot be separated from what is called an obligation. To remind the public about the obligation to pray, there is a call to prayer application called Muslim Pro.

With Muslim Pro, every time the prayer runs out, a reminder alarm will be issued in the form of prayer. Often in this type of application there are other features such as Qibla directions, prayer schedules and other related features.

For daily use of the Muslim Pro app, it would be nice to use a fully functional app. So no need to install many related apps. This Muslim Pro application can also be used for free and easily.

7. Aplikasi Kumpulan Doa

The collection of daily prayers contained in this application will make it easier to memorize or repeat readings so that memory becomes smoother. The Prayer Collection application can also be used and accessed for free on Android.

Especially for children, it is very suitable because at this age they need to be active in learning and practicing religion. In terms of parenting, you must set a good and correct example, one of which is using the Prayer Collection Application.

For example, a real and good example must also remember the daily prayers that will be practiced in the future. In fact, this is still a homework for parents. So, take advantage of the services of the Prayer Collection Application.

8. Tuntunan Sholat Lengkap

The following complete prayer guide is summarized in an application called the Complete Prayer Guide. Intentionally or not, it’s not just children who need an application like the Complete Prayer Guide.

Because we can miss a lot of things like how to read and act properly in prayer. Furthermore, prayer is the main obligation to worship. This application will help our worship to be better.

With a prayer application that is so complete it will certainly make it easier for Muslims to learn the movements and readings of prayer. Especially for children who are just learning. You can download the Complete Prayer Guide on the Play Store.


That’s the discussion about the best Muslim applications that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to worship better.

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