Music Player App – Music Player App. From any era, until now, music is still the prima donna of entertainment for many people, whether it’s Indonesian or foreign people.

Music is also very diverse, there is pop music, jazz, rock and roll, blues, reggae, dangdut, and many more. And of course, through our cellphones we can play music offline without an internet connection.

Of course we need the best music player application to do these activities. And if you want to use it, you have to download it first as in the song search application on Android.

But maybe some of you are still confused about what applications to play offline music on Android phones on the Play Store. Therefore, here we will provide a list of recommended applications.

Recommended Best Music Player Apps

Not much different from the Indonesian TV application, there are many of the best music player applications, offline, and also free to use. Please refer to the recommendations for some of the application names below.


At first glance, AIMP may seem a bit simple to be a music player app. Flat interface designs are very popular, and AIMP’s approach certainly follows the style of making it easy for users to operate.

But, this is the point, this app is very easy. AIMP plays your music and is unobtrusive. AIMP can open almost any type of audio file, including formats you may not recognize.

AIMP is also equipped with a 29-band equalizer not found in other music players. It can also mix multi-channel files into stereo and or mono. This application can be used free of charge on Android.

2. jetAudio HD Music Player

tAudio HD Music Player offers both free and premium versions of the Android music player. However, you can get so many features in the free version that most users feel there is no need for the premium version.

The only drawback of jetAudio HD Music Player is that ads are shown on the free version. The advertisements on jetAudio HD Music Player can be seen directly at the bottom of the screen and it’s quite annoying as in online radio applications.

This app features a 10-band equalizer with 32 presets, loss and loss support, effects like reverb and X-Bass. It also features playback speed control, automatic gain control, and more.

3. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player has been around for a while now and has come a long way since its inception. The developer fixed a number of bugs, improved performance, and expanded the feature set.

Rocket Music Player Android apk is free to use, you get 10-band equalizer feature with multiple presets, more than 30 themes, built-in tag editor, Chromecast support. There is also a sleep timer feature, a good playlist manager.

Even with Rocket Music Player, there is support for podcasts. You can use the premium version of the app to unlock unlimited playback, replay acquisition, cross-fading, tag editing, and extended support for audio formats.

4. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player is a music player app that is highly recommended for users. Especially in the built-in theme color set feature, besides that the interface color also changes dynamically to match the content on the screen.

This application can be said to be highly recommended to be installed on your cellphone. In addition to being lightweight and free, the Phonograph Music Player application also has a simple yet simple display so that it will not be difficult for users.

The free version of Phonograph Music Player is not as complete as the premium version. But if you want an uninterrupted experience of listening to music through speakers or a headset app, Phonograph can be your music player app.

5. Pixel Music Player

If you’re looking for a lighter free MP3 song player app option discussed so far that doesn’t satisfy you, we suggest you give Pixel Music Player a try. This app is not very popular, but still very good.

But keep in mind that the Pixel Music Player app only supports basic file formats. Apart from that the app has a five band equalizer with bass boost, unlimited playback, built-in tag editor.

In this application there are also several customization options such as themes and colors. Pixel Music Player can also recommend music that suits your taste, according to the MP3 songs you listen to often.

6. Impulse Music Player

What makes Impulse Music Player different? The app is designed as a motion controlled music player, making it ideal for any situation like playing music while cooking or driving.

In addition to gesture controls, Impulse Music Player supports a number of useful features. From a five-band equalizer with bass boost and virtualizer, smooth playback, cross-fade, and even metadata editing.

This music player is not only good, people say, but it is very functional and definitely worth a try. Note that the free version of the app appears as “Music Player” on Google Play. The Pro version is Impulse; Both were developed by Appmetric.

7. Shuttle Music Player

What makes Shuttle Music Player different from most other music apps is that it’s intuitive and light. It feels, when using it will be comfortable and work well on older devices.

While there’s nothing special about its interface, Shuttle Music Player is very easy to use. Features in the free version include a five band equalizer with bass boost, smooth playback, multiple theme options.

The free version also includes a sleep timer, and some customizable widgets. Shuttle Music Player adds a few extra features, such as a built-in tag editor, folder browsing, and Chromecast support.

8. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer is the best free music player on Android smartphones that you really must try and use. The app has a clean, modern look, easy to see, easy to navigate, and full of features.

You can get a five-band equalizer, smooth playback, scrolling, and a sleep timer in free mode. While the premium version of BlackPlayer EX comes with a complete additional theme.

As with font settings, additional settings to change, more ways to customize your experience. Also, there are features to set the visualizer, classification, and various other interesting features.

The final word

An explanation of the best music player application as discussed above may be enough here first. You can use one or more of the applications above to play music offline and for free.

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