Music Apps – Music Apps. Listening to music or MP3 songs on a cellphone is quite a fun activity for some people, moreover we can hear music only from cellphones.

Whether it’s streaming on Spotify, JOOX, HOOQ, and so on, or we can also play music offline. Now when playing offline music in the cellphone gallery, we need a special application to do it.

The good news is that there are now a large selection of music playing apps on Android that are free to use. By using this application, of course we can play our favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. You also need to know which application is the best for Android smartphone platforms to use.

Music Playing Apps on Android

We have some recommendations for the best and clearest song play applications on Android phones. This application can be used to play mp3 offline, complete with lyrics, sound settings, and more.

1. Joox

The first recommended music player application that you can use is Joox. This application is arguably one of the most popular in Indonesia. Joox is a full-featured online music application.

Apart from listening to songs for free, you can also access various playlists as well as curated songs. Of course according to your music taste, in Joox there is a lot of music of various genres that is always updated.

You can get radio features, playlist recommendations and karaoke. You can also watch music videos with this best online music apk. You can get the Joox application by downloading it on the Play Store.

2. MediaMonkey

For Android users, we also recommend you to use MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is an application similar to Poweramp. Offers no streaming service, this app is a music manager app.

The main function of this MediaMonkey app is to make your music creation more enjoyable. The MediaMonkey application can also be used for free by downloading it through the Google Play Store.

Apart from that, MediaMonkey can also categorize everything by genre, artist, title and more. Surely you will not be disappointed to listen to the best and most complete music only on MediaMonkey.

3. Jango Radio

Next is the familiar name of the application, Jango Radio. One of the best online music apps on Android, it not only offers a wide variety of music from mainstream musicians, but also independent music.

According to various sources, a music player application called Jango Radio is worth trying. That’s because it’s free to use and has no ads! For my misunderstood friends, this is a gift.

The Jango Radio app has even been called a “wildcard” music app by some online critics. Examples of media portals with positive reviews include CNet, USA Today, even as far as The Wall Street Journal.

4. TuneIn Radio

You also need to consider the TuneIn Radio application, especially for Android users. Not surprising, because the TuneIn Radio application allows us to listen to radio via the Internet.

If the user registers as a premium user in the TuneIn Radio application, then we will be able to listen to various sports radios. You can also listen to music without ads and several other advantages.

This TuneIn Radio app emphasizes basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL) radio broadcasts. If you are a fan of both sports, this TuneIn Radio app on Android is for you.

5. Poweramp

An application that should not be missed on the list in this article is Poweramp. Unlike other apps, Poweramp is not a very good music streaming service that is recommended.

However, this offline song application has various excellent features such as controlling the sound and playing various types of song files. However, you can still use the Poweramp application as an alternative.

This best music player app is free to use as long as you are on the Android platform. However, users of the Poweramp application can then also buy the full version on the Play Store for only Rp. 43,000.

6. iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is actually a well-known radio network from New York, United States. There are many podcast broadcasts that users of the iHeart Radio application can listen to to accompany your days.

Even iHeart Radio users can also listen to radio from all over the world including Australia and New Zealand. Like Ted Talks? iHeart Radio app also has it and you can listen to your heart’s content.

However, this iHeart Radio application also offers a streaming service to listen to music online. In addition, in iHeart Radio there is also a feature to personalize music by artist, genre, and music history.

7. Deezer

Then there’s Deezer, an Android app to play your favorite music anytime and anywhere that’s free to use. For the uninitiated, Deezer is a local music player and streaming service app.

Apart from being an online music application, Deezer has the ability to edit music and create more personalized playlists. If you want the full experience, you can upgrade to Deezer Premium.

Deezer app users will also not receive ads, you can use offline mode, sound quality up to 320kBps, and much more. For the songbook itself, you can listen to about 56 million songs for free.

8. Apple Music

Apple Music is an excellent app for you to use on your iPhone or iOS device. Despite being touted as a competitor to Android, Apple actually welcomes its music app on the Google Play Store.

Apple Music itself has more than 40 million songs that we can listen to online and offline. This Apple Music application can also display song lyrics directly which can be listened to to your heart’s content.

If you decide to subscribe to the service in the Apple Music app, you can also view exclusive content. Even if your phone is an Android phone, you can enjoy the feeling of owning an iPhone.

9. Google Play Music

From the name we know that Google Play Music is an application made by Google. This music player app from Google is one of the best. Apart from music, this app also offers interesting podcasts.

In addition, in the Google Play Music apk adds some cool features to the music app, such as playing music based on the activities we do. Make users more comfortable listening to music here.

Users of the Google Play Music app can also access radio stations so you can listen to a variety of songs in an instant. For the best experience, ApkVenue recommends you to subscribe to premium services.

10. Spotify

Spotify is one of the largest music “libraries”, offering a wide variety of music of all ages, genres, and any artist you can listen to. Spotify application can be used free or paid.

If you register as a premium member on the Spotify app, you can enjoy additional perks that free users don’t offer. In addition, this most complete music application has a lite version.

The lite version of the Spotify app is lighter and more data efficient. However, Spotify users won’t be able to listen to music offline, and you won’t get high-quality audio.


Hopefully our explanation of the music application on your cellphone can be used as a recommendation by you. So you are not confused about which application to use to play music.

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