Moving Photo App – Moving Photo App. Nowadays technology has developed rapidly, we can also see the innovations that humans often make in social media based on visual impressions.

In today’s social media, people upload moving photos, these photos are more like GIFs, but not videos. The photo moves when we move it or because of something certain.

Maybe not many know that as Android users, we can easily create moving photos using third-party applications. These applications are widely available on the Google Play Store service.

Compared to downloading the Maxtube application, maybe a moving photo application can be more suitable for entertainment. You can also make motion pictures like animations to beautify social media photos.

List of Best Android Photo Apps

On this occasion, we will explain to you the list of recommended mobile photo applications on Android phones. You can listen to all the reviews and full explanations in the following discussion.

1. Motionleap

Motionleap is the main application for making moving photos, it can be said that this Android application is very good. You can turn an image into motion in just a few clicks using Motionleap.

With more than 250,000 rating ratings on the Play Store, the Motionleap app can be one of the best app recommendations. Of course you can use this app for free.

But there is also a Pro version, a premium subscription version with more complete features of course. Unlike other photo animators, Motionleap does not put a watermark over your images when you download them to your phone.

2. Werble

Another application that can be used as an option to make motion photos is Werble. The main feature of Werble is to animate your photos, although the free version of the app is still reliable.

However, users also have the option of making in-app purchases. Most of the Verbal animation is done through the filter effects found in the Werble app, which you can add on top of your images.

One of the advantages of Werble is that it automatically saves these images as GIFs, so they are ready to use online. To remove the watermark they put on your images, you need to subscribe to a premium account.


GIPHY also has a mobile app that lets you turn your photos into moving images. The GIPHY app lets you easily create GIFs and animate your own photos from the gallery.

Even using GIPHY, you can upload them using the built-in animation tools on the platform. This app is really similar to the usual professional photo editing apps on Android.

Even GIPHY can be used to create WA stickers, including the Telegram sticker maker, you can add text to your animated photos or record your own short videos.

4. ImgPlay

ImgPlay is another app that you can use to animate photos. The ImgPlay application can make photos into animations, then they are ready to be uploaded on social media and have complete and easy-to-understand features.

Unfortunately, ImgPlay puts a watermark on your work. And the bad news is, you can’t delete it unless you upgrade to a premium account even though it’s not that expensive.

In ImgPlay, the process of turning photos into animations and GIFs can be done in two different ways. You can place still photos aside and use explosive photos or videos.

5. Movepic

Movepic is similar to Motionleap in moving photos, especially this application can be used for free. In it there is a photo animation feature that can be done using the default overlays and filters.

The downside of Movepic is that you can’t remove the watermark without upgrading to a VIP account. Even so, you can also buy a premium account package because the price is not too expensive.

This photo move app automatically saves your motion pictures as movie files instead of GIFs. Despite all this, Movepic is not very popular on the Play Store so it might be worth reconsidering.

6. StoryZ

Even though the interface seems old-school and casual, StoryZ is one of the best apps on this list. StoryZ works with still photos to animate them, even including cartoon greetings.

The StoryZ app can perform the task of moving still photos through programmed motions. There are also filters to change colors, and overlays and much more.

One of the best things about the StoryZ motion picture app is that you can remove the watermark from your images if you see a quick ad before saving the file. Of course this makes StoryZ so many downloads.

7. Photo Bender

Photo Bender is an application dedicated to the Android platform that allows you to digitally print motion pictures or animate photos. This app is really reliable like the other apks on the list.

You can do this by coloring the image, bending, stretching, and using a brush. After making the goto move, then Photo Bender can export your photos as MP4, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

While this app may not rank as much as others on the Play Store, it is still worth checking out. You will be amazed by its capabilities when it is installed on the cellphone.


There’s a reason why VIMAGE 3D won the Google Play Award in 2018. The reason is because VIMAGE 3D can create some very beautiful looking animated images in just a few clicks.

There are a wide variety of filters, animations, and sounds to choose from to bring your photos to life. Want to turn the sky in your photo into some bright clouds? This application can also do it easily.

You don’t even have to select the area of ​​the sky, because VIMAGE automatically detects and replaces it for you. VIMAGE 3D is one of the best moving photo apps on the list.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion about the Android mobile photo application that we can convey on this occasion. We hope that the information we have provided can be of help, especially for those who want to make moving photos.

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