Movie Watch Apps – Movie Watch Apps. Watching movies, dramas, or soap operas is an exciting and fun activity to do, especially since we don’t have to leave the house.

No more going to the cinema to watch your favorite movies. The reason is that now there are lots of application platforms that can be used to watch movies for free, even offline.

These applications make many people become more and more often lying in the room alone. As long as they are connected to a smooth internet, they can start watching their favorite movies for free.

Well maybe you are also curious about what applications can be used to watch movies for free. Instead of being confused about the application, let’s just take a look below.

Free Movie Watch Apps on Android

Here we provide recommendations for free movie watching applications on Android phones that you can use. Please see the application options directly and in full below.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the first movie watching application that we recommend for use on smartphones / Android. You should also know about a free movie watching app called Amazon Prime Video.

As we all know, Amazon is a technology giant from the United States. Amazon’s e-commerce business has become very popular all over the world, including Indonesia.

Along with the times, Amazon has also begun to focus on digital markets in cyberspace because the market share there is quite attractive. So, a streaming service application called Amazon Prime Video was created to watch free movies.

2. Genflix

Next up is Genflix which we also highly recommend to you. This Genflix application is still relatively new and not so well known to many people. So far, only 500,000 people have downloaded the app from around the world.

Even though it’s still new, the collection of movies to watch in the Genflix application is quite large. From Hollywood films, Indonesian films to Thai films. Apart from movies, Genflix also offers free live football broadcasts.

Users must subscribe to and use the premium version of Genflix to enjoy all the features and entertainment in it. If you want to subscribe, you have to pay starting from 49,000 per month, which is quite cheap.

3. Viki

There is also a free movie watching app called Viki which is free. The name is similar to Viu, but the product is different. As we all know, Viki was created by American developer Viki Inc. Viki is a subsidiary of Rakuten.

The Viki application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people worldwide, so it is very popular. Viki is known as a Korean movie streaming platform. The reason is, there are lots of Korean movies in it, it’s free to watch.

In addition to Korean films, Viki users can also watch Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and dramas from other Asian countries. In fact, users can watch all kinds of K-pop music videos with the best picture and sound quality.

4. Viu

There is also the name Viu in the list of recommended free movie watching applications on Android phones. Viu’s movie streaming platform is no less popular than similar applications. Viu Evidence has been downloaded by more than 50 million times.

So the Viu app is not a fake app just looking for its name. This Viu app doesn’t just collect movies. However, there are also Korean dramas (drakor), Japanese, Korean, Thai dramas, TV dramas and other entertainment content.

It is guaranteed that Viu users will not be disappointed when watching movies from this application, because there are many options for watching via streaming. But to be able to access all its features, you have to buy the premium version of Viu.

5. Iflix

The name of this free movie watching application is indeed similar to Netflix at a glance. Although the name is almost the same, but the developers are different people. As we know, Iflix is ​​made by the developer Iflix Sdn Bhd.

Iflix is ​​an application made by the nation’s children, so we should be proud because there are also young Indonesians who are able to make applications like that. It can even compete with similar products made by foreign developers.

Because they are made in Indonesia, movies uploaded to the Iflix application that you can watch for free also come from within the country. Even so, the quality of the film is not to be underestimated, and Iflix is ​​highly recommended.

6. Netflix

This Netflix free movie watching application is already very popular all over the world. You may have seen advertisements in print or online, Netflix is ​​the world’s largest streaming platform for movies and TV shows.

No wonder so many people know the Netflix app. In fact, more than 500 million people around the world have downloaded the Netflix application, and maybe you are one of the people who install the application on their gadgets.

Many of the latest movies are featured on this Netflix app and can be watched for free or for a subscription. In its development, the Netflix movie watching application has been able to produce its own movies and TV series.

7. TrueID

Android smartphone users are also advised to install a free movie watching application called TrueID. At first, the TrueID movie streaming application only provided website or movie streaming site facilities.

But in its development, the developers of True Digital & Media Platform make it an application that can be downloaded by many people. So TrueID users can watch movies for free, without a subscription.

The film collection on TrueID only comes from Indonesian productions. However, the picture quality and sound quality is good, it deserves thumbs up. After installing TrueID on your gadget, you can prove it yourself.

8. Cinema Box

Furthermore, there is a free movie watching application called Cinema Box which is very popular and trusted. There is a large selection of movies that you can stream. Apart from watching live, you can also download movie files.

By using the Cinema Box application, you can watch it offline so you don’t waste your internet quota. Apart from movies, there is a music video option in the menu. Contains many music videos of famous singers or bands.

This makes the Cinema Box application more complete, the more entertainment for everyone. The application published by the developer Container has been downloaded by 500,000 people worldwide, including Indonesia.

9. Bioskop Online

Another free movie watching application that can be used on your Android gadget is Online Cinema. From the name alone, you may have guessed the features offered in the Online Cinema application.

Of course, the main function of Online Cinema is to watch movies like in a cinema, but it is done online because it is an application. This app is known to use a rental system instead of a subscription.

This means, users of the Online Cinema application who want to watch movies have to pay IDR 5,000 to 35,000 per film. The price is cheaper than cinema tickets, but the quality of the film is exactly the same and will not disappoint.

10. KlikFilm

The name of the KlikFilm application is next in the list of recommended free movie watching applications for you. There are many movies in it. Not only Indonesian films, but also foreign films.

For example, films from Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and many more. In addition, there is some interesting content that is displayed in the KlikFilm application. For example, international film festival content.

There is also a series of activities starting from the appearance of the nominated films, the judging process to determining the winner. Following the times, KlikFilm also began to spread its wings by producing its own film content.


We have completed a complete review of the android movie watching application for you in this article. Hopefully what we have to say can be useful, especially for you to know more about the recommendations for watching movie applications.

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