Movie Download App – Movie Download App. Movies or movies are things that are needed by many people, especially as entertainment in the midst of busy learning or work activities.

Watching movies online nowadays has been excellent compared to watching movies offline. As in the application to watch movies from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, America, and others.

But when the internet is down, or watching with family, if you don’t want any distractions, you’d prefer to watch movies offline. In this case, you certainly need an application to download free movies.

Of course, on Android there are lots of movie download applications via cellphones, equipped with good Indonesian subtitles. And similar to the weton count application, this movie download application can be used for free.

Recommended Movie Download Applications on Android Phones

For those who want to know what are the applications to download movies on Android phones for free, here we will recommend them for you. Immediately, please see the discussion below.


The best and legal movie download application for Android phones that is recommended is HOOQ. Of course, many people, especially movie lovers, are used to subscribing to watch their favorite movies or dramas on HOOQ.

This movie download apk called HOOQ has long been known to provide many movie genres to watch when you have free time. Starting from comedy, fantasy, action, thriller, drama, romance, and others.

Moreover, there are many HOOQ users in Indonesia, and movies that can be downloaded on the HOOQ application are updated every day. For those who want to try watching and downloading legal movies, you can just install HOOQ.

2. VidMate

Another movie download application that is no less the best for Android phones is VidMate. Just like HOOQ, VidMate has long been known as a movie download Apk and can be used to download everyone’s favorite movies.

The film titles offered by the VidMate application are also very complete, covering various genres, and years. Starting from old films, what year was released, as well as available film categories to make it easier to search.

But unfortunately for foreign films, VidMate does not provide subtitles, so you have to download separate subtitles, such as from Subscene. In addition to movies, the VidMate application can also be used to download YouTube videos.

3. Iflix

Basically, Iflix is ​​a movie download application with a limited viewing duration, especially when used for free. The free account limit can be used for one month from the first time you create an account.

But those of you who use Iflix don’t worry because after that users can still watch and download movies by streaming after subscribing to the premium package. Iflix to be is a choice that is not boring.

The performance of the Iflix application is also fast or not slow as long as you use a stable and smooth internet connection. In addition, Iflix is ​​also suitable for those who like films released in Asia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and China.

4. TubiTV

TubiTV is also a movie download apk that will make it easier for users to calmly enjoy every exciting spectacle provided. Users can also access exciting movies from the TubiTV app every day for free.

One of the interesting things about the TubiTV application is that the number of ads shown to users is less. Especially for those who also like anime series, and drakor, the TubiTV application is a very good choice.

The features provided by this iPhone and Android Korean drama watching application allow you to search for every title. Mainly by genre, year, or other filters in the TubiTV application.

5. Viu

According to the official website, Viu is an application that can be used to watch and download Korean dramas, Korean variety shows, and Korean movies. This application offers the best and most complete variety of shows from the Ginseng Country.

In the Viu application, users also have the opportunity to enjoy Asian dramas, Viu Originals, anime, and even the latest Asian films. Of course there are attractive promos for users to download for free.

After the promo or trial period runs out, you can pay for a cheap subscription package to continue to enjoy the service. VIU is a paid movie viewing and downloading service to watch various collections of Korean films, dramas, variety shows, and documentaries.

6. MOX

The MOX application is not much different from Iflix or HOOQ, being an application that already has a very complete Indonesian Box Office movie database. Including Hangouts, Check the Store Next door, Danur, to Dilan.

In addition to watching streaming movies or downloading to watch offline, users can also easily save or download the desired movies to the gallery. The resolution of movies downloaded in this Android application can also be determined.

There is an interesting thing about the MOX application compared to other applications for downloading movies. This means that every week they hold a raffle so that users can watch free movies in theaters.

7. IndoXXI

Another quite complete movie download application is IndoXXI. Everyone probably already knows, IndoXXI is a free application to watch streaming movies that is convenient for many people.

Not only that, the IndoXXI application also offers an interface from the application that does not contain many annoying ads. So, users will be more comfortable when watching or downloading movies on the IndoXXI application.

In terms of image resolution quality, of course, IndoXXI has provided clear movies and movies, surround sound without crackles, and everything is presented perfectly. But it’s a bit unfortunate, downloading movies here is a bit slow like the Maxtube application.

9. LK21

LK21 which stands for Layar Kaca 21, of course this platform is already familiar to lovers of watching free movies in Indonesia. This application to download movies on Android provides various genres of movies.

Not only complete, but the movies in this application are also accompanied by built-in subtitles. That is, you only need to download one video file, without having to search for Indonesian subs on other sites,

The movie download application called LK21 million already provides a very complete collection of films. In addition to that, accessing it is very easy, with a comfortable interface so users will not be confused.

10. Showbox

One of the recommended applications and deserves to be included in the list of the best movie download applications on Android is ShowBox. This application is arguably very similar to the LK21 application.

The difference is that this application comes from abroad, so the language of instruction is in English. Of course there are no Indonesian subtitles on the ShowBox application.

This application provides minimal advertising, is free, and provides facilities to its users to make it easier to find movies. As available many movie titles, sound quality, good pictures, to an easy download process.

The final word

Maybe it’s only up to the discussion of the android movie download application as described in the discussion. Hopefully the explanation given above makes us understand the application better.

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