Mosquito Repellent App – Mosquito Repellent App. Surely sometimes we feel disturbed when we want to sleep but there are a number of mosquitoes that make loud noises, making us unable to fall asleep.

What’s more, the mosquitoes still like to bite our skin and suck our blood which of course is painful. So, we obviously want to get rid of these mosquitoes so we can sleep well.

Unfortunately, the mosquito repellent that is currently available is considered to have a quality that for some people is not good. The fumes or sprays that are generated can cause shortness of breath and make it difficult to breathe in the chest.

Alternatively, we can use mosquito repellent applications that are widely available on Android phones. We can also use these applications to make mosquitoes not dare to approach us.

Collection of Android Mosquito Repellent Applications

Below we will tell you about some of the best mosquito repellent applications on Android phones. Please read and see the full review in the explanation below.

1. Anti Fly Sound

The first mosquito repellent application that we recommend is an application called Anti Fly Sound. This Anti-Flying Sound app is at the top of the list because it has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

This means that the Anti Fly Sound application really functions optimally. This app emits ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 18 to 23 kHz when in use, which annoys flying insects.

Including can interfere with mosquitoes and flies, but safe for humans in the vicinity. This Anti Fly Sound application has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, proving that this application is quite popular and proven effective.

2. Ultrasound Barrier

The next best mosquito repellent application is an application called Ultrasound Barrier. In fact, according to the description in this application, the frequency generator is not intended to repel mosquitoes or small insects.

For the uninitiated, this Ultrasound Barrier application is designed to test smartphone speakers and to test a person’s hearing ability. Vibration from the app’s sound can also remove water from the speaker.

This Ultrasound Barrier application will emit frequencies between 20 Hz to 20,000 kHz, so the sound produced by this application can be used to repel mosquitoes. You can download it on the Google Play Store.

3. Frequency Generator

Next, the mosquito repellent application that I recommend is an application called Frequency Generator. Interestingly, this Frequency Generator application can be set to repel certain types of animals.

The sound produced by the Frequency Generator application at different frequencies also has different effects. For example, you can choose to repel flies (16 kHz), mosquitoes (17 kHz), dogs (18 kHz), and cats (19 kHz).

Please note that the recommended Frequency Generator app above is based on fairly good ratings and positive reviews from Google Play Store users. So, this application is completely safe to use.

4. Insect Repellant

This repellent application is called your best digital insect repellent. It is estimated that there are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world, and some of them are dangerous, so you have to prevent them before anything bad happens.

You can prevent mosquito disturbances at night while sleeping by using the insect repellent contained in your insect repellent. Like the previous application, Repellent also provides an easy way of working.

That is by sending out ultrasonic frequencies that mosquitoes don’t like. The app even claims that its users will be mosquito-free. Go to the Play Store immediately to download the Insect Repellant application.

5. Mosquito Sound

Another application that can be used to repel mosquitoes is Mosquito Sound. As the name suggests, the Mosquito Sound app says in its description that it might make mosquitoes uncomfortable.

The reason is, it is also believed that mosquitoes do not like certain sound frequencies in their ears. And the Mosquito Sound application can emit certain sound frequencies to make mosquitoes run away.

However, Mosquito Sound also points out that using sound to repel mosquitoes is neither accurate nor scientifically proven. Even so, if you want to try this mosquito repellent app, it doesn’t hurt.

6. Sonic Mosquito Repellent

Another great app for repelling mosquitoes is Sonic Mosquito Repellent. As the name suggests, this Sonic Mosquito Repellent application claims to be able to repel mosquitoes with the sound frequency provided by Sonic Mosquito Repellent.

The sound frequency can also be set by the user of the Sonic Mosquito Repellent application easily and accurately. Controlling the sound frequency in Sonic Mosquito Repellent is as easy as pressing the ON/OFF button as you normally would.

Then, you can also raise the volume up/down button to specify the desired sound frequency. How, interested in trying this simple application? Direct download via Play Store for Android.

7. Ultrasound

Actually, this Ultrasound application is not a special application to repel mosquitoes like the applications mentioned above. But the Ultrasound application can basically be classified as a mosquito repellent application.

It is known from the previous application, which relies on ultrasound, which is unbearable for mosquitoes. Well, that’s why ultrasound applications can repel mosquitoes that make you sick when you hear their voices.

Ultrasound also claims that the ultrasonic waves generated by the app work by repelling mosquitoes, insects, and even making cats and dogs uncomfortable. But the Ultrasound app is worth checking out.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the cellphone mosquito repellent application that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can repel mosquitoes only from your cellphone.

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