Money Making Apps – Money making apps. Making money today is easier, not only because of the online work platform, but also because of the proliferation of money-making applications.

The app is available for free on PC, Android, and even iPhone or iOS. Each user can register for free to get various prizes, such as cash, credit, digital wallet balances, and others.

There are applications that provide easy missions or tasks, some are quite complicated and even have to deposit and spend capital. But, here we will only inform the fastest money making apk without capital.

You need to be careful in choosing applications that make money, because out there there are many applications that claim to pay off but are not at all true. But our picks below are to be believed.

Fastest Money Making Apps That Pay You Cash

Immediately, here is a list of recommended money making apps without capital, the fastest, legit, original, directly to the account. Applications that can generate FUND balances, cash, OVO, PayPal, LinkAja, and GoPay.

1. Cash Step

Cash Step is a free pedometer app that can be useful for users to monitor activity and physical progress. The Cash Step application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store as the fastest money maker.

The way this application works is very easy, namely by counting and recording steps every day and week. The steps taken will later be converted into coins to be exchanged for cash.

The calculation is 10 coins worth Rp. 1, to get money directly into the account or DANA balance, the user must collect a minimum of 100 thousand coins or the equivalent of Rp. 10 thousand.

2. Interesting Mall

The interesting mall application is the next recommendation as a money-making application with a simple work system. This application can be downloaded for free only through the Play Store or App Store.

Users only place orders on cards between odd and even. After the installation is complete, from the card if you are declared lucky then you will collect income every day.

Simply put, you can place a lottery in the interesting mall money making apps. But keep in mind that this application bets on luck, so we can’t always get money online.

3. WhatsAround

The recommended legit and no-capital money making apps is WhatsArrounr. This application is suitable for those of you who like to take photos, travel, or like to do outdoor or outdoor activities.

In this application, each user must submit a photo or image in order to pocket some money. The image can later be viewed or downloaded by other WhatsArround users.

Prizes from the application can be used to buy in a number of online and offline stores. From Amazon, App Store or PlayStore, the more photos you upload, the more chances you have to earn extra income.

4. Baca Plus

Baca Plus is the next recommendation for a trusted and proven rupiah-producing apk. In the Baca Plus application, you are simply asked to read articles or news only, later there will be an acceptable bonus.

The more news you read, the more money you make. Baca Plus also offers exchange of coins from reading news with credit, which users can do with a minimum exchange of IDR 50 thousand.

If you like reading news online, of course this application is really worth installing on your cellphone. Moreover, this application is available for free and we do not need to make a deposit to use it.

5. Cash for Apps

As the name implies, this application is intended for users who want to earn additional income. Only by installing this one application, we can get a lot of results if we use it consistently.

Cash for Apps on the Android Play Store already has 10 million active users. The way it works so that you can make money is also very easy in this application, users are only asked to install the application, watch videos, or invite friends to get coins.

If you have accumulated at least 300 points, then you can exchange them for USD 1 cash nominal. In addition, coins can also be exchanged for other attractive gift cards, such as DANA balances, pulses, and the like.

6. CashPop

This money-making app can give you up to millions of money per month, CashPop. In CashPop that makes money, you can complete work or missions to earn rupiah, such as playing online games, inviting friends, browsing, watching videos, or installing light applications.

This CashPop application is completely free to use, there is no need to make a deposit or topup balance to start playing it. Interestingly, you can even still earn money even if the screen is off.

If you want to earn money in a very easy way, of course, this application is highly recommended to try. Immediately download the application via the Google Play Store for free.

7. Cameto

Cameto is the latest application that is claimed to be legit and easy to use to make money online. In the Cameto application, there are many easy missions that are given to do every day, such as giving likes to someone’s social media posts.

If you have completed the mission requested in this application, you must provide proof in the form of a screenshot. Then if it is proven valid, then you will get a prize in the form of points that can be collected as much as possible.

The points you have collected, if at least your points have met the requirements can be exchanged for cash. You can also exchange it in other ways such as OVO, DANA balance, credit, LinkAja, or PayPal if it is available.

8. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The money-making application that is currently viral and trending is the Mobile Premier League (MPL). This application is actually also available in a website version, and can be accessed via a browser on a PC or cellphone.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the next recommended app that can help us make money. The Premier League Mobile application cannot be downloaded on the Play Store, you must download it from the official website.

How to use the Mobile Premier League (MPL) application is also fairly easy, you just have to win the game to get a prize in the form of diamonds. Diamonds that are collected and meet the minimum withdrawal requirements can be exchanged for cash, GoPay balances, and LinkAja.

9. Neo+

Neo+ is basically a savings account application launched by Neo+ BNC Digital Bank. With this app, you can store, deposit and transfer just like any general banking app.

But recently Neo+ has been linked with the official OJK monetization app that pays its users. Because in this application there are many features to make money quickly and easily.

With a number of interesting features, Neo+ can be said to be a legit and original money-making apk, one of which is the cashback feature. In this application, you will get up to IDR 10,000 when you first register.

10. Lucky Cube

Another apk that can make money is Lucky Cube, there are many easy games that can be played in this application. You can also play it until you get bored because in this application there is no limit on how long we can play.

If you win, you will definitely get a prize according to the difficulty level. The higher the level, of course, the more prizes or cash you will get.

In addition, you will receive rewards after completing paid surveys and other small tasks. With this application, you can also transfer non-cash gifts such as game vouchers and shopping vouchers.

11. TikTok Lite

Everyone knows TikTok Lite, which is a light version of TikTok social media app for Android and iPhone users. This application is indeed made to meet the needs of cellphone users with middle to lower specifications.

Of course, there are some features that are cut from the usual TikTok, but you can use the app to get to this treasury. Fortunately, TikTok Lite offers a free and easy way to earn money.

This app offers monetary rewards based on user activity within the app. You can make money through short videos, invite friends, watch videos, regular FYP and much more.

12. Helo

Helo is a content sharing platform that lets you connect with other users around the world. This application is also almost similar to TikTok because it contains interesting short video content.

If you actively post on social media, Helo will be a secure fast money app. The more active you are, the more money you will earn which can then be disbursed to your PayPal balance or local bank account

There are also methods you can use to make money from the Hello app, such as daily and weekly check-ins, posting, inviting friends, and even using the app for a limited time.

13. Earn Money – Video & Apps

As the name suggests, the Earn Money – Video & Apps app is intentionally made to pay users. In this app, you can watch videos or run apps to earn money.

The video itself is 40 seconds long enough to watch and like. With this you can earn 0.1 US dollars. Apart from that there are games and app install jobs that you can use to earn extra bucks.

If you meet the minimum payment requirements, you can immediately withdraw the balance and funds. Therefore we must be diligent in working on the mission on this application so that we can get more income.

14. Cashzine

Cashzine is a free app to generate FUND balance, authentic and proven. Cashzine Apk rewards users who read and share news on the app. The option to withdraw money is also easy in this app.

You can withdraw to your DANA balance, local bank account and PayPal. Cashline app is ideal for those who like to read news, because reading news can earn you money for free.

Another way to earn money is to invite friends using a referral code. If someone joins the Cashzine application with the link you shared, then you will get a prize reward.


That’s our discussion of the list of the fastest money-making applications. Hopefully the information that we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those of you who want to earn money from online work.

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