Mobile Number Tracker App – Mobile Number Tracker App. Have you ever been annoyed by an unknown stray cellphone number that suddenly calls or SMS, asking something that has nothing to do with us?

On several occasions, maybe we also want to find out where the person actually came from and then report it to the police? Of course we can do this with the help of a cellphone number tracking application.

This unknown number tracker works just like an iPhone application to track someone’s whereabouts. This application can accurately track the source where the location of the person who bothers us is.

Like the MiChat application, there are many mobile number tracking applications on the Play Store. We can also choose it according to our wishes and needs, and here are some recommendations for applications.

List of Most Accurate Mobile Number Tracking Applications

Based on, Here are some lists of the most accurate cellphone number tracking applications that can be used, you can listen to more information in the following review. Immediately, here is a list of recommended application lists.

1. Truecaller

The first recommended application, Truecaller is useful for tracking someone’s location from a cellphone number. Truecaller is an application that can display the username on the phone even if the number is not saved in our contacts.

Besides being useful for identifying anonymous numbers, Truecaller also has a large directory of spam callers. So, you can add a certain number so that other people can be aware of the fraudulent number.

True Software Scandinavia AB as a developer also adds some interesting features. Truecaller features include caller ID, contact blocking, SMS spam blocking, and even function as a dialer.

2. Showcaller

Showcaller application also has a function to identify unknown numbers. Even this application can easily track the whereabouts of someone with the details of the caller’s location secretly.

You can also block the number to avoid scams and unwanted calls. In addition to displaying the name of the person, Showcaller can also be used to show the address of the owner of the number.

If you are often disturbed by SMS and calls from strangers who know yourself, we recommend using the Showcaller application. Moreover, the Showcaller application can be used for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

3. GetContact

One of the most reliable and widely used apps for tracking other people’s cellphone numbers is GetContact on Android. You can install and use the GetContact application on Android-based cellphones, iPhones, up to Huawei.

Before using the GetContact mobile number tracking application, you will later be asked to agree to share the contact database on your cellphone. If you don’t agree, then you may not be able to use all of its features completely.

The data collection of fraudsters and strangers’ cellphone numbers in the GetContact application is based on the user’s contact database collection. The more users who use it, the bigger the GetContact database to find out the name of the number.

4. HLR Lookup

Another useful application to check who owns a certain cellphone number is HLR Lookup. For those who don’t know, HLR Lookup is an application that is often used to find out the position of a fraudulent cellphone number.

HLR Lookup is able to accurately detect the location of a person through the telephone number that calls us. They can track phone numbers from various providers in Indonesia, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and others.

How to use HLR Lookup, you can enter a phone number or enter from the contact list on the cellphone. After that, the HLR Lookup application will automatically search the location displayed like a map on the maps application.

5. Whoscall

Whoscall application is developed by Gogolook, as the name implies, it can identify unknown calls from foreign contact numbers. The user can easily decide whether to accept or reject the call.

In this application there is also a feature of setting cellphone contact numbers, blocking based on cellphone numbers and keywords as well as offline databases. That way, you can track an unknown cellphone number offline on Whoscall.

There is no doubt about its quality, Whoscall is also included in the ranks of the Best Google Play Apps in 2013 in 8 Asian countries. That year, Whoscall was acquired by Naver, as was the Line app.

6. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number Tracker Pro can be accessed by Android and iOS smartphone users. This application is very reliable because it has a range of identification services ranging from the United States, Canada, Europe, to Asia.

Access identification of unknown numbers on Mobile Number Tracker Pro can provide information about who and where the owner is. You can find out who is calling quickly, accurately and very easily.

In addition, Mobile Number Tracker Pro can also automatically identify what operator the caller is using. Even though they got a blank number without an app to contact us.

7. Call Blocker Free Blacklist and Whitelist

The Call Blocker Free Blacklist and Whitelist application aims to avoid users from unwanted cellphone and phone numbers. One of its features is to block unknown numbers easily.

The unique thing about Call Blocker Free Blacklist and Whitelist, is that it only consumes low storage. This ability, of course, makes your smartphone less memory-consuming and can be opened very lightly.

Next, there is a Whitelist aka white list which is the next excellent feature. With this feature, users can create a list of numbers they don’t want to block, so they won’t call or send SMS again.

The final word

The discussion about the Android mobile number tracker application may be enough to get here first as explained above. Hopefully the explanation that has been presented above can make us track the whereabouts of someone.

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