Mobile CCTV Application – Mobile CCTV Application. Nowadays, security is very expensive, because crime and crime can happen anywhere and anytime without us knowing it.

So it’s not surprising that wherever the place is, whether it’s tourist attractions, malls, supermarkets, minimarkets, offices, to schools, CCTV is installed. This electronic device can be a solution to secure conditions.

Conventional CCTV monitoring is generally done using a DVR or NVR, but nowadays that has changed. Because the CCTV type IP Camera can already be connected online and monitored via cellphone.

If you want to monitor CCTV via cellphone, of course you need an application, just like when you want to play music you need a music player application. Here we will recommend the applications.

Recommended Best HP CCTV Applications

This is the best, good, and of course recommended choice of CCTV application recommendations on cellphones. Please see the full review in the discussion and explanation below.

1. DroidCam

DroidCam is the first app that you can choose to install on your Android smartphone. This application has HD image quality with a resolution of 720p, and in the future of course the resolution will be increased.

And this is one of the advantages of the application developed by Dev47Apps developers. When viewed via the Play Store, this application has various positive responses from users followed by a high rating.

When you want to use the cellphone that you have used as CCTV through this application, you only need to connect the WiFi IP on DroidCam to your other cellphone. You can use this application for free.

2. EyesPie

Followed again by EyesPie, becoming a CCTV camera monitoring application on another best Android phone. If the previous application used WiFi, then this application can connect using your personal data plan.

The quality of EyesPie is also very good and the display is clear. To connect the CCTB screen to the phone, you just need to enter the device name. Of course, you will feel satisfied after installing it on each cellphone.

Compared to other apps which sometimes have to perform complex steps, the process is very simple. This application is also not easily hijacked by the termux application or the like on Android.

3. AtHome Camera

Another application that is recommended as a camera monitor on cellphones is AtHome Camera. This application works together with other applications developed by the developer, namely AtHome Video Streamer.

Both of these applications have features to be used as the best CCTV applications. AtHome Camera acts as a CCTV camera, while AtHome Video Streamer acts as a CCTV camera monitoring monitor.

You must install AtHome Camera on the cellphone that you keep at home because of its role as a surveillance camera. While the AtHome Video Streamer on another cellphone is used to monitor the situation on the camera.

4. SeeCiTV

Next is the SeeCiTV application which can give you the ability to view CCTV footage in HD quality and very sharp images and pictures. In fact, SeeCiTV has a sharpness of up to 1080p resolution.

With the advantages offered by SeeCiTV, every detail presented and visible on the surveillance camera will be detected very clearly. Another benefit of SeeCiTV and what you find in this app is that it is quite battery efficient.

So, you don’t need to use battery saver apps because they won’t consume a lot of power. To use it, users simply download SeeCiTV on the Google Play Store for free with a size of 40 MB.

5. Home Security Camera WardenCam

Another best mobile CCTV application goes to an apk called Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones. Why is this app said to be the best? Because they have various useful features for users.

With just one application, users of the Home Security Camera WardenCam application can monitor various activities including the WiFi Baby Monitor. The advantages are many, one of which is having night vision capabilities.

Another best mobile CCTV application goes to an apk called Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones. Why is this app said to be the best? Because they have various useful features for users.

6. Security Camera CZ

Then there is the next best CCTV application called Security Camera CZ on Android. This application, although used for free, but users can use it for free on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to use the CZ Security Camera application is quite easy and of course it will not make users difficult. Because users only need to connect two smartphones that have installed Security Camera CZ with the same account.

After connecting the applications to each other, users only need to choose which smartphone will work as CCTV. In addition, it is also necessary to choose which cellphone will serve as the CCTV monitoring monitor.

7. IP Webcam

When users need the best CCTV application to be installed at home, then an application called IP Webcam can be the right recommendation. Because the IP Webcam application has the ability to record activities around you clearly.

Not only movements can be recorded in detail, but the IP Webcam application has the ability to record voice or audio. How to use it is also not as difficult as imagined, because you need 2 Android phones or a PC.

Besides being used on Android smartphones, the IP Webcam application can also be run on a PC or computer. Not only that, you can also use it via VLC Media Player or other video players.

The final word

An explanation of the best cellphone cctv applications as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the above applications to view CCT recordings remotely on your cellphone.

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