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Stornowaybc.com – Minang Language Translate Application. Translating the Minangkabau language from and to Indonesia is not a difficult job, because there are many free translation applications available on Android phones.

Google Translate does not support translation into regional languages, because there are more than 700 regional languages ​​in Indonesia. But instead, there are other apps that can help you translate.

Not much different from the Bugis language translation application, an application to translate Minang language to Indonesia and vice versa can be found on the Play Store. Interestingly, these applications can be used for free.

Of course this Minang language application can be used by students who want to learn regional languages, or tourists who want to visit and vacation in Minang or West Sumatra. Here are some application recommendations for you.

List of Minang Language Translate Applications on Android

Not unlike the face changer application, this Minangkabau language translation application from and to Indonesia has many options available on the Play Store. Here are some recommendations can be seen below.

1. Kamus Minang

The recommended application for translating the Minang language from and to Indonesia is the Minang Dictionary. This application provides a variety of vocabulary and terms in the Minang language.

Minang Dictionary is specially made if you have trouble finding the meaning of a term in Minang, because users can try this offline application for free. There are tens of thousands of words in the Minang language complete with their meanings.

In this application there are several features, such as Full Offline, all data is stored offline and does not need an internet connection. In addition, there are tens of thousands of terms in the Minang language, and search terms or words.

2. Kamus Bahasa Minang Indonesia Lengkap Offline

The Complete Indonesian Minang Dictionary Offline contains a complete and free Minangkabau language dictionary to use. It contains information about the Minangkabau language and culture that can be learned after downloading.

The Complete Offline Indonesian Minang Language Dictionary application is the most complete edition of the dictionary that can be used in offline mode. So, you don’t need internet connection to use this app.

As is known, in Indonesia the Minang, Padang and West Sumatran people are widely spread in the archipelago. There are also many outside Minang Padang people who migrate to the Minang Padang land to earn a living, so this application is indeed necessary.

3. Kamus Bahasa Minang Offline Lengkap

Based on information on the Play Store, the Complete Offline Minang Language Dictionary application provides a variety of vocabulary and terms in the Minang language. This application is made for those who have difficulty finding the meaning of terms in the Minang language.

You can try this application offline, without the need for an internet connection. In the Complete Offline Minang Language Dictionary there are also tens of thousands of words in the Minang language along with the meaning and content of the term.

This application is very good to use, because there are many useful features for users. Like Bookmarking favorite terms or words, Quiz is interesting to practice understanding Minang language terms, and adding terms that don’t exist yet.

4. Kamus Minang Terlengkap (Offline)

Another Minang language translation and translation application from and to Indonesia is the Complete Minang Dictionary (Offline). This application can be downloaded and used for free without having to pay anything through the Play Store.

We all know that the Minangkabau language (Minang language: Baso Minang) is one of the languages ​​of the Malay language family. This language is spoken by the Minangkabau people as a mother tongue, so it must be preserved.

The Minang language is hypothesized to be a Malay language, as are Banjar, Betawi, and Iban languages. And widely used by the community, especially in the province of West Sumatra (except the Mentawai islands).

5. Kamus Kata Minang Indonesia

Indonesian Minang Word Dictionary with offline mode, aka can be used offline. This Minangkabau-Indonesian translation dictionary is concise, featuring words from Minang-Indonesian and Indonesian-Minang.

In a review on the Google Play Store application, users liked the Indonesian Minang Word Dictionary application. According to them, this application is suitable for learning, just like the Lampung language translation application.

Not only on the site, the Indonesian Minang Word Dictionary application is also very light because its size is only 3 MB. In addition, this application can also be used for free without the need to subscribe to a premium account or the like.

The final word

The discussion about the Android Minang language translation application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully you can take advantage of the applications above to make it easier to learn the Miang language.

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