Math Apps – Math Apps. You could say that mathematics is one of the subjects that for some people is very difficult to learn, there are many formulas that need to be known to master it.

These formulas need to be memorized because they are used to answer every question that comes out on the exam. If we can’t memorize or master the formula, yes wasallam.

The point is that we need to constantly study mathematics in order to be fluent in it. In addition to focusing on studying at school, we can also take additional math lessons or courses outside of school hours.

But that’s not all, we can also use several math learning apps that are available for free on Android. What are the applications? We will recommend it below.

Best Math Apps on Android

Take a look at some of the best math application options on Android that we can use. Please see and see the discussion in the description that we will summarize below.

1. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is the best application specifically designed to help you answer math problems. Sometimes when dealing with math problems, you get answers that don’t even exist.

The answer is not listed in any of the multiple choices. If this is the case, learning will be difficult, right? Well, by using Microsoft Math Solver, you can find the right answer for the problem at hand.

Just scan a math question in a book and Microsoft Math Solver tries to show you the answers and solutions. So, this app can be turned into a “private tutor” because here you will be taught step by step.

2. Math Puzzle

Another app we recommend on this list is Math Puzzle. Who says math is boring? There are actually many ways to make it fun, like when you play Math Puzzles.

Math Puzzle is one of the most unique math puzzle games. This game only offers one mode, the player must connect the numbers and actions on the screen to make the result match the indicated number.

The higher the level, the harder the math and the more numbers you have to match. Actually these puzzles are not difficult to learn, but also not easy, addictive but challenging.

3. Socratic by Google

Next, there is Socratic by Google on Android phones, which students around the world use frequently. Do you feel good about basic multiplication? There are other learning applications that are more difficult.

Socratic by Google is an Android app that helps users solve advanced math problems. Not only mathematics, but even other subjects that are often taught to students.

Starting from biology, geometry, even literature can be learned in this Socratic by Google application. Socratic by Google also works with teachers and experts to provide visual aids for each subject.

4. Math Kids

Math Kids is perfect for learning math for your young child. Instead of letting toddlers play games that are less useful, just play this game called Math Kids.

With various characters and cute interface designs in the Math Kids app, your little one won’t feel like they’re learning. In addition to children, it is also suitable for adults to practice basic math.

This Math Kids game will teach you how to count the number of objects shown. Also, you will be taught which number is bigger. If you are curious about your child’s progress, you can also view the child’s score.

5. Math Games

There is an app for those who are just learning to count for the first time or teaching children, namely Math Games. Math Games is a game that teaches you how to add, divide, subtract, and multiply.

In the Math Games app, you can take not only boring math quizzes, but also classic puzzles like Sudoku. Math Games is suitable for seniors who are starting to forget about basic multiplication a little.

If you’re tired of playing alone, Math Games offers fun multiplayer games. Whether it’s a kid just starting school or a parent trying to get their brains working, Math Games guarantees you won’t be disappointed.

6. Qanda

Qanda is one of the best apps you can use to learn math formulas. Do you often come across math or physics problems that are difficult to find answers to?

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, use the Qanda app! The Qanda app is an app that can solve math problems, just use your phone’s camera to take a picture of the problem.

The Qanda app will then scan the question and display the answer to you. Qanda also claims that searching for answers only takes 5 seconds and also offers chat support with professional teachers.

7. Mathway

Mathway being the next application that we recommend, is an application for learning mathematics not only providing answers. Mathway is suitable for those who want to learn mathematics for free with detailed solutions.

Android users can choose the trusted Mathway application because it has been downloaded by more than 44,000 Android users. In its application, Mathway will answer math questions from the easiest.

Even to answer the most difficult math questions. All you need to do is enter a math problem and Mathway will give you a complete solution. The Mathway app can be found free on the Play Store.

8. Math Tricks

Having trouble working on math problems and questions with lots of formulas? Maybe a math trick can be one solution for you. This math learning app is specially designed for you.

Math Tricks is made by developers for those who want to learn skills to solve math problems. This trick will make it easier for you to solve math problems with simpler formulas.

Not only simple formulas provided, Math Tricks also provides formulas that claim you will calculate math problems faster. In Math Tricks there are also 15 levels, consisting of scores from 0-650 and above.

9. Photomath

Photomath is a very good application to use especially for Android users because it really has very good and cool features. Complicated to enter math problems with the app?

Math problems can only be solved with a camera lens using the Photomath application. Photomath is a fairly simple and useful application. The way the Photomath app works is also very simple.

You just need to solve math problems and Photomath will give you the answers and how to solve the math problems. Not only getting answers, but also learning how to answer questions.


We hope that our explanation of the math application on your cellphone can be recommended by you. So you are not confused about which application to use to learn mathematics.

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