Manado Language Translate Application – Manado Language Translate Application. Everyone can learn Manado language without having to go to the area, especially now in the digital age where everything can be accessed online.

Manado or Manado Malay is Manado City (dominant), Bittong, Tomohon, Minahasa Regency, South Minahasa, North Minahasa, Southeast Minahasa, Malay dialect spoken by residents of Braong Mongondo Regency and Gorontalo Province.

Manado Malay has similarities with the dialects of Central Sulawesi and Maluku. Most words in Manado Malay are the same as words in Indonesian.

Now to learn the Manado language, we can use a number of the best Manado language translator applications on Android. Please see the complete information and explanation below.

List of the Best Manado Language Translate Applications on Android

We will provide recommendations for some of the best Manado language translation applications on Android phones. Please see the complete information that we have compiled from various sources below.

1. Kamus Bahasa Manado

Manado language dictionary for daily conversation. This application is the first Android application that contains most of the Manado language words, which can be used for daily conversation.

The words in this Manado language translate application can be added and improved based on feedback from application users. Residents of Manado City, Bitung, Tomohon, Minahasa Regency, South Minahasa, and others.

The Manado Language Dictionary has similarities with the dialects of Central Sulawesi and Maluku. Most words in Manadonese are the same as words in Indonesian. Because the Manado language is only used for oral communication.

2. Kamus Manado – Bahasa Indonesia Offline

This Manado Complete Offline Indonesian Dictionary application contains a Manado language dictionary with information about the Manado language and Manado culture. This application is also equipped with information about Manado culture and others.

This Manado – Indonesian Offline Dictionary application is the most complete version of the dictionary available in offline mode. In Indonesia there are many Manado Mizuka people scattered throughout Indonesia, and also many non-Manado Mizuka people who have immigrated.

The Manado – Indonesian Offline Dictionary is designed to help and make it easier for users to understand and learn the Manado Minahasa language so that they can more easily communicate with residents or colleagues who speak Manado Minahasa.

3. Kamus Manado

Manado Dictionary is the most complete Manado language dictionary. Manado to Indonesian or Indonesian to Manado translation. You can learn Manadonese words and vocabulary online.

The Manado Dictionary application developer also provides examples of the Manado language that is often used, as well as its meaning and use in Manado customs. So that this application is easier to use by Android users.

Manado Dictionary can be your reference for learning Manado language. Let’s preserve the Manado culture by continuing to learn and understand the Manado language, especially by learning the language using the Manado Dictionary.

The final word

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