Makeup App – Makeup App. Doing make up or makeup should not be done carelessly, it takes perseverance, thoroughness, and even experience in doing so.

Of course we can learn make up from people who are experts, but if we have acquaintances. But, if we don’t have acquaintances with people who are good at makeup, then we can take advantage of online applications.

That’s right, there are lots of choices of the best make-up applications on Android phones and we can use them. We can use these applications to the maximum in order to do makeup on the face.

We will give you recommendations on some of the best make-up applications on Android smartphones. The application recommendations can be seen in the following explanation.

Best Makeup Apps on Android

Check out some of the best and most trusted make-up applications on Android smartphones. We will give you a really good and best application recommendation.


The first app that can make your photos look like they’re wearing makeup is the LOOKS app. In the app, LOOKS offers some interesting features, such as natural beauty adjustments.

There are also features within the LOOKS app to create personalized makeup and color choices, even brand collaboration makeup. So, with the LOOKS application, not only ordinary makeup, you can also use makeup tools from world famous makeup brands.

Want to try it? You can download the app directly on the Play Store. Of course, the LOOKS application can be used for free by Android smartphone users anywhere and anytime.

2. YuFace

The next best makeup application recommendation on an Android smartphone is YuFace. YuFace app is a selfie face editor app with more than 10 million downloads on Play Store. This app offers thousands of themes to choose from.

In addition, in the YuFace application there are also various makeup filter themes: celebrity concepts, winter makeup, summer makeup, J-POP, and even AR animation effects. So that makes this application really worth a try.

YuFace offers several advantages to its users. The easy-to-use interface lets you save high-quality photos, and the correction levels are clearly displayed for precise adjustments for the user.

3. Beauty Makeup Editor

On Android, there are lots of makeup apps, one of which is Beauty Makeup Editor. Beauty Makeup Editor is a complete makeup app with an editor to enhance users’ selfies.

This Beauty Makeup Editor app offers various amazing photo editing tools like neon spirals and drip effects to take your photo art experience to the next level which of course is very easy to use.

It’s very easy to enhance your selfie photo with beauty editor. Start by selecting a photo to fit your face or take a selfie with the camera. You can even use makeup templates in this app.

4. Pixl

Pixl is the next app we recommend to you. If you want to look cute and perfect like the model on the cover of a beauty magazine in your profile picture, but small pimples or wrinkles complicate it.

So, the Pixl app might be able to help. This is a blemish remover and face retouch editor app with more than 5 million downloads on Play Store. In addition, the Pixl application can also be used for free.

Pixl can remove dark circles, red eyes, pimples, and other blemishes from your face photos. You can easily edit photos, delete, fix and more. You can do it in just a few minutes.

5. Pretty Makeup

A number of apps have their advantages, such as Pretty Makeup which is highly recommended for you. Pretty Makeup lets you create a selfie camera with dynamic stickers and beauty effects.

With over 10 million downloads on the Play Store so far, Pretty Makeup is one of the products featured here. This Pretty Makeup app has features like Auto Recognition, intelligent recognition technology.

The technology helps to make your makeup precise and natural, making your photos more beautiful. While real-time beauty effects and filters make you look perfect in every photo, special motion stickers make your photos cuter.

6. Perfect365

Furthermore, we can also use the Perfect365 application to easily make our own makeup. With over 100 million downloads across multiple platforms, Perfect365 is another popular makeup app on Android.

The Perfect365 app offers great features, including 20+ makeup and beauty tools, 200+ standard styles, and more. Perfect365 users also get unlimited custom color options through the Pro color palette.

So they can design their own appearance with unique color combinations in Perfect365. Meanwhile, tutorial videos by YouTube artists are available for those who want to recreate the IRL look.

7. MakeupPlus

The next application is called MakeupPlus which is trusted by many women to maximize their respective makeup results. Not much different from the first application, MakeupPlus also offers a variety of makeup features.

There are also features in the MakeupPlus application that downloaders can use to edit photos like makeup. You can also customize the makeup according to your needs, as it offers a variety of lipstick colors.

In addition, users can also choose various colors of eye shadow, blush and other makeup features. MakeupPlus also offers a variety of makeup tutorial videos. Luckily, the MakeupPlus application can be used for free.

8. YouCam Makeup

Another great app name for the next Android user is ouCam Makeup. The first makeup app is from YouCam Makeup. You don’t have to worry about dressing up to take pictures of your best self.

Because the YouCam Makeup application can change your look from nude to full makeup just by editing and selecting some of the existing makeup features. Of course, the YouCam Makeup application can be used for free and has full features.

This app is very good and verified, this YouCam Makeup app has more than 2 million downloads and users. Among its features, the app offers various types of cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye makeup and blushes.


That’s the discussion about the best makeup application that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to design makeup.

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