Makassar Translate app – Makassar Translate app. Makassar is one of the big cities in Indonesia, so it is not surprising that local people have wandered everywhere.

Not only between the islands of Sulawesi, migrating to Java, Sumatra, but also abroad. We can meet a lot of Makassar people all over Indonesia, even the whole world.

However, this has a few drawbacks, because the distribution makes the people of Makassar inevitably abandon their native language. And, they become more accustomed to using Indonesian.

This of course makes the existence of translation applications, such as the Makassar language translation application, very necessary. Like the Bugis translation application, there are many Makassar-Indonesian translator applications on Android.

Recommended Best Makassar Language Translate Application

Not much different from the guitar stem application, this application for translating the Makassar language can be used for free for learning. Here are some recommended applications that you can use.

1. Kamus Makassar Indonesia

The Makassar Indonesian Dictionary is the most comprehensive Makassar language dictionary and provides accurate Makassarese vocabulary. This application can be used to translate Makassar language to Indonesian or Indonesian to Makassar language.

Users of the Makassar Indonesian Dictionary application can learn words and vocabulary in the Makassar language online. The developer also provides examples that are often used in the Makassar language.

In addition, the Indonesian Makassar Dictionary also provides along with the meaning and use of language in Makassar customs. The Makassar Dictionary can be your reference in learning the Makassar language, especially for students.

2. Kamus Bugis

Another recommended Makassar language translation application is the Bugis Dictionary. This application was developed by Douglas Laskowske, in which it has Indonesian and English translations.

Thus, the Bugis Dictionary can be used even by the international community. Because this application also supports very accurate Makassar-Indonesian or Makassar-English translation.

The Bugis Dictionary application is also fairly complete and has very useful features. In it, words, sentences, and phrases are sorted alphabetically. So, it will be easier for you to find the translation.

3. Kamus Bugis Offline

The next Makassar to Indonesian translation application is the Offline Bugis Dictionary. In accordance with the name of this application, the Offline Bugis Dictionary application is very suitable for users who do not have internet access.

Offline Bugis Dictionary as a translation application can be accessed offline without having to buy an internet package first. Of course, it is a highly recommended application for users.

The Offline Bugis Dictionary also has many advantages over other applications on the list. Such as having page zoom features, search, simple and simple design, complete vocabulary, and can copy and paste.

4. Kamus Lengkap Bahasa Bugis

Slightly more unique than the other applications on this list, the following Makassar language translation application has an initial appearance like a book cover. Very similar to the dictionaries you usually find in bookstores.

In addition, the full word in the title is not just an appendage. Because basically, in addition to having an Indonesian translation, the Complete Bugis Dictionary is equipped with translations of numbers, colors, days, times, directions, hours, and others.

Every Android user can enjoy these complete features by simply downloading the application only on the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, this app is totally free to use.

5. Kamus Daerah Indonesia

The Regional Indonesian Dictionary can not only translate Bugis Makassar language into Indonesian. But also various other regional languages, such as the Banjar language translation application and the Lampung language translation application.

Besides being able to be used offline without internet quota, there are many other interesting features in the Indonesian Regional Dictionary. Some of the features in question, including word requests that don’t exist yet and the feature of being a translator.

Every smartphone user with the Android operating system can download this application developed by Skynet Dumai through the Google Play Store. This application is also free to use at no cost.

The final word

The explanation about the best Makassar language translation application as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the applications above to translate the Makassar language.

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