Madurese Dictionary Application – Madurese Dictionary Application. Learning the local language may be quite difficult nowadays, because many people are required to use Indonesian more often.

However, when we visit an area, it seems that the local native language is still often used. As is the case in Madura, there are still many who use their native language.

When people from outside Madura visit Madura, they will be a little confused about what they are talking about. Luckily, there is a Madurese dictionary application on Android that can help us.

Like watching anime applications, there are many choices of Madurese dictionary applications that can be used to learn local vocabulary and characters. Here we will recommend a list of applications.

List of the Best Android Madurese Dictionary Applications

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best Madurese language dictionary application on Android phones. You can choose one of the applications below to learn Madurese language and vocabulary for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Kamus Madura

In an effort to preserve the regional languages ​​in Indonesia, especially the Madurese language, an apk called “Dictionary of Madura” is present. This application was created to facilitate many people in learning the Madurese regional language.

“Dictionary Madura” is a bilingual dictionary application that is offline, meaning that it can be used without an internet connection. This application has features such as the Indonesian-Madurese vocabulary translator translate application.

In addition, the Madura Dictionary application can also be used to translate Madurese-Indonesian vocabulary. In it there is a vocabulary search mode, which includes loading, beginning, ending, and according to the searched keyword.

2. Kamus Madura Indonesia

Another recommended application for users who want to translate Madura is the Indonesian Madura Dictionary. This application can be used for free by only downloading via the Play Store.

By using the Indonesian Madura Dictionary, there are many advantages that can be obtained. As well as being accessible without an internet connection, as well as predictive search to make it easier to find complex Madurese vocabulary.

Not only that, the application size is small so it will not burden the user. The interface design is easy to operate which makes it easy for beginners to use the Madura Dictionary apk application on Android.

3. Kamus Bahasa Madura Terlengkap

Next is the Complete Madurese Dictionary which can be used as an option to learn and translate the original Madurese language. Just like the other apps on the list, this app is free to use.

For information, the Madurese language is the everyday language used by the Madurese tribesmen. Madurese speakers reach approximately 14 million people, most of whom are based on the island of Madura.

The large number of Madurese living throughout Indonesia also makes their language often heard and imitated. In fact, this has become a lot of people who do Madurese language lessons, this application can be the solution.

4. Kamus Bahasa Madura (Terjemahan)

The Madurese Dictionary (Translation) is another option that can be used as a free app to translate Indonesian text into the local language, namely Madura. Of course, including translation and vice versa.

This application always updates the data, so the translated word or sentence is reliable or valid. This application is very useful as is the case with the Banjar language translation application.

This dictionary can be used both offline and online, so if you have trouble signaling you can still use it. For the offline version, you can only use it like a Madurese dictionary filled with vocabulary.

5. Kamus Madura Dan Terjemahan

Madura Dictionary and Translation is an application that contains a collection of Madurese vocabulary from A to Z. Of course this application can be used free of charge, and is very suitable to be studied anywhere and anytime.

This free dictionary application on Android is also accompanied by a translation into Indonesian, so this application is really reliable for learning Madurese vocabulary. Both from the Madurese and outside the Madurese.

The features in the application are also very easy for users, as is 100% Offline and does not need an internet connection. Not only that, the vocabulary of this application includes the most complete (thousands of words), and the text can be copied and pasted.

The final word

The question of discussing the best Madura language dictionary application may be enough as explained at the beginning. You can download the applications above and then use them to learn Madurese on your Android phone.

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