Lottery Shake App – Lottery Shake App. When there is a social gathering held in a housing complex, or on campus with friends and in the office with colleagues, of course we need to choose one winner.

So lucky to get one winner, we can choose it automatically using the social gathering shake application. This application is widely available for Android smartphone devices.

You can choose and use the application for free anywhere and anytime. Of course, these applications can be used by users who want to draw social gathering.

Not only for social gathering, this application can also be used to draw giveaway winners online. Curious what the application is? We can see in the explanation below.

The Best Arisan Shake App on Android

Immediately, without much further ado, we can see a selection of the best and most trusted social gathering shake applications on Android. We will provide a selection of applications below.

1. Mapan

First, we recommend that you use Mapan. Mapan is an application for business partners with social meeting features. Mapan’s arisan application helps users buy products at affordable prices through the arisan system.

In addition, the social gathering shuffle performed in the Mapan application is also available through groups. So, in addition to doing business to make more money, you can also feel the excitement of online social gathering.

The Mapan Social Meetup app is only available for Android and you can download it for free. The Mapan application is also very easy to use so users will have no trouble using it.

2. Tiny Decisions

Next is Tiny Decisions, which is equally good to use. Tiny Decisions is another trusted social party app for Android and iPhone for you to create random social party tools.

This Tiny Decisions app offers lots of roulette templates and roulette options that you can freely fill out. In addition, in the Tiny Decisions application there is a feature that prohibits multiple voting.

The Tiny Decisions app is easy to use and the interface is not as flat as the Random Chooser. These features in the Tiny Decisions application are suitable for use during your social gathering meetings in one location.

3. Lucky Cage

Lucky Cage is the next social gathering shake application on Android that can be used for free. Unlike other social gathering apps, Lucky Cage doesn’t offer random gathering using roulette, but rather a cage.

The system in Lucky Cage is that every choice you put into this cage will be random and the ball chosen will come out as the winner. Of course, each match can have more than 1 winner.

The user can select up to 300 options, which will appear in the form of a ball. Users can also save the results obtained in image format, which you can then share with other arisan participants.

4. Random Generator

If the applications we mentioned above are not suitable, then you can use the Random Generator application. This Random Generator app offers many different shuffling options, such as random numbers and dice games.

This Random Generator guarantees that every result is randomly generated and you can save the result. You can manually adjust every feature available in the app, such as making choices at roulette.

Random Generator is available in 10 languages ​​to choose from in the app, which you can get for free. Users will also find it easy to use Random Generator, because the application is quite light and practical to use.

5. Decide Now!

Do you want simple and easy roulette? Decide Now! this works for you. Decide Now! can be used for free without paying any fees to use the application.

This trusted social gathering shuffling app is free for Android and iPhone. Best of all, the Decide Now app! This allows you to make unlimited choices in roulette.

Also, to decorate your roulette within the Decide Now! app, you can choose from a variety of roulette colors and templates. Roulette winning results can also be shared via the share function in the app.

6. Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel – Random Picker is an iPhone and Android social gathering app with chat or chat room functionality. The Spin The Wheel application can also be found for free on Android devices.

This feature in Spin The Wheel is useful for those who want to communicate easily when holding a social gathering online. The voting system uses roulette, which you can set however you like.

Spin The Wheel app users can choose from more than 10 options in one wheel. Not only that, by using Spin The Wheel, you can find many color wheel options in the app store.

7. Wheel of Luck

Another app name that we recommend to you is Wheel of Luck. Roulette – Wheel of Luck is a trusted social party app with the most roulette features. Wheel of Luck is the best choice scrambler.

You can specify up to 60 member name options or prizes in one roulette wheel. In addition, there is a feature that allows you to edit your selection in the middle of the game. You can delete the name that won at the social gathering.

The roulette results provided by the Wheel of Luck application will be stored in the application and can be viewed in the form of statistics. The Wheel of Luck app is available in 10 languages ​​and is limited to Android users only.

8. Decision Roulette

Next up is Decision Roulette, the funniest social gathering application for iPhone and Android. The Decision Roulette application has also been trusted by many people around the world.

Decision Roulette has complete and appropriate features to help make social gatherings easier and more enjoyable. You can choose from up to 20 roulette wheels, each with 50 options.

Decision Roulette application users can save the results in social gatherings using Roulette in jpg format. This feature can be used to provide evidence for all arisan event participants.


The discussion about the lottery shake application on Android has been completed, we have discussed it in full and in detail. Hopefully the information on the shake gathering apk can help those of you who want to know the recommendations.

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