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Stornowaybc.com – Long Hair Application. Editing photos using cellphones is now very easy to do, including if you want to have long hair.

There are a number of applications that can make your appearance look long, ranging from hair, beards, mustaches, eyebrows, and others. Of course what is seen is just a visualization.

But if you want to try using the application, then there is no harm in using the long hair application to be installed and used on an Android phone. Moreover, the application is free to use.

Below we will recommend to you some of the best and free hair maker apps for Android. Please see the full review below.

Recommended Best Long Hair Applications for Android

Launching from various national media, we can immediately see a full review of any application that can make our hair grow long. Please see the review below.

1. HairStyle & HairColor Pro

Want wavy hair but don’t want to go to the salon? This HairStyle & HairColor Pro app is for long hair. Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle & HairColor Pro is the solution, because it can be used for free.

Like other apps, HairStyle & HairColor Pro offers a wide variety of attractive hairstyles and a complete selection of colors. So, users can be more free to be creative with hairstyles.

There are hundreds of different hairstyles in total available in the HairStyle & HairColor Pro app. Later, in HairStyle & HairColor Pro you can make satisfying choices according to your own wishes.

2. Hair Style Changer Editor

The next best length app is Hair Style Changer Editor. The reason is, the application of hairstyles for this face shape also comes with celebrity hairstyles, ranging from local Indonesian and international artists.

Who knows you want to have long hair like Johnny Depp, David Beckham, or others? Just use this one Hair Style Changer Editor application! Just upload a selfie and choose the hairstyle you want.

There are more than 100 hairstyles that can be used in the Hair Style Changer Editor application. Starting from long curly hair, straight hair, updos and others. You can also change the color to make it look cooler.

3. Magic Mirror Demo

Next is the name Magic Mirror Demo which is already familiar. This iPhone and Android long hair app is as complete as the rest. The hairstyle is also good and can be used without having to pay any fees.

Magic Mirror Demo Hairdresser offers many different and unique hairstyles and hair colors for you to choose from. Not only 1 shade, application users can choose various cool hair color combinations.

In fact, your hairstyle selection is so complete that you can edit your hair into an anime hairstyle. It’s perfect for those who want to cosplay or just style without dyeing their real hair.

4. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

The next app for long hair to use, developed by Mary Kay, this virtual makeup app comes with a variety of editors. For eye makeup, lipstick, hairstyle, hair color, accessories and more.

Hairstyles are very diverse in the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app, including long hair for men. Not only for women, but also men can choose the most suitable long hair in Mary Kay Virtual Makeover.

Another feature of this Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app is that you can create a makeup shopping list based on the products you use in your photos. The application can be used for free by users.

5. FaceApp

For those who don’t know, FaceApp is a real-time face or photo editing application that uses AI technology and provides various interesting features. This application has been downloaded by more than 500 million Android users.

Not only that, FaceApp is also one of the most popular photo editor applications. To get it, you can download it for free, almost everything you need is here, with just one tap.

If you have finished editing the hair to be long in the FaceApp application, then share it to social media such as FB, Instagram, etc., so it’s interesting again. Get FaceApp and use 60+ advanced realistic filters.

6. Reface: Face Swap

The next app to edit long hair and an equally attractive face is Reface. Unlike the others, Reface uses AI (artificial technology) technology to perform face swaps or gender swaps.

Editing is also very smooth and realistic, with Reface, you can become movie stars, superheroes, cartoon characters, models and more in the form of videos or GIFs. Fun and easy to use to try your hair style.

Its reputation is also not kidding, Reface is included in the top 5 editing applications in 100 countries, you know. You can download the Reface application on the Play Store with a size of 19 MB and 74.8 MB in the App Store. Interested in trying it?

7. Bread Man

Another application to change hair so long is Bread Man. This application is highly recommended for those of you who want to get photos with thick hair to make it look more macho and masculine.

Want to try growing a beard and hair, but afraid it won’t fit? No need to panic because you can try downloading the Beard Man application. This Bread Man long hair app is very simple and easy to use.

You can try different hairstyles, beards and beards for free. Unfortunately, this Droid Developer application is only available for download on the Play Store and is 13 MB in size. Hopefully iOS users can give it a try.

The final word

We have discussed the Android apk about the best long hair application in full. In addition to long hair applications, there are also many other application recommendations on this blog.

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