Live Wallpaper Applications – Live Wallpaper Applications. Using a moving wallpaper or background on the smartphone homepage is indeed a burden on RAM and smartphone functions will not run better.

But luckily the RAM and processor on Android phones nowadays are getting better, so basically moving wallpapers don’t really affect performance. So, more and more people want to use moving wallpapers.

Basically, a moving wallpaper is a wallpaper in the form of a video or GIF (moving image) that is used as a background. Instead of using a photo of yourself or an image in the gallery.

On the Android Play Store, there is a huge selection of wallpaper apps that you can use to create motion wallpapers using photos, videos, GIFs, or even your own photos. For those who want to know, here are some application recommendations.

List of the Best Live Wallpaper Apps on Android

Like the PDAM bill check application, apps for making moving wallpapers are also widely available on Android phones. You can also use one of the recommended applications below to make one.

1. Wallpaper Bergerak 4k – WALLPS

Lots of glowing, luxurious, effective and free HD 4k wallpapers and backgrounds are waiting for you. You can find it in the new app from Live Wallpapers 4k – WALLPS for free at no cost.

You can choose from a plethora of cool live wallpapers with neon animals, flowers, clocks and other punch holes. These wallpapers can beautifully illuminate the screens of your phone and tablet, and moving particles can make them come alive and attract attention.

You can also make your own neon wallpaper. Choose one of the moving wallpapers HD 4k backgrounds and choose the density, speed, size and direction of the moving particles. Download 4k-WALLPS live wallpaper and enjoy its beauty.

2. Walloop

Walloop is a wallpaper provider application that allows users to choose their own type of wallpaper to use. Whether it’s a live wallpaper or a regular wallpaper. All wallpapers are presented in HD or 4K quality.

The images in this Walloop application can be used for free without paying any fees. More importantly, this Walloop app has no ads, so we can use it easily.

Not only that, Walloop also collects lots of cool pictures from various topics. Start with abstract, 3D, amoled, landscape, nature, anime, games, movies and many other themes. Walloop really provides the best moving wallpapers.

3. 4D Live Wallpaper

I4D Live Wallpaper is the coolest live wallpaper app in your opinion. Because this application presents live wallpapers in 4D. There are also various categories, such as games, superheroes, cars, and many others.

The wallpapers in this 4D Live Wallpaper application are also very interactive. When we tilt the smartphone, the wallpaper will also show a great effect. This happens because of the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors on our Android.

Apart from providing dynamic images, the 4D Live Wallpaper application also has a large number of AMOLED wallpapers, which can save smartphone battery. Of course you can download it for free on the Play Store.

4. Rains Live Wallpaper

True to its name, Rains Live Wallpaper is a wallpaper app for people who love rain. By using the rain water live wallpaper application, our eyes will be spoiled by the rain that adorns our Android.

Then we will feel calm and comfortable. This application developed by Wasabi will make our smartphone screen look like it’s drenched in rain. They don’t have to worry about the smartphone’s performance being affected.

Because the size of this Rains Live Wallpaper application is very small, only about 3 Mb. You also don’t have to worry about consuming a lot of RAM, it’s clear that Rains Live Wallpaper is really light to install on a cellphone.

5. GRUBL 4D Wallpaper Hidup

GRUBL 4D Live Wallpaper app can help you find the coolest 3D live wallpapers. It also includes the best video wallpapers, and can decorate your home screen and lock screen with different wallpapers at the same time.

One app for your home screen and 1 for your lock screen. Not only that, the GRUBL 4D Live Wallpaper application can apply 2 different live wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen without any modifications as desired.

For GRUBL 4D Live Wallpaper dual mode to work, your device must support live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen. If your device supports only home live wallpaper, you can still use this app.

6. Pixel 4D Wallpaper Animasi

Pixel 4D Live Wallpaper provides over 300 cool 3D live wallpapers and animated lock screen backgrounds are waiting to make your phone unique. You can Decorate your home screen and lock screen with different live wallpapers at the same time.

Pixel 4D can apply 2 different live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen without modification best for android devices. No special lock screen is required to replace your default lock screen.

If your device supports only home screen live wallpapers, you can still use this Pixel 4D Live Wallpaper app like any other live wallpaper. The Pixel 4D Live Wallpaper application is also free to use.

7. Lively Anime Live Wallpaper

Of course, for anime lovers, this moving wallpaper application called Lively Anime Live Wallpaper must be installed. We can use various animations as wallpaper using Lively Anime Live Wallpaper.

Start with Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, etc. In addition, the live wallpapers in the Lively animated live wallpaper application are also very interactive just using Lively Anime Live Wallpaper.

When we touch the screen, the anime characters on the Android screen move by themselves. The character designs in this application are also very cute. You can also add some characters to decorate the user’s Android screen.

8. BTS Live Wallpaper

For Kpop fans especially BTS, there is another live wallpaper application. This app is BTS Live Wallpaper created by SN Studio. With this application, we can use BTS idol wallpaper on our Android screen.

All wallpapers in the BTS Live Wallpaper application can of course move on their own. Besides being able to be used as wallpaper, through this application we can also use wallpaper for pictures on the lock screen of Android phones.

Not only that, although there are many cool wallpapers, of course this BTS Live Wallpaper application is free to use. There are lots of live wallpaper options to choose from from the BTS Live Wallpaper gallery.


That’s all the explanation about the android moving wallpaper application as we have conveyed in the explanation above. Please just use the applications that we have recommended above so you can make Android cellphone wallpapers move.

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