Laundry App – Laundry App. The laundry business has indeed become a profitable business opportunity, and nowadays many people are running the business, especially in big cities.

Of course, if there is no one in your area who runs the business, this could be a great opportunity for you. You can open the business, it will definitely sell well.

So that your laundry business is also easier to manage, you can take advantage of the laundry application on your Android phone. We can use this application to manage the business so that it can be more easily carried out.

So what are the laundry applications that we can use? We will provide you with full recommendations in the reviews which will be discussed in the list below.

Collection of Android Mobile Laundry Applications

Immediately, without much further ado, we can immediately listen to a number of application recommendations below. Have a look and see some of the application options below.

1. Pawoon

Pawoon is one of the recommended applications for your laundry business management needs. This application has become famous for all the needs of a versatile cashier for all types of SME and MSME businesses.

Whether it’s a laundry, car wash, franchise, cafe, restaurant or other. The advantages of the Pawoon application, can manage many branches (multi-branch), complete and detailed customer management (CRM), complete revenue reports.

Even reports on Pawoon can be seen and easy to understand in real-time, the application works offline. If you want to use the Pawoon application, you can directly download it for free on the Google Play Store.

2. Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS is a well-known POS application among SME and MSME entrepreneurs in Indonesia and abroad. Unlike other services, this Loyverse POS app has two versions, for Android and iOS that work equally well.

It would be ideal for use on a tablet, as all menus and functions appear larger and easier to tap. The main feature of the Loyverse POS application is the point of sale integration with the printer.

So this application can print receipts for transaction needs, revenue analysis to forecast market trends so that they can take appropriate actions. and CRM to build customer databases and run loyalty programs.

3. Cazh POS

Another application name that we recommend to you is Cazh POS. The next suggestion is to have a Cazh POS that can be used in all business fields including laundry services etc. The main features of this application are also interesting.

One of the features in Cazh POS is that it can be used for multiple stores (multiple branches), inventory management (inventory management), profit reporting, and supports connection of thermal receipt printers (Bluetooth and USB).

Interestingly, Cazh POS supports a variety of payment methods, including cash, loyalty cards, Cazh cards, debit cards, and electronic money such as GOPAY and OVO. There is also a royalty (membership) program that can be used as a brand.

4. CleoPOS Laundry Innsystech

CleoPOS Laundry Innsystech is also available as an option to manage and control your laundry service. The application runs online and is supported by a reliable server, so data processing is faster and the effect is maximized.

The data in the CleoPOS Laundry Innsystech application stored in the cloud is kept confidential and stored separately for each user. The main feature of the CleoPOS Laundry application is that it can be used to record transaction data.

Data logging can also be done to record customers, employees, cash, notifications that can be sent in real time, flexible payment systems, and print transactions for customers.

5. Saku Laundry

Another recommended application name that you should install is Saku Laundry. The Saku Laundry application is a laundry cashier application designed to facilitate the management of the laundry business in all expected aspects.

Starting from the operational aspects, business security, and laundry business issues. This laundry checkout application is verified and trusted because it is widely used by many leading laundry brands in dozens of laundry shops.

The Saku Laundry application will reduce the risk of employee fraud, control employee performance, control production processes, calculate profit and loss costs, manage multiple outlets, manage customer databases.

6. Kasir Laundry

For the sixth suggestion, you can use the Techdigital Laundry Cashier. With this Laundry Kasir application, you can easily manage your running laundry business, especially laundry staff and management.

This Laundry Cashier application is designed to be simple and user friendly, making it easier for users to manage orders and all laundry needs. As for features, users can make orders and laundry transactions.

Users can also record customer data, orders, print notes, send via WhatsApp, profit reporting, multi-branch, and more. Users of the free version can only make transactions, a maximum of 5 times per day.

7. Laundry Cashier + Finance

The next laundry application that we highly recommend to you is the Laundry Cashier + Finance application from as an option to manage your ongoing business line, especially laundry.

The appearance of the Laundry Cashier + Finance application is very simple and easy to use, even ordinary people can use it. On the main page, you can select the menu as needed, such as the main section where you can enter services, customers, and employees.

Then there is the report section, which you can use to view detailed and comprehensive reports. For additional options, you can use the utility menu which is usually used for backing up and importing data.

8. LaundryPOS

The next recommendation is LaundryPOS from an Indonesian IT developer. By using this LaundryPOS application, it will be easier for you to manage your laundry business, from bookkeeping, transactions, to profit and loss statements at the end of the month.

Not only that, this LaundryPOS application also offers some great features such as multiple kiosks, multiple operators, laundry service setup, financial reporting, support for bar code or barcode methods.

In addition, in the LaundryPOS application there is also support for a Bluetooth printer that can be used to print receipts. For more information, you can view it via the Google Play Store description link.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the cellphone laundry application that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can manage your laundry business only from your cellphone.

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