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Stornowaybc.com – Korean Language Learning App. The development of Korean drakors, girl bands, and boybands has made the Ginseng Country fever in the country continue to increase every year.

No wonder there are already many Indonesians who are proficient in Korean. Not without reason, but they want to be able to know what their favorite artists are talking about at concerts or playing movies.

For those of you who are also interested in learning Korean, you don’t need to worry about paying expensive fees for courses. Because we can use free applications to learn Korean on Android phones.

No different from the free novel application, this apk for learning Korean has a lot of choices. This includes learning vocabulary, words, translations, translations, and even Korean characters.

List of Best Korean Learning Apps for Android

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best Korean language learning applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the apps below to learn Korean for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Mondly: Belajar Bahasa Korea

Mondly app: Learn Korean can be used to learn Korean. You can immediately become proficient in Korean with free materials every day presented by this free application on Android.

By using the Mondly app, learning Korean automatically becomes fast and effective. In a matter of minutes, users can memorize at least some of the main Korean vocabulary that is often spoken.

The more you study, the more you will be able to form sentences, master Korean phrases, and be able to be actively involved in conversation. Korean learning techniques in this application are also very interesting.

2. Praktek Percakapan Korea – CUDU

Practice Korean Conversation with CUDU, this app is really reliable to learn Korean quickly. This app has many conversations that will help you improve your Korean speaking skills.

By using Korean Conversation Practice – CUDU, you and make you feel like talking to a native speaker from the Country of Ginseng. You can learn to speak Korean like a native speaker using the chat app features.

Korean Conversation Practice App – CUDU can help you improve your Korean communication skills immediately. This will be very useful in daily communication, travel, shopping, work, weather and more.

3. Kamus NAVER : Ingris, Korea

Another Android application that can be used to learn Korean is the NAVER Dictionary: English, Korean. You can use it with features such as Korean, English, and Indonesian translate applications.

In this application there are many excellent features offered, including 340 thousand entries and 410 thousand examples. The app also provides native pronunciations: including 60 thousand American, 50 thousand English.

Even the NAVER Dictionary app provides daily new quotes, proverbs and words. Even more interesting, this application provides American/English pronunciation, as well as providing inflection of verbs, adjectives, etc.

4. Belajar Bahasa Korea

Learn Korean app can help you learn Korean in a simple way. This application is similar to a free Korean phrasebook that allows users to learn Korean quickly and simply.

All the expressions and words that exist in Korean are presented to you in the original Korean phonetics and writing. You can also save your favorite phrases and words in just one click.

In Learn Korean, you can learn Korean vocabulary with flashcards using the free repetition technique. You can also test your knowledge with a fun Korean language quiz.

5. Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun is also another recommendation as an application worth considering. With this app, it’s the best way to improve your Korean language skills instantly.

Indeed the best way to learn Korean is to live in Korea, but unfortunately we don’t live there and Eggbun is the best alternative. Among all languages, Korean is based on context.

Because the base is quite different from other languages, sentence structure is equally important in English. However, without context, without a specific situation, understanding grammar doesn’t help much.

6. Belajar Kosa Kata Bahasa Korea

Another recommended app for learning Korean is Learn Korean Vocabulary. This app will help you learn Korean, listen, write, memorize with flashcards, games and K-pop.

With the Learn Korean Vocabulary app, you can load stacks of Korean flashcards and enrich your vocabulary with Avocards. It also includes 50,000 Korean words divided into 50 categories.

Learn Korean Vocabulary helps users to learn from your favorite K-pop songs. Each Korean flashcard in the app also has sample sentences, dictionary definitions, and audio from native Korean speakers.

7. Lingory – Belajar bahasa Korea

You can learn Korean (Hangeul/Hangul) for free with Lingory. Of course users will practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing in Korean quickly using this application.

Not only that, this application can also be used to maintain Korean language skills in the long term. Like the Makassar language translation application, Lingory can be used for free on the android platform.

Lingory’s content creators are also trusted people, as they are certified Korean language teachers. So it is clear that they have many years of experience teaching Korean abroad.

8. Indonesia-Korea Penerjemah

This Korean free translator can quickly translate from Korean to Indonesian and Indonesian to Korean words. Including vocabulary – , Indonesian-Korean Translator).

It contains a lot of Korean vocabulary as well as complete sentences. Instant translation and full validity of words, and of course very accurate help you learn Korean very well in Indonesian-Korean Translator.

This application will be very useful for people who are learning foreign languages, such as tourists, students and others. Supported by a very simple and easy to use interface, this application can be very reliable.

The final word

The question of discussing the best Korean language learning application may be enough as described at the beginning. You can download the apps above and then use them to learn Korean on your Android phone.

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