Keyboard App – Keyboard App. Android has a built-in custom keyboard application from Google, but users cannot freely use its custom features because they are limited to use.

So that users can use their own photos for the keyboard background, change the font to Arabic, Japanese, or Thai, and add emojis, it is necessary to download third-party applications. The application has a function like the WA sticker application.

No need to spend money, because there are free applications that can be used by users. This application is also safe to use because it can be directly downloaded through the Play Store platform.

Not much different from the best stock applications, on the Android Play Store there are also lots of recommendations for changing applications and custom keyboards. Starting from the font, background, color, and others.

Recommended Keyboard Applications on Android Phones

You can use any of the keyboard apps on Android devices that we recommend below. Please use the application for free and install it on your respective cellphones.

1. AI Type Keyboard

AI Type Keyboard Pro has been around for a long time and is the best keyboard choice for Android phones. The app comes with a number of standard features including word prediction, adding emoji, and a custom keyboard.

In the AI ​​Type Keyboard there are more than a thousand themes to be used as a keyboard background when typing. This application is available in a free version to be used for a trial or trial that lasts for 18 days.

After that you can continue with the free version, but some features are unusable. AI Type Keyboard being one of the best Android keyboards, it’s free, and definitely recommended.

2. AnySoftKeyboard

AnySoftKeyboard is a simple Android phone keyboard apk with lots of setting options, including background, fonts, and more. The main feature of AnySoftKeyboard is automatic typing support which is integrated into several languages.

Not only that, the developer of the AnySoftKeyboard application has many add-ons to add language support. In addition, AnySoftKeyboard has various themes, custom adaptive themes, and many other interesting settings.

AnySoftKeyboard also uses special packs for themes so you can download third-party keyboard themes on Play Store and apps. Although limited, but the free version of AnySoftKeyboard is a good option.

3. Flexy

Flexy is one of the most popular Android keyboard apps. The app has all the basic features of a keyboard, including swipe and gesture controls, web search, GIFs, meme support, themes, extensions, and more.

It also includes several free themes that you can apply and try right away. However, this app offers more interesting themes in the premium version which is not too expensive.

When put together with the iPhone emoji app, Flexy is an interesting combination. This custom Android keyboard is completely free to use and most of the displays purchased through the app are theme only.

4. Gboard

Gboard is the official keyboard created by the tech giant Google. The Gboard app comes with a number of basic features on a regular keyboard such as automatic editing, multi-language typing, and other features.

One of the highlights of this Android keyboard is that it claims that Google search is built into it. That means you can perform searches without leaving keyboard space on your phone.

Besides words, there is also automatic image search, GIF, voice typing, and Google Translate. Google regularly adds features to this keyboard to really indulge users in typing text.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best Android keyboards on this list. At first Grammarly came as a Chrome extension whose job it was to correct your grammar and grammar as you type.

Then Grammarly appeared in an Android keyboard version aiming to do the same. This app will help you check your grammar, spelling and punctuation automatically as you type.

This app is still relatively new and many users expect to get more features with future updates. As far as is known, this Grammarly keyboard is completely free for users to use.

6. Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey is definitely one of the best Android keyboards of all time. This application has features for line prediction, auto-correction along with gesture typing, up to cloud synchronization.

With Microsoft SwiftKey’s many features, you can keep all your devices up to date, with Microsoft SwiftKey themes, keyboard customization, number rows, and more.

Microsoft SwiftKey also has language support on average more than 100 languages ​​and will continue to be expanded. The keyboard and all the features included in Microsoft SwiftKey are free but you have to pay to get more themes.

7. Typewise Custom Keyboard

Typewise Custom Keyboard is a great keyboard to choose from in addition to the apps above. Because this app can help you get rid of the classic QWERTY style and supports a keyboard with a honeycomb pattern.

Developers of the application Typewise Custom Keyboard say this keyboard is specifically designed for thumb typing. It also includes larger-than-average buttons for easy-to-use strokes for beginners.

Typewise Custom Keyboard app works 100% offline without suspicious permissions. Even so, there is still an optional QWERTY mode on Typewise Custom Keyboard if you are used to using that version of the keyboard.

The final word

Maybe only until here the discussion of the android keyboard application as described in the discussion. Hopefully the recommendations that we have provided can be useful for your custom keyboard.

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