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Stornowaybc.com – Karo Translate app. Learning regional languages nowadays is very easy to do, because there are lots of supporting technologies, such as in the form of cellphone applications.

For those who don’t know, Karo is an Austronesian language spoken by the Karo tribe living in the Karo Highlands (Karo Regency), Lankat, Deli Sardon, Deri, Medan, and Southeast Aceh in Indonesia.

In 1991, the number of Kahlo speakers was about 600,000. Historically, Karo was written in the Karo language contained in Batak letters, because the alphabet used came from the Angola-Mandarin region.

So what are the applications or dictionaries that can be used to translate Karo to Indonesian and vice versa? Here we have a number of recommended applications that may be used by you.

List of Best Karo Translate Apps on Android

Without further ado, we can just listen to several options for translating Karo to Indonesian applications and vice versa. Please see the application recommendations below.

1. Penerjemah Karo – Indonesia Offline

This Offline Karo – Indonesian Translator can be used to translate Indonesian to Karo and vice versa. You can easily translate sentences with the click of a button and the sentences will be translated.

This Karo-Indonesian translation application is easy to use. Because you only need to fill in the sentence to be translated from Indonesian or Karo and click the translate button in this application.

Then you will immediately get the translation results. You can share the translated results of the application on social media by clicking on the translated sentence, then the option to share will appear.

2. Kamus Karo Offline

This Karo language translator application can be used to translate words from Karo to Indonesian and vice versa from Indonesian to Karo. The dictionary translates about 7000 words from Indonesian Karo-I.

Some of them are accompanied by example sentences and their translations. While using this app, you can share words and their translations with others via social media, text messages, email, or copy them.

This Karo Offline Dictionary application works offline so it can be used anywhere without an internet connection. If there are deficiencies, please email the developer for further development of this application.

3. Kamus Bahasa Karo

Dictionary of Karo – Karo Batak is one of the ethnic groups of Indonesia. This tribe inhabits the area of ​​North Sumatra and parts of Aceh, including Karo Regency, East Asia Regency, Lancate Regency, and others.

The language used in daily conversation is also the Karo Batak language. Learning Karo is not too difficult. You just need to integrate into your daily life or learn over the internet with this app.

One resource that can help you learn Caro is this Karo Language Dictionary. Karo Language Dictionary is an application that contains word translations from Karo to Indonesian and vice versa.

The final word

Articles that review the best Karo language translation application may suffice to get here first as explained above. Hopefully with this article we can find out what are the recommendations for applications to translate the Karo language.

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