Job Vacancies Application – Job Vacancies Application. Finding a job nowadays is very easy, because we can find it just by using a smartphone in our hands.

Because there are so many choices of online job search applications that we can use to get jobs easily. Want to work full time, part time, internship, internship, and others are all there.

Even some large companies also often use these job vacancies to find new employees. So, you should take advantage of this application.

Similar to online selling applications, this online job search platform can also be used on Android devices. Here we intend to provide you with application recommendations.

List of Job Search Applications on Android

Please take a look at a number of online job search applications for Android, which we present below. Here are some recommended applications for finding work via Android phones.

1. KarirHub Kemnaker

A job application that can help you find a job is Karirhub from the Ministry of Manpower. This application is provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower so do not hesitate to search for vacancies here.

Job seekers can get detailed information, such as type of job search, job location, industry, type of job, and professional field. In this app, open job categories are more diverse.

KarirHub Kemnaker is not just about job vacancies in the IT or digital industry. The function provided by the Ministry of Manpower’s Karirhub is very simple, but very helpful for job seekers and companies.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a job search application that must be installed. In addition to providing a variety of job vacancies updated every day, the Indeed application also provides user accounts that can upload resumes (CVs).

Therefore, on the Indeed app users don’t only play a role in providing job vacancies. However, the Indeed Android app can also be used as a direct job search medium.

Another advantage of Indeed is the company review information, which contains all the information about the company. By using Indeed, you can minimize fraud of job applicants from fake companies.

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3. TechInAsia Jobs

Another recommended job vacancy apk is TechInAsia Jobs. TechInAsia Jobs is one of the most popular job posting platforms in Southeast Asia. The app is ranked 5th among the 15 most funded startups in Southeast Asia.

Job vacancies at TechInAsia are not only from China. Some job vacancies even come from Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. For those who want to work in a foreign office, TechInAsia Jobs is suitable for exploration.

This free job search application called TechInAsia also offers various types of jobs and positions. However, there are many job openings for IT, designer, marketing, customer service, data analysis, and management.

4. JobStreet

JobStreet is also one of the best job vacancies in Indonesia. Through this application, you can apply for more than 230 thousand jobs. For those who want to work abroad, you can also look for it on JobStreet.

Because JobStreet not only provides job vacancies from Indonesia, but also job vacancies in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The features embedded in the JobStreet job application also make it easier for applicants.

There are also interesting features offered by JobStreet. One of them is that LiNa JobStreet will provide you with the latest job vacancies via email every day, and you can only apply for vacancies directly through your Android phone.

5. Kalibrr

Kalibrr is one of the largest job vacancies applications in Southeast Asia. The application, which was founded in 2013, has become a reference for job seekers from various countries including Indonesia.

Not only that, the Kalibrr Android application also collaborates with several universities and student organizations in Indonesia. This collaboration is carried out to provide job vacancies for graduate students.

The Kalibrr app also offers a wide variety of jobs and positions at various companies. From fresh graduates, junior high school to high school, Kalibrr provides a variety of job openings.

6. LinkedIn

The next job vacancy apk recommendation is LinkedIn. Everyone already knows that LinkedIn not only functions as a social media application, but also functions as an application platform for finding work.

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Thousands and even millions of professionals have LinkedIn accounts, and it’s not uncommon for other companies or workplaces to find employees through LinkedIn. Among its functions, LinkedIn also provides job alerts that are suitable for you.

Because previously you have to fill in personal data about your expertise. LinkedIn users can also write articles, and these articles will be shared and read by other LinkedIn users, and can even be read by companies that need your expertise.

7. TopKarir

TopKarir is a very popular job search website and application on Android as well as iPhone platforms. On the Play Store, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the TopKarir application to their smartphone devices.

TopKarir has many very useful functions. In addition to looking for work in various companies ranging from start-up companies to large companies for fresh graduates and experienced people.

Users can also look for internships to gain experience before actually entering the workforce. Apart from that, you can also find part-time jobs on TopKarir. There is even a function that allows you to test your interests and talents.

8. Kormo Jobs

Kormo Jobs is Google’s trusted job search app. To date, Kormo Jobs has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store, and it is an easy way to find your ideal job.

There are millions of jobs posted on Kormo Jobs. Kormo Jobs focuses on retail services, logistics, IT and management, as well as the hospitality industry, and provides retail sales assistants, transportation and warehouse operations.

Because this application is an official application from Google, then don’t hesitate to install it. At Kormo Jobs, you can find full time, part time, internship, or internship jobs at a variety of large companies.

9. Job2Go

Job2Go is an application that provides employee recruitment, finance, business and education services. Job2Go focuses on providing the best services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia and finding employees.

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The Job2Go application has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the Play Store by Android users. This is not surprising because the Job2Go application does provide a variety of features that are very useful for users.

One of the most interesting features of Job2Go is that it allows you to apply for jobs without a resume. Therefore, just fill in your personal information completely, and you can apply for any job you want.

10. Glints

The Glints application also has several other features that can support job seekers to search for vacancies. Such a community function provides an opportunity for users to ask questions and discuss work.

In the Glints community, users will meet other job seekers to share experiences or other information related to the world of work. There is also an expert-level feature for selecting courses that support development.

Please note, courses at Glints cover marketing, data and analytics, human resources, design, and a variety of other subjects. Glints also provides an upgrade function via the academy in its app.

11. Jobs ID

The next online job search application is Jobs ID. This work application comes with a simple interface that is easy to use, basically not much different from other locker sites.

Jobs ID also provides many functions, and users can use it to search for jobs according to their needs. Such as job search based on position, location, company, field, and industry.

Jobs ID application users can also use the search box to search for the desired position based on the previous category. Work locations are also very diverse, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and other cities.

The final word

Just get here first a review of the job vacancy application on Android as reviewed in this article. Please just use the applications that we mentioned above so you can search for the job vacancies you want properly.

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