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Stornowaybc.com – iPhone Emoji App. Emoji or emoticons provided by each cellphone are different, especially on Android phones and iPhones which incidentally have several different emojis.

For Android phone users, you may often see friends sending emoticons in unique WhatsApp, Line, or Telegram groups. When we look for it in the sticker or emoticon column, we can’t find the emoji.

Actually, emoji on iPhone are not provided directly on Android. However, we can be tricked into using it by using the best and free iPhone and iOS emoji apps provided.

For those who want to install it, on this occasion we will recommend some of the best iPhone and iOS emoji applications for Android phones. Please see the recommendations in full below.

Best iPhone and iOs Emoji Apps

Immediately, here are the recommendations for the best iPhone and iOS emoji applications that can be used. These applications are no less popular than iPhone photo editing applications which also have a very large number of downloads.

1. Emoji Type

The first selection of the best iPhone emoji apps for Android comes from Emoji Type. The application is actually a custom keyboard specifically for the iPhone.

Basically, within this iPhone keyboard app there is a feature that will show you the exact emoji as you type. So you can send iPhone emojis on your Android phone.

Emoji Type will also continue to suggest emojis that have a relationship with the word or sentence you are about to type on the screen. That way, it makes it easier for you to send emojis without having to search for the right ones.

2. ImojiApp

You can now see your face or a friend’s face into an emoji by using your iPhone. The trick is that you can do this very easily and practically using the ImojiApp application.

The app is also available on your iPhone or iPad tablet by downloading it via the App Store. Even though it is free, there is no need to doubt the quality because the features in it are very complete.

Only by using this one application, you can create personalized stickers and emojis using faces or other images and photos. So, you can share it with your friends via chat messages.

3. Symbol Keyboard

One of the best iPhone emoji apps for Android smartphones is Symbol Keyboard. This application is the same as the two applications described above, only lighter.

The advantage of this application is that it does not burden your iPhone device. Especially if you have installed a lot of applications on your iPhone, then this application will not interfere with the smooth running of other apks.

In using this application there are approximately 200 images or photos along with text that can be used as stickers. Then there are more than 100 emoji and even up to 2,000 more types of symbols that you can use just like on the iPhone device on your cellphone.

4. AA Emoji Extra Me Plus

One of the recommended applications that have a fairly diverse collection of emoji is like the iPhone with various types of emoji. You can also add a new emoji or sticker directly into a text or email.

Apart from that, Android users can also get static, animated, or animated emojis found on iPhones. Emoji Free in this application also has a series of animated stickers that are quite awesome.

AA Emoji Extra Me Plus is pretty much sought after by lovers of free emoji art. No wonder why, they will get completely different images from different emojis placed together in this app.

5. Emojiyo

Another recommended iPhone emoji application that is no less interesting is Emojiyo. This application is one of the most perfect recommendations of an emoji application in circulation.

This is because, the free Emojiyo app lets you quite easily customize the on-screen keyboard for all emojis. Its use is also very easy and very practical.

You can also put all the emojis in this app and your most used and favorites in one special place. So you will find it easier and faster to use or access it.

6. Kika Keyboard

The Kika Keyboard application is also another recommendation one of the most interesting emoji applications for you. The quality of this application is not inferior to AA Emoji Extra Me Plus or Emojiyo.

The reason is, by using the latest and free emoji application like this one iPhone, you can use it for Android. Any Android device supports it of course.

In addition, Kika Keyboard allows you to get a complete range of interesting features. Starting from features such as stickers, GIFs, and the Slide feature to type on the keyboard in chat with friends.

7. KeyMoji

The next best choice of emoji, emoticon, or similar iPhone-like apps is KeyMoji. This app can give Android users like you really amazing emojis.

Apart from that, this free app on the App Store also gives you crowdsourced from different sources. In addition, you can also update in real time from the various collections of emoticons they have.

If you’re not familiar with the abbreviations for each emoji, KeyMoji will be happy to help. The reason is, in this newest application, it will teach you the meaning of each of these emojis.

The final word

That’s our discussion of the best iPhone emoji apps. You can use more than one application above, but if you want to save more memory or RAM, just install one.

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