Investment Application – Investment Application. Investing is indeed a growing trend in society, because nowadays many are aware of the importance of owning assets for the future.

Even these needs have been made easier with the support of technology that continues to grow rapidly. Basically now there are many choices of applications for investment through Android smartphones only.

There are also various investment instruments that can be used, which can be tailored to your needs. Such as stock investment applications, mutual funds, bonds, forex, crypto currencies, property, gold, and many more.

When using an application to invest, of course you need to use an application that has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority. Because the application is guaranteed legal and officially circulated in Indonesia.

List of the Best Investment Apps on Android

The following are recommendations for the choice of the best, trusted, and officially supervised investment applications by the Financial Services Authority. You can download it on the Play Store or through the Opera Mini application browser and so on.

1. Nanovest

PT Growing Together Nano released the new generation investment application “Nanovest”, starting from November 22, 2021 on the waiting list challenge and video trailer of this digital asset investment market application.

Nanovest’s motto is “Grow wealth in your own way” and aims to provide a simple, safe and attractive investment platform for Indonesian investors. The Nanovest investment application makes it easy to buy global shares and crypto assets from 5,000 rupiah at any time.

In addition, Nanovest does not charge transaction fees or is free. Nanovest only supports buying foreign shares (global shares) available on US stock exchanges, and does not support any type of public offering through the app.

2. Ajaib

Another popular among millennials and Gen Z is Magic. This Magic App provides stocks and mutual funds. How to use the Magic application is very easy, when beginners see from the start entering the application.

There are several guides and product recommendations that best suit the financial situation at Ajaib. This Magic App also provides notifications about the best times to buy and sell shares for you in this trading app.

In this way, you can maximize profits or reduce losses experienced by novice investors. Don’t worry, this Magic application has been licensed by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and OJK.

3. Bareksa

Bareksa also claims that they are a mutual fund marketplace that sells hundreds of products from various companies managed by investment managers. The choices are also different, from mutual funds, state securities (SBN), to gold.

All products in the Bareksa application have clear explanations, including price changes, possible profits, and risks. Before buying, Bareksa will simulate the flow of funds for each product.

Therefore, you can weigh the pros and cons that you might get with Bareksa. This Bareksa application also provides a portfolio table for each user. Bareksa has also been certified by the OJK and is a retail SBN distribution partner.

4. HSB Investasi

The next choice fell on HSB Investments. Slightly different from the previous application, HSB Investasi is more suitable for users who have investment experience. The products offered are also diverse and can be chosen by users.

Starting from foreign exchange (forex), precious metals, stock indices, and many more choices on the HSB Investment application. All of its activities are regulated by the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI), ICDX and ICH.

One of the advantages of HSB Investment is CITRA (Trade Clearing Information). This is a feature that allows users to easily view every transaction made directly on HSB Investments.

5. KoinWorks

KoinWorks is one of the most popular P2P lending apps. The functions brought by the KoinWorks application are very complete, even if you are a beginner, you can invest more easily.

The minimum investment limit on the KoinWorks application also varies depending on the product you choose. For example, for gold, a minimum of IDR 1,000 is required. Meanwhile, the minimum share in KoinWorks is IDR 100,000.

As you know, KoinWorks promises an annual rate of return of up to 18%. Like other applications, KoinWorks has passed the OJK certification, so you don’t have to worry about investing in KoinWorks.

6. Bibit

One name that is starting to be widely known in cyberspace is the Seed Application. Seed is an all-in-one investment application, where you can allocate funds to bonds in the form of mutual funds and the stock market.

In fact, there is also a sharia investment option in the Bibit application, and in this application there is an AI called Robo Advisor. This will help you choose an investment path based on the income and funds you wish to allocate.

After registering and entering data, Robo Advisor divides the configuration file into 3 types, namely conservative, medium and aggressive. Each has different advantages for investors to use.

7. Tanamduit

Entering Tanamduit, you will not feel stiff because of its cheerful appearance like it is thousands of years old. Among them, there are four investment products at Tanamduit, namely mutual funds, state bonds, insurance, and gold.

The main product of this Tanamduit application is gold. Interestingly, when you deposit gold, you will get a gold card. The card can be sent to other people, such as a spouse or parent.

Tanamduit’s payment system is very simple, you only need to sell again through this application. No need to be confused, because there is already artificial intelligence and various articles on Tanamduit to answer your questions.

8. Tokopedia Investasi

Another investment application that is highly recommended is Tokopedia Investasi. Unlike the previous list of applications, Tokopedia Investasi itself is a function of mutual fund investment services provided in the Tokopedia application.

Not only is the operation simple, the initial capital provided by Tokopedia Investasi is also very friendly for beginners. Especially for those who are still hesitant to invest, because it only starts from Rp. 10,000.

In providing this service, Tokopedia collaborates with Syailendra Capital as an investment manager (MI) and Bareksa as an experienced mutual fund selling agent (APERD). So don’t worry about using Tokopedia Investasi.

The final word

The explanation of the best investment applications on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above to invest in any sector.

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