Instagram App – Instagram App. IG or Instagram has become one of the best social media in the world today, its users are also widespread from all over the world.

You must have also used or are still using these visualization-based social media applications. You could say that Instagram is a little different from other social media.

They are more focused on visual images and videos. The content that is shared on Instagram is mostly in between the two content, although there is also a column to fill in the caption.

Well maybe you also want to know more about the Instagram application on Android or iPhone. Don’t worry, because here we will explain to you what IG is and its features and how to use it.

Instagram app on Android

Instagram is an Android-based social media application that can be used by various devices. Like smartphones, iOS for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, it can even run on your computer or PC.

However, using the Instagram app on a computer won’t be exactly the same as on your mobile device. Usually, people use Instagram to share or share photos or videos with their followers.

The principles applied to Instagram social media are often different from other social media applications. Because other social media places more emphasis on sharing with the public using words or status.

Just like other social media apps, on Instagram, users can find lots of friends using terms like “follow and follow” or “follow and follow”. With so many followers, you already have a lot of friends.

Interact by liking or commenting on your or your friends’ posts on Instagram. You can also use direct messaging (DM), the most popular today are InstaStory, or also Reels.

Instagram History

After understanding the definition and understanding of the Instagram apk, it doesn’t feel right if you don’t understand the origin or history of Instagram itself. Initially, the Instagram app, still known as Burburn.

Instagram in the early days of its release was founded by a company called Burbn Inc. The Instagram apk was originally pioneered in 2010 by their two CEOs, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom.

Burburn is a start-up company engaged in the development of mobile applications. Initially an iPhone-only app with too many features, it was eventually reduced to an app for sharing photos, comments, and likes.

The development of Instagram was carried out by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. This is the beginning of the formation of Instagram. Finally, in 2012, Facebook Inc. officially took over Instagram to be a part of them.

Not long ago, in 2016, after a long hiatus, the official Instagram logo was changed to the latest logo. Then the logo was introduced to the public with a sleeker and more elegant look that we encounter today.

Instagram Features

Instagram has tons of useful features in its app. For the average user, they might think that Instagram is limited to social interactions, photo and video sharing, and followers only.

But basically Instagram is more than that. To get the most out of any application, accuracy and user understanding are also important. Below we will explain the features available on Instagram:

1. User Interaction

This feature is the main feature of every Instagram social media application. It has been explained previously that specifically for Instagram can interact by sharing photos or videos as well as through direct messages.

Currently there is also a live recording facility or Insta Story as it is commonly known, which allows vloggers to share activities and interact with friends who watch it through live video.

2. Share Place

There is no denying that most of the photos or videos shared on social media Instagram provide information and views of beautiful tourist attractions. Everyone wants to capture a vacation or vacation trip.

They share it in a photo or video and share it on Instagram. This is certainly a distinct advantage for friends or other users because they can get to know the beauty of tourist attractions without having to go online.

3. Finding and Sharing Information

Among the many Instagram users, you will find non-personal/private accounts. These accounts contain a lot of activity content to share information or knowledge in an area.

For example, accounts that share health information, tourist destination information, unique or mysterious information, etc. Although time is limited, videos can be used to share tutorials with followers on Instagram.

4. Marketing Tools

In today’s modern era, many business people or product/service sellers are starting to take advantage of online marketing (online marketing). Not only through the official website, you can also take advantage of Instagram.

And with the increasing popularity of Instagram, of course, if the product or service is marketed here, it has its own advantages, plus the ability to post photos that clearly describe what you have to offer.

How to Download Instagram

When you want to use Instagram, you definitely need to download the application first. In the process of downloading Instagram, you must have the Play Store app. This app is free to download.

Not only that, the Instagram apk has a capacity of approximately 26 MB. Here are the steps to download the Instagram application via Android that you can follow carefully and correctly, please see below.

1. Open Play Store

The first step is to open the Play Store app on your phone. Once it opens, search for it in the search bar at the top. Also make sure you use a stable internet network or you can also use wifi.

Write “instagram” and click on search icon, play store will automatically appear at the bottom of some selected apps which are related or consistent with previous searches. Then select “Instagram”.

2. Download Instagram

After selecting the Instagram app on Play Store, the access permission is shown before downloading. Hit the Accept or Accept option and Instagram will download automatically. You just need to wait for the download process to complete.

3. Instal Instagram

At the last stage, users who want to use Instagram just need to wait for the application to finish downloading. The completion of the Instagram apk download process will be marked with a button display with 2 options.

Uninstall and open the Instagram app options. Uninstall is used to remove the Instagram app, so select the Open button to open the app. This will make the process smoother.

4. Use Instagram

After going through several stages of installation, the Instagram download process is complete. You can start by creating an account to use Instagram. You will be asked to fill in your email and account username.

Furthermore, Instagram users just follow the steps that have been shown and when finished you can start playing Instagram. That way you can start using Instagram for social media.


We have completed a complete review of the Instagram android application for you in this article. Hopefully what we say can be useful especially for you to know more about Instagram Apk.

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