Indonesian TV Apps – Indonesian TV Apps. Although there is YouTube which provides free viewing broadcasts, it is undeniable that television is still one of the entertainments for the Indonesian people.

The reason is that there are still many broadcasts that can only be accessed via television, such as news broadcasts, soccer balls, and so on. And this is the reason why television still exists today.

You don’t even have to buy a TV to watch television, but you can use the TV application. Meanwhile, to watch national television, you can choose the Indonesian TV application which is also widely available on Android.

Maybe some of you are still confused about what Indonesian television applications provide free broadcasts. Below we will recommend it for you, can be listened to please.

Best Indonesian TV App Recommendations

Like the photo application into anime, on Android phones there are lots of applications that can be used to watch television online and offline on the cellphone. Check out some of the recommendations below.

1. Vidio

There is an application that is highly recommended and you can use to watch Indonesian TV online. The application is called Vidio which is a partner of the SCTV and Indosiar television channels.

One of the best Android TV apps with various local channels that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Vidio can not only watch local radio and TV, but also provides Korean drama streaming services.

Television connoisseurs who like to watch Korean dramas can choose this Vidio application just like the iPhone Korean drama watching application. Are you interested in using this application? Just download it on the Play Store for free.

2. UseeTV Go

This time the recommended application for watching Indonesian TV carries the name UseeTV Go application. UseeTV Go is provided specifically for viewers in Indonesia, by displaying various TV broadcasts in Indonesia in full.

However, not only television broadcasts but users can also watch TV shows and movies. Starting from Indonesian, Japanese, Thai films, Korean dramas, Asia, Bollywood, Hollywood, and others.

This application made by an Indonesian telecommunications company provides many features that will certainly make it easier for UseeTV users to use it. You can use this application for free on the Play Store.

3. Maxtream

If Telkom has UseeTV Go, then there is also Maxstream which is produced by Telkomsel. This application can be used to watch television broadcasts online by paying an affordable subscription fee.

This application has more or less the same features as UseeTV Go or Vidio. But keep in mind that Maxstream does provide an interface for people who are familiar with Netflix and the like.

You can enjoy everything from local and international broadcasts to Korean movies and TV dramas here. There are thousands of content available, from well-known channels like Viu, Bein Sports Channel, HBO, Warner TV, etc.

4. RCTI+

Who doesn’t know the local RCTI channel? The television channel, of course, is already known by many people and is clearly one of the most favorite television channels for various groups in Indonesia.

To compete with streaming services such as Netflix, RCTI is now also developing its own online TV viewing service under the name RCTI+. Of course, the application comes with all the best programs that have been or are currently being broadcast on RCTI.

But the RCTI+ application is not only for watching television broadcasts from RCTI. But you need to know, there are other local channels that are members of the MNC group, namely MNC, GTV and iNews. This is one of the best ways to watch RCTI channels.

5. TVOne Connect

Another useful application to be used as a platform for watching Indonesian television is TVOne Connect. Everyone would agree that TV One is famous for its factual news programs and educational programs.

Starting from broadcasts such as Apa Kabar Indonesia, Dua Sisi, Indonesia Lawyers Club, etc. Now, you can also watch TV One broadcasts without being limited by TV. And with TVOne Connect, you can watch the broadcast on your Android phone.

Just top up your mobile internet quota, download the app, and you can enjoy all TV One programming, including current and past ones. You can also comment and interact with other users.

6. TVRI Klik

It can be said that TVRI or Televisi Republik Indonesia is the only official TV channel managed by the government. In contrast to private TV, most broadcasts on TVRI are associated with Indonesian nationality.

Who would have thought that TVRI was the first Indonesian channel to be established and is now being watched through the HP application? For example, if you have trouble watching TVRI because the signal received by the antenna is not strong enough.

This is because the quality of the video and audio on the TVRI Klik site or application is guaranteed. Enjoy various interesting and educational programs from TVRI at your fingertips, including live and recorded broadcasts.

7. Berita Satu

In the era of the industrial revolution like today, many people prefer the internet as a source of news. However, because it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, it is better to use official platforms as news sources.

For example, watch the BeritaSatu channel through your cellphone, and maybe you don’t know that Berita Satu has an online platform that you can use to watch television broadcasts on your Android phone or iPhone.

Here, you will get all kinds of news to ensure you stay up to date with the latest developments in Indonesia. Ranging from business, education, and entertainment, you only need internet and cellphone quota to get everything.

8. Mola TV

Do you like football broadcasts? Just download the Mola TV application as a live streaming soccer application. Mola TV itself is the official Premier League broadcaster from 2019 to 2022, and may continue to be extended in the following years.

The Mola T application is fully capable of providing live broadcasts of the latest sporting events according to the original official schedule. Various kinds of football broadcasts can be watched online on Mola TV, such as the English, Spanish, and Italian leagues.

Watching a certain show late? Don’t worry, you can still watch various programs whose broadcast time has passed on Mola TV. In addition, you can also enjoy a selection of Hollywood films.

The final word

An explanation of the best Indonesian tv applications as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the applications above to watch television broadcasts in Indonesia.

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