Indian Movies Watch App – Indian Movies Watch App. Indian films or better known as Bollywood are indeed loved by many people, especially the genres of these films vary according to the wishes of the audience.

The good news, we can also watch Indian movies on the application on the PC for free or paid. These apps provide Indian movies, movies and dramas from old years to the latest.

There are many genres provided in the application in question. Starting from romance, horror, drama, comedy, love, action, thriller, sports, and many more, even your favorite movies are also available in it.

Indian movie watching apps are available on PC for free just like word to PDF apps. You can also directly install or use it on a PC operating system Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

List of Best Indian Movies Watch Apps on PC

Here is a list of the best recommended applications for watching Indian movies on the latest, HD, and complete PC, laptop or computer. Check out the explanation information in the discussion below.

1. Hungama Play

Watch movies, dramas, and Indian movies with Indonesian subtitles until you are satisfied you can enjoy them on Hungama Play. The Hungama Play application is available in a free version, this one spoils Bollywood fans.

Hungama Play can be downloaded easily. But you need to remember that not all Indian movies are available on Hungama Play. Some of them are still only available with English subtitles.

Of course in it there are many movies comes with thousands of Indian movie titles available. Starting from old films, new films, even various genres of romance, action, comedy, thriller, and drama are also available on Hungama Play.

2. Eros Now

The best, most complete, and free application for watching Indian films with Indo subtitles is Eros Now. In addition to presenting very complete films, Eros Now also makes it easier for users to search for films by genre.

Eros Now comes with a user-friendly interface. So, of course you can enjoy your favorite Indian sub Indo movies online anywhere and anytime with HD quality.

In addition to Indian feature films, the Eros Now application also provides other interesting Bollywood content for you to watch. Starting from Indian TV shows, Indian music videos, trailers, and other original shows.

3. Spuul

Indian film lovers must watch their favorite films at Spuul. Because this free PC application you can directly download to be used as a friend to watch the most favorite Indian and Bollywood movies.

In the Spuul application, Indian movie viewers can find a large collection of films with good quality that have been equipped with Indonesian subtitles. Of course, the existence of these subtitles makes us not confused about translating them.

Not only available for Windows, this application is also available in web and application versions. So if you want to watch TV without an application, you can do it easily using Spuul.

4. ZEE5

It can be said that ZEE5 is one of the best Indian sub Indo movie watching applications. Because this application provides free services to users who want to enjoy Bollywood series.

ZEE5 is also equipped with a more organized display or user-interface than other PC applications on the list. Moreover, in this application a lot of content that can be accessed for free.

The collection of Bollywood movies in the ZEE5 application is also complete and easy for users to find. The reason is to note that the parent company of this application is connected to the media and entertainment network in India.

5. Netflix

It’s clear that Netflix should undoubtedly be on this list. In the Netflix application there are tons of Indian movies that can be watched for free, even in offline mode.

This Netflix application certainly doesn’t need to be explained at length, everyone already knows it. Thanks to its popularity, Netflix is ​​of course widely known to provide HD quality shows.

Netflix provides a wide variety of movies available all over the world, including India and various other Asian countries. By using Netflix, of course you can find a lot of Indian movies here.

6. Viu

Similar to Netflix, Viu is widely known to be one of the favorite movie and drama streaming applications. If you dive deeper into the Viu app, you’ll find that it also provides lots of free Indian movies.

For those who want to buy the premium version, you can immediately cut your credit or buy the watching package at your favorite e-commerce. There are many sellers of Viu premium packages on Tokopedia, Shopee, or you can also buy them via the direct website.

So that users can watch Indian movies with Indo subtitles super comfortably in this iPhone Korean drama watching application, just subscribe to the premium package. But for the free version alone it has also satisfied the audience.

7. Iflix

Eleven twelve with the last two lists, this application based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has a fairly complete collection of films. In fact they also provide a lot of Indian series or films.

You can directly download the Iflix application to be able to watch your favorite Indian movies. As for watching it, there is an affordable subscription fee but you have nothing to lose if you enjoy the facilities.

On the other hand, the Iflix application also provides easy access to users around the world. This makes Iflix a perfect reference for watching his favorite Indian films.

The final word

Maybe that’s all our discussion regarding the list of Indian PC movie watching applications. Hopefully the information that we have reviewed above can be useful, especially for those of you who want to watch Bollywood movies.

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