IMEI Tracker App – IMEI Tracker App. When we want to buy a used or new cellphone, of course we want to get an official and original product from the smartphone manufacturer.

To find out whether a smartphone is genuine or fake, there is only one way that can be done. The trick is to track or check the smartphone registration number aka IMEI.

Now, there are several applications that can be used to track whether the IMEI on our cellphone is registered or not. We just need to download the application and enter the IMEI number.

But maybe some of you are still curious about what applications can be used to track IMEI accurately and authentically. For that we will convey it.

Recommended Best Android IMEI Tracker Apps

Here are a number of recommendations for the best IMEI tracker applications on Android phones. Please refer to the application recommendations which can be seen in the explanations we have summarized from the following references.

1. CrookCatcher

At first glance, Crook can be interpreted as a thief, and Catcher means a catch. So CrookCatcher can be defined as catching a thief. Through this application, the owner of the phone can find the location of the thief.

This CrookCatcher application will run automatically after activation. Then if someone else tries to force unlock the device, it will be detected immediately and you can fix the problem right away.

Uniquely, this CrookCatcher application will later be able to capture details of the thief’s photo, which is then sent to an email address. So don’t forget to download this app to prevent unnecessary things from happening.

2. Where’s My Droid

Next is the name of another application that is already familiar, namely Where’s My Droid. Where’s My Droid is an app developed by Alienman Technologies LLC that helps users find their lost phone.

The Where’s My Droid application is equipped with super advanced and accurate features to find out the whereabouts of your phone with GPS work. This GPS feature provides notifications to users if the smartphone is stolen or lost.

No exception if the battery is weak, it can still work optimally. In fact, users will also find out if the SIM card in their device has been replaced by a thief, so the Where’s My Droid IMEI tracker application can be relied on.

3. Cerberus Anti Theft

The best IMEI tracker application for various cellphone brands is Cerberus Anti Theft. This application can work on Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Advan, Sony, OnePlus, Nokia, and many others.

Cerberus Anti Theft is a mobile tracking app with IMEI with tracking capabilities. The features in the Cerberus Anti Theft application will help users find thieves who want to take their cellphones.

Not only that, in Cerberus Anti Theft there is also an alarm function that can make a loud sound. The features found in the Cerberus Anti Theft application will always be loud even if the phone is in silent mode.

4. Prey Anti-Theft

Next is the IMEI tracker application that is useful for maintaining security, Prey Anti-Theft. This application can be used for free by users, and can actually find the whereabouts of a lost or stolen phone.

At first glance, the Prey Anti-Theft application almost resembles a mobile tracker application with the same IMEI as CrookCatcher. There is a camera feature that captures the thief’s face whose data will be sent to an email.

This photo is solid evidence that the thief wants to forcibly unlock the device. So, you can track your cellphone when it is lost or stolen, reducing the risk of loss due to criminal acts by irresponsible people.

5. Find My Devices

Another recommended IMEI mobile tracker app is Find My Devices. Hearing the name of this application, you can already imagine the main functions and uses of this Find My Devices application.

The most interesting thing about the Find My Device application is its lock feature. Users can lock the phone remotely. The main purpose of this feature is to protect the data and maintain the important privacy of the phone owner.

In addition, in the Find My Devices application there are also other main functions such as finding the location of your cellphone. Where the feature in the Find My Devices application is able to find out the approximate location of the smartphone.

The final word

We have discussed the Android apk about the best imei tracker application in full. In addition to the application to track IMEI, there are also many other recommended applications on this blog.

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