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Stornowaybc.com – IG Like Enhancer Application. Almost everyone nowadays has an Instagram account, because IG has been known to be one of the famous social media platforms with interesting content.

No wonder many also become influencers on this platform, which is then better known as Selebgram. If we look again, one way to become a celebrity is to have a lot of followers.

Then we need an Instagram followers increase application so that we can get followers instantly. But a celebgram is not only judged by the number of followers they have.

But the number of likes, comments, and post shares will also affect your IG account interaction. The more the number, the better the value of your Instagram account in the eyes of others, so we need an IG like-enhancing application.

List of Best IG Like Enhancer Apps on Android

Like money transfer applications, there are various types of applications to add likes on Instagram. We will recommend applications that are free and safe to use as described in the following discussion.

1. Instant Follower

The recommended IG like booster is an Instagram-like automatic application called Instant Follower. This Instant Follower application is already very popular among Instagram users and can increase the number of your IG likes.

This Instant Follower application can be used for android and iOS devices. In addition, we can also download and use it for free. Instant Follower is one of the most popular such apps today.

Massive downloads from Google Playstore and App Store prove this point. This Instant Follower application is indeed an interesting choice and can get lots of IG likes for free so that your IG post likes will increase.

2. Like Hash

This other Instagram Like application is very interesting because you can watch ads to get dozens of likes on each post. The more you watch Like Hash videos, the faster you will get hundreds of likes on Instagram.

After registering in this Like Hash app, you can automatically connect to your Instagram account. Therefore, you will get tens to hundreds of likes or followers directly on your Instagram account.

Likes earned are based on available and recommended hashtags in this Like Hash app. Depending on the post to be uploaded, there are a variety of interesting hashtags to choose from in Like Hash.

3. Like4Like

The next Instagram Like app that will give you more likes until it reaches hundreds of thousands is Like4Like. In fact, the Instagram Like application is already very popular and widely used by people all over the world.

In this Like4Like application, you don’t have to open it every time you want to get Instagram likes. This is because the Like4Like application will continue to work and automatically like every post in it.

The number of likes added to each post itself will be adjusted based on the number of Like4Like points earned from each ad video in it. Therefore, you should watch a lot of Like4Like videos.

4. Fast Follower Boost

The next Instagram auto like application is Fast Follower Boost which is highly recommended for you. Fast Follower Boost app can give auto likes this is one of the most popular Instagram likes app.

Stornowaybc.com can also use this app to add followers on IG without following. At the same time, we can also use this Fast Follower Boost app to create relevant titles and hashtags for our posts.

This way, our posts will look more interesting and will definitely get a lot of likes. Of course, Fast Follower Boost can be used for free, just download it through the Play Store.

5. Likulator

Like other IG or Instagram like booster apps, you have to first collect a lot of Likulator coins to get hundreds of likes. Therefore, the number of likes on an Instagram account can be purchased using the number of Likulator points.

You can even see the increase or decrease in the number of likes per day from the graph in the Likulator app. Therefore, you can easily monitor the progress of each Follower or Like through this Likulator application.

Apart from that, this Likulator app allows you to manage Instagram followers in it. You can also get likes by liking photos from other people’s ordered posts on your Instagram account.

6. Liker

Liker is a very useful app where you can get hundreds of likes by buying coins in it. However, this app uses a paid system, so you have to pay on Liker to get thousands of likes.

Not only focusing on adding likes, this Liker application can also provide a very large number of followers. Therefore, you only need to pay a fee on Liker to get a lot of profit from it.

This Liker app provides various popular hashtags that you can use when posting photos or videos. Therefore, you will get extra “likes” for every post from the scanned Hashtag on Liker.

7. Mega Tag For Like

At the same time, there is also an automated Instagram app called Mega Tag For Like. This Mega Tag For Like application is an Instagram-like application, without coins, it can still be used for free until now.

You will get a selection of popular tags from Mega Tag For Like, which must be posted to get lots of likes. In addition to fast and coin-free boosts like Instagram as well as applications other than Mega Tag For Like.

This Mega Tag For Like is also one of the APKs that has reached up to 1,000,000 downloads on the Play Store. The latest update now adds a fast, secure and free auto follow feature.


That’s all the explanation about the android ig like-enhancing application as we have conveyed in the explanation above. Please just use the applications that we have recommended above so you can add likes to Instagram posts.

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