HTML Apps – HTML Apps. Website creation usually uses markup HTML programming base, this has become a standard throughout the world, especially for displaying the front-end.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language that uses certain symbols (tags) to represent code that must be interpreted by the browser in order to display the page correctly.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Understanding HTML is often associated with programming languages. Actually, however, HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language.

Now to do HTML coding we can use several free applications available on a PC or laptop. What are the applications? We can listen to the explanation below.

Free HTML App on PC

We have explored a number of applications and found that they have HTML coding capabilities on a PC or laptop. What are the HTML programming language coding applications that can be used? We will explain it below.

1. Visual Studio Code

The first application name that can be done for HTML coding is Visual Studio Code. The Visual Studio Code application is developed by Microsoft. However, this app is available for all platforms, not just Windows.

In addition, users of the Visual Studio Code application can use it for free. Visual Studio Code has all the features you need to properly edit HTML code, call it intelligence.

This feature in Visual Studio Code is used as context-based code suggestions when coding. In addition, Visual Studio Code users can use the auto closing tag feature to generate good HTML code.

2. UltraEdit

The next option you can use the UltraEdit application as an HTML editor that is simple, lightweight, and easy to use on a laptop or computer. UltraEdit is one of the best, versatile and highly reliable HTML editors.

Unfortunately, you can’t use UltraEdit for free. After the 30 day trial period, you must purchase the license for the UltraEdit application to continue using this multi-platform HTML editor.

One thing that makes UltraEdit a valuable choice is its ability to load files without fear of crashing. In addition, UltraEdit also comes with a variety of themes to reduce the boredom of coding.

3. Notetab

The next application that can be chosen by you is Notetab. You certainly don’t think we’re going to miss NoteTab, do you? You’re right, Notetab is one of the best HTML editors with many advantages.

NoteTab app is available in free (Light) and paid (Std and Pro) versions. This Notetab HTML editor is specially designed for Windows users. If you are using Linux, you can install it via WINE.

What makes NoteTab worthy of your choice? NoteTab helps you work faster. Especially with features like clipping (snippets), HTML-to-text or text-to-HTML conversion, and autocomplete.

4. Geanny

Actually Geany is not an ordinary HTML editor like the applications we have described above. Geany is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports more than 50 programming languages.

The Geany application is widely used to develop websites because this editor is simple, lightweight, intuitive/easy to understand. Platform Geany is a multi-platform editor that is free to use.

Those of you who are familiar with HTML will know that forgetting the closing tag is not a good thing. Luckily, Geany has an auto-closing tab feature. Combined with other common features, this HTML editor is worth checking out.

5. Notepad++

When coding HTML on campus, you must be taught to use Notepad++. It is true that Notepad++ was designed for the Windows operating system, it can be said that Notepad++ is here to cover the shortcomings of Notepad.

You can download and use this Notepad++ editor for free. Notepad++ has a simple interface and is very lightweight. However, Notepad++ still has the main features needed to edit HTML.

Such as syntax highlighting and auto-completion. If you want to edit multiple documents in different tabs, you can take advantage of Notepad++’s multi-document feature. The Notepad++ application has also been trusted by many programmers.

6. Atom

It feels incomplete if you don’t include the Atom app as the best HTML editor out there. In fact, Atom is not only open source and free, but also supports all operating systems (multi-platform).

More and more Atom users are using it every day. What makes Atom different from other HTML editors? Teletypewriter is one of them. This feature makes it easy for some web developers.

Specifically for contributing to multiple code at the same time. Also, the Atom app is developed by the folks behind GitHub. Therefore, its compatibility with GitHub is unquestionable.

7. Brackets

Then there is Brackets, a modern HTML editor platform, Brackets is a good yet lightweight HTML editor. No matter what operating system you use, Brackets can be your HTML editor of choice.

Plus, the Brackets app doesn’t require you to pay a dime. Brackets may seem simple and the interface is simple, but its various features make it a favorite among web developers.

Not all features of the Brackets app are installed by default. You can add additional functionality (extensions) if needed. A great feature of this Brackets app editor is the inline editor.

8. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the next choice of HTML editor application that you can use on your PC or laptop. Originally developed by Macromedia, Adobe Dreamweaver has become a website builder.

Adobe Dreamweaver is no ordinary HTML editor, because often a web designer will design the pages of a website. Then they used Adobe Dreamweaver to complete the coding step.

So, this Adobe Dreamweaver HTML editor has all the complete features for HTML editing. The first feature is dual display. You can easily switch from code view (text) to design view (WYSIWYG).

Final Conclusion

That’s all maybe our discussion of the html pc apps that can be recommended. Hopefully what we discussed above can be useful for those of you who want to code HTML programming languages.

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