How to Watch TV on a Cellphone Without an Application – How to Watch TV on a Cellphone Without an Application. The transition of television from analog to digital has not been fully successful in Indonesia. There are still many channels whose TV appearance is blurry.

But if we watch analog TV, of course it will make the eyes hurt. The choice is to watch digital television shows online using an internet connection, such as RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar, MNC TV, ANTV, TVOne, Trans7, Trans TV and so on.

You can also find lots of free TV watching apps on the Play Store or App Store. But can we watch television without using an application to save more internal memory?

In addition to how to add free TikTok followers without an application, how to watch TV on a cellphone without an application is also being widely discussed. Of course there is a way to make this wish come true easily.

How to watch TV on a cellphone without a free application

The following is the procedure for watching TV on a cellphone without using an application. Please refer to the complete information in the discussion and complete explanation below which we have summarized from many trusted sources.

1. Usee TV

Usee TV is the main recommendation for a free application to watch Indonesian TV channels. Inside there are more than 20 local television station channels that you can watch, including RCTI, MNV TV, and Global TV.

The online local TV display on Usee TV is very clear because it uses digital broadcasts. You can use Usee TV without an application by accessing the website directly.

Not only free, Usee TV can also be accessed on a paid or premium basis. Of course, with premium features there will be more features that can be enjoyed, including more and more channels that can be watched.

2. YouTube

Youtube is already widely known to be the most complete streaming site. Now there are many local TV stations that provide live streaming on YouTube, for example NET TV and KOMPAS TV.

Not only local television shows, on this platform you also have the opportunity to watch international television shows. Starting from music, sports, international news, entertainment, and much more.

You can also watch old shows on TV via YouTube which are now no longer broadcast. You can watch everything for free, as long as you have an adequate quota and internet network.

3. RCTI+

RCTI+ is a free television viewing site developed by MNC Group. But because it was developed by the MNC Group, the shows in it are limited to only RCTI, MNCTV, Global TV, and iNews.

With this website, you can enjoy exciting events presented by RCTI and its colleagues. Not only that, RCTI+ also provides live broadcasts with good full HD image quality.

Even the libraries provided by RCTI+ are also neat and you can choose according to your wishes. You also have the opportunity to download the application version on iOS or on the Play Store for free without being charged a subscription fee.

4. Vidio

Vidio is Indonesia’s largest and best TV streaming site at this time. The site was developed by an Indonesian company and is a solution for watching tv on a cellphone without additional applications.

On this site, viewers can watch television programs broadcast by local Indonesian TV stations. There are many channels available such as RCTI, O-Channel, TVOne, MNCTV, SCTV, ANTV, Indosiar, Metro TV, Trans 7, and GlobalTV.

All of these online tv broadcasts can be accessed for free via a PC or application. It’s up to you to provide a stable and unlimited connection if possible. In Vidio, you can also watch premium movies at affordable prices.

5. Viva

If you like watching tv shows in the form of up-to-date, trusted news, or entertainment programs such as comedy, then you can rely on Viva. There are two channels available on the Viva online tv streaming site, namely ANTV and TVOne.

In this case, there are distinct advantages compared to online tv competitors that can be accessed on cellphones. The advantage in question is that you can watch rebroadcasts. So, you don’t have to worry if you miss the show you want to watch.

Viva can be easily accessed on the website and is also available in applications that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Even though it only provides ANTV and TVOne, this site is quite good for watching TV on a cellphone without an application.

6. Trans Live TV

For those of you who are fans of programs from Trans Media, you can stream TV Trans TV and Trans 7 on the Trans TV website. Although basically not all of the shows are broadcast live, this could be another option for watching tv on a cellphone without an application.

Usually Trans TV online streaming broadcasts live Box Office and Hollywood movies that have an Indonesian translation. Thus this site is perfect for those of you who like to watch movies together or alone.

To enjoy your favorite Box Office or Hollywood movies, you don’t have to pay or pay for a subscription at all. But don’t forget to provide a stable connection and sufficient quota so that there are no problems while watching.

7. Kompi TV

Kompi TV is a website and website that provides quite complete local television programs. It can be said that almost all local tv stations can be streamed here.

The navigation is also very easy to understand, you just have to choose the channel you want to watch and favorite. It should also be noted that streaming tv on Kompi TV can only be accessed on the website, either via cellphone or PC.

All television shows here are also broadcast live, aka live streaming, so there is no pause with those on regular tv. Kompi TV also provides many channels to watch so you will not be bored to open this site.

The final word

So many discussions and explanations from us about how to watch tv on a cellphone without an application. Hopefully the information that we have described can be useful so that you can watch Indonesian TV channels.

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