How to Send Applications Via WA – How to Send Applications Via WA. Can we share application files via WA? Of course you can, because in the WhatsApp application there is a feature to send document files, including files in apk format.

But keep in mind that sending files via WhatsApp does not mean that on the recipient’s cellphone, the application can be installed immediately. Recipients still have to download the app, then install as usual on their Android.

Not to forget, the recipient must also allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, because the application does come from WhatsApp, not the Play Store. Even though we can get it from the Play Store, we still have to do it.

On the last occasion we have discussed how to duplicate applications, so on this occasion we want to share a tutorial on how to send applications via WA on cellphones. Check out the explanation below.

How to Send Applications Via WhatsApp on Phone

Check out the direct reviews and explanations below on how to send applications via WhatsApp on an Android phone or iPhone. Here’s a review that we can see together.

1. Send Application Via WA Direct

How to send applications via WA requires users to download third-party applications first. The application can be downloaded from application update sites other than the Play Store.

After downloading, here’s how to send the application via WA directly.

  • Open the default File Manager of your respective HP
  • Select the APK menu, then several raw applications will appear that are stored on your cellphone.
  • You need to remember, this method can only be used if you have only the raw application or files that have the existence of an .APK format, not applications installed on your cellphone.
  • Select the application you want to send by clicking and holding for a while
  • Then click the send icon or send.
  • Select send via WhatsApp (WA) and specify the contact to which the application will be sent and send.
  • Done

2. Sending Applications Via WA with ES File Explorer

Alternatively, we can take advantage of a third-party application called ES File Explorer. This application allows users to share applications installed on their cellphones via WhatsApp in the following ways:

  • Open the ES File Explorer App.
  • Select the APP menu, in the APP menu section all applications installed on the cellphone will appear.
  • Select the application to be sent.
  • Click the share icon or share.
  • Select via WhatsApp.
  • Then specify the WA contact you sent the application to and select Send.

3. Share Apps on WA with ShareCloud

Another way to send applications via WA is to use ShareCloud. You can download the ShareCloud application on the Play Store, then follow the tutorial below to share the application.

  • Open the ShareCloud app.
  • On the front screen select the APP menu, after which all the applications on your cellphone will appear.
  • Select and mark the application you want to submit.
  • Click the share button.
  • Then select send via WhatsApp and select the WA contact you want to send the application to.
  • Send.

4. Send Applications on WA with Apk Export

Just like ShareCloud, Apk Export is also an application for sharing .apk files via WhatsApp. To use Apk Export, the method is as follows:

  • Open Apk Export.
  • Select the APP menu.
  • Wait a few moments until all the applications installed on your cellphone appear.
  • Select the application you want to send by clicking and holding.
  • Click the share icon in the top corner.
  • Select Shared with WhatsApp and select the destination WA contact.
  • Then just press Send.
  • Done.

5. Send Applications on WA with Apk Extractor

How to send other applications on WhatsApp can be done using the Apk Extractor. How to use the application is as follows:

  • Open Apk Extractor.
  • An application will appear on your cellphone.
  • Click and hold the application you want to submit.
  • Then select shared.
  • Select send via WhatsApp (WA) and specify the recipient’s contact.
  • Send.

The final word

That’s a little discussion from us about how to send applications via whatsapp. Hopefully with this tutorial we can share applications in .apk format with others via WhatsApp.

Originally posted 2023-09-16 14:59:50.

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