How to Move Apps to SD Card – How to move apps to SD card. Your phone’s internal memory is full, while your external memory card or SD card is still loose and has a lot of space left?

You must be thinking about moving Android apps to the SD card, so that the internal memory becomes more space. This will increase the performance of the smartphone so it is faster.

Is there a way to move Android apps to SD card? If so, how to do it? Maybe you’re curious about it too, and don’t worry because we have a solution.

We have some tips and ways to move apps to SD card easily and quickly. How to? You can see and listen to the reviews that we convey below.

How to Move Android Apps to SD Card

After launching from various sources, we found several ways to move applications to the SD card that can be done. How to? You can listen to the tutorial on moving the application below.

1. No Additional Apps

How to Move Apps to SD Card that can be done on all Android smartphones. For those who have HP Realme, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. You can use this method to move applications to this memory card.

  • Prepare the memory card in advance.
  • Insert the SD card into the available phone memory slot.
  • Keep in mind that some Android smartphones only support SD cards up to 256 GB.
  • So first of all you look at the specifications of the phone you are using.
  • Open the Storage page from the Settings menu.
  • Select the SD card to use.
  • Click the three-line icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Storage Settings.
  • Then, select Format SD Card and click Format as Internal.
  • Wait a few moments until the formatting process is complete.
  • Move your apps to the external memory, which is now the smartphone’s internal memory.

2. Via Settings

How to move apk to SD card via cellphone settings doesn’t work on some Android 9 Pie OS phones and doesn’t work at all on Android 10 and Android 11 OS smartphones. Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings menu and select Apps or Apps.
  • Select the app or game you want to move to the memory card.
  • Select the Change storage menu, then SD card to move the app to your external storage.
  • Wait a few moments until the data transfer process is complete.

3. With Additional Apps

If both methods above fail to move apps to the memory card, you may be able to use another app. Currently, there are many applications whose job is to move applications, such as Link2SD

  • Download Link2SD on Google Play Store.
  • Then, move the app or game you want to move.
  • Press the button Move to SD Card
  • Select OK to start the data transfer process.

4. USB Debugging

USB debugging is a feature that can only be enabled if developer options are enabled. This method also requires a laptop as a device to move applications to the SD card. Here’s the guide:

  • First enable developer options by tapping 7 times on build number.
  • Then, enable USB debugging.
  • Benefits of Android Developer Options Developer Mode Features
  • If so, use the built-in USB cable to connect your smartphone and laptop.
  • Now you can easily move folders or app data to SD card.

5. Using AppMgr III

Similar to Link2SD, this AppMgr III app can also move apps to SD card and vice versa. You can download the AppMgr III application for free on the Google Play Store. How to use it are:

  • Download and run the AppMgr III application on your smartphone.
  • Open the removable tab.
  • This menu will show all the apps that can be moved to the SD card.
  • Click Apps, then click the Move to SD Card button.
  • Wait a few moments until the transfer process is complete.

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The article review on how to move phone apps to the SD card has been completed, we have explained to you. Hopefully the discussion that we explained to Ana can be understood, especially for those who want to move applications to the SD card.

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