How to Lock WA Apps – How to Lock WA Apps. WhatsApp is the most widely used chat application today. Besides being free, this application is also very fast and reliable in sending messages to various people.

No wonder there are many things discussed on WhatsApp, including important chats such as work, business, marketing strategies, and so on. So locking WA is the safest way to make things run smoothly.

There are actually a lot of WhatsApp lock apps available on the Play Store or App Store. But these applications will only increase the load of RAM if running in the background and internal memory.

Previously we discussed how to move Telegram stickers to WhatsApp without an application. Then now we will explain how to lock the WhatsApp application without an application for all types of Android and iPhone cellphones.

How to Lock WhatsApp Application Without Application

The following is complete information on how to lock the WhatsApp application without an application easily, free, practical, and fast. Includes PIN lock, finger pattern, fingerprint or fingerprint, face scan or face recognition.

1. Samsung Phone

Especially for Samsung users, you can lock the WA or other applications very easily. You can enter the Advanced Features menu in Settings, here is more information.

  • Go to settings on your smartphone
  • Select Advanced Features
  • Open AppLock option
  • Then please click the ON option
  • Set the locking method you want to use
  • If it is set, select the WhatsApp application
  • Enable lock on WhatsApp app
  • Done.

2. Xiaomi Phone

Meanwhile, if you want to lock WA on your Xiaomi cellphone, you can also do it without having to install third-party applications. This is how to lock the WhatsApp application on a Xiaomi cellphone without an application.

  • Go to settings on your Xiaomi smartphone
  • Go to App Lock and enter the pattern lock you have set
  • Select the WhatsApp application and activate the lock
  • WhatsApp is locked.
  • To try it please you can open WhatsApp.
  • Done.

3. Vivo Phone

For Vivo smartphones, the settings on the phone also support adding a password lock on Xiaomi applications or others without an application. An easy way to do this is as follows.

  • Go to Vivo settings on your smartphone
  • Select the Security menu
  • Then, select Privacy & App Encryption
  • Set your password or password
  • Next, please activate the lock on the WhatsApp application
  • Done.

4. Asus Phone

Asus phones also have a feature that allows users to lock various applications without installing additional apks, including WhatsApp. How to set a password lock and WA password on an Asus cellphone, namely:

  • Press the home screen of your Asus cellphone for a few moments
  • After that, please open the Manage Home menu
  • Select App Lock
  • Set the key and password to use
  • Activate the lock application on the WhatsApp application
  • Done

5. OPPO Phone

OPPO users also don’t need to worry because the smartphone has an application lock feature like other cellphones. How to use this feature to give a PIN password for a password pattern on WhatsApp is also very easy.

  • Open settings on your Vivo cellphone
  • Select Lock Screen & Password menu
  • Select the Original Encryption menu
  • Set the lock and password you will use
  • Activate the lock application on the WhatsApp application
  • Done

The final word

So many discussions and explanations from us about how to lock the WhatsApp application. By locking the WA application, of course all the contents of important messages from the application will not be easily known by people.

Originally posted 2023-09-12 16:38:47.

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