How to Hide Apps – How to Hide Apps. Some people feel they don’t want to display their application shortcuts on the application home page for some reasons.

On some smartphones, there is a way to hide apps without additional apps, and it can be done easily. But other smartphones don’t have the hide shortcut feature.

Luckily there are also a number of apps to hide apps on Android phones that are free to use. We can also use these applications for free without paying anything.

Here we will provide tutorials and tips on hiding apps on Android in an easy and practical way. Whether it’s using additional applications or without the need for other additional applications.

How to Hide Apps on Latest Android

Check out the explanation below regarding tutorials and how to hide applications on the latest Android phones that we can do. Please see and see the full explanation in the following description.

1. All Android

Maybe you’re annoyed with the default apps or bloatware that pops up when you first buy a new Android phone. Without uninstalling, you can try how to hide apps on Android without other apps.

Just in case you need it from time to time. Well, to hide the default apps on your phone, you can follow how to hide OPPO, vivo, and other brands of Android phones below in full.

Go to Google Play Store

First, you go to the Google Play app and tap on the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen. From here, you can simply swipe down and select the Help and Feedback option.

Enter the Android application management menu

After that, you will be taken to a special page. Here, you just need to select the Tap to go to Application Settings option to be redirected to the Android app management page. Select the default application that you want to hide.

Select the Disable option

On the Google Duo app info page, you can simply click the Disable button, and you just need to select OK. Keep in mind that using the disable option to hide apps will delete any updates you download.

Recover hidden apps

To restore apps using this method, you just need to follow the steps from the beginning and select Activate. The app will then reappear in the app drawer, but you’ll need to download an update before you can use it again.

2. Xiaomi

At the same time, Xiaomi mobile users can also enjoy the built-in MIUI interface to hide app functions. It is also easy to access and set up, you just need to follow the steps below.

Go to Settings and select App Lock

Open the settings menu on your Xiaomi phone and swipe down until you find the app lock option.

MIUI enable app lock

The App Lock feature in MIUI allows you to lock or hide up to 12 apps. If this is the first time you activate it, you just click Open. After that, all you have to do is set the pattern.

Its purpose is to use as a lock and add the Mi account you use on your Mi phone by tapping Add.

Hide apps on Xiaomi phones

You can then hide apps from the MIUI app drawer by simply selecting the Hide Apps tab at the top. Activate it by swiping the button on the app you want to hide.

Show hidden apps on Xiaomi

To access hidden apps on Xiaomi phones, you just need to make gestures in the app drawer, like zooming in on an image. You will be asked to enter the pattern you created earlier in order to access the application.

To show the app again, you just need to follow the steps above to use app lock and disable app tool, gang, in app hide tab.

3. Samsung

The latest series of Samsung phones that now rely on the One UI interface also has a built-in function to hide apps. Also, How to hide apps without apps on Samsung can hide all apps.

Including Android default applications such as Calculator to Calendar. For how to hide apps on Samsung, you can directly follow the steps described below.

Go to the main settings screen

You can enable one of the hidden features of this Samsung phone by visiting the Home screen settings in One UI. The trick, pinch to display on the home screen. Then you just need to select the home screen settings option at the bottom.

Select the option Hide Apps

No need for apps to hide other apps in One UI, gang. Here you just swipe down from the screen and select the option Hide Apps.

Select the app you want to hide

Finally, you will see all the icons of the apps installed on your Samsung phone. Mark the apps you want to hide and select Done if any. This way, the app will be hidden from the Samsung phone you are using.

To show it again, you just need to follow the steps above again. Uncheck the Hide apps option and select Done. Very easy, right?

4. Microsoft Launcher

If your Android phone doesn’t have built-in ability to hide apps, you can also do that with the help of Android launcher apps. One that is used is Microsoft Launcher.

So, how do you hide apps from Android brands like vivo and Huawei that don’t have a built-in app hiding function? Check out the explanation below.

Download the latest Microsoft Launcher App

First, you’ll need to download the latest Microsoft Launcher app, which you can get from the link below. If you install the launcher as usual until the interface of your Android phone changes.

Open the Microsoft Launcher app drawer

From the home screen, you can simply tap on the app drawer icon at the bottom to open a list of apps installed on your Android phone.

Enable hidden apps option in Microsoft Launcher

Then, tap on the three-dot icon at the top of the app drawer and select the Hide apps option to hide apps in Microsoft Launcher. In the hidden apps window, all you have to do is click the hidden apps button that appears on the screen.

Select the app you want to hide

A popup will appear for any app that you can hide in Microsoft Launcher. Select it until the check mark turns blue, click OK when you’re done. Well, how to hide apps in Microsoft Launcher works.

Now you will not find hidden apps in app drawer. To bring back the application, you just follow the previous step and press unhide.

5. Nova Launcher

Finally, there is a way to use Nova Launcher to hide apps on Android that might seem anti-mainstream, gang bang. The interesting thing is that you can change the name and icon of the application you are using.

Including the Instagram icon that was popular some time ago. So you won’t suspect that you’ve just changed the icon and name of an app to an app or game that no one will likely open.

Download the latest Nova Launcher app

As before, you will need to download the latest Nova Launcher app via the link below, then install the launcher on your Android phone.

Open the app view in Nova Launcher

From the home screen page, you can simply swipe up on the screen to open a view of all the apps and games installed on your Android phone.

Select the Edit app option

Select the app you want to hide by tapping and holding the app icon. A pop-up window with several options will appear, where you just need to select Edit. Here you can customize the app icon and name.

Change app icon

Tap the icon image you want to change, then select the Gallery app to select the icon for the app you downloaded earlier.

Change app name

Finally, you just need to change the name of the app on the Apps tab and click Done when you’re done. Now the appearance of the icon and the name of the app has changed, allowing others to enter your hidden original app.

The final word

Our discussion on how to hide android application has been explained in full. We hope that this tutorial will be useful for you.

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