How to Get Blank Number Without Application – How to Get Blank Number Without Application. If you need an empty cellphone number to use as a Whatsapp or Telegram contact, you can get it for free.

Blank number generator applications are now widely available on the internet, can be accessed online and free of charge. You just enter the desired number, then this application will check whether it is still available or not.

If available, you can use it to create a blank number which can then be registered on a WhatsApp or Telegram account. You can also confirm or verify your account with that number.

For those who are still curious about how to get an empty WhatsApp and Telegram number without an application, we will also recommend it below. Here’s the full review just for you.

How to Get Blank WhatsApp and Telegram Numbers

Please just look at the complete information on how to get an empty phone number for WhatsApp and Telegram account registration. Here is his recommendation for you.

1. TextPlus

TextPlus is the most recommended first blank number provider application. The application can be easily downloaded for free on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

How to use textPlus to create an empty Telegram or WhatsApp number, you only need to register using an email. Here are the steps.

  • The first step please download.
  • After that, install the textPlus application on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • The second step is to run textPlus after it is successfully installed on the cellphone.
  • Next, tap Sign Up to register an account at textPlus.
  • Please enter your email address and password to create an account.
  • Then please agree to the privacy policy by putting a check in the box and then tap Sign Up.
  • Next, please select a country to create a nokos in textPlus.
  • Then please select the area code to create a nokos in textPlus.
  • Next, please select Get A Custom Number to create a nokos.
  • Well now you have successfully tried how to make nokos for free using the application.

2. TextNow

The next nokos provider that can be recommended is Textnow. The application can also be installed without the need to pay or it is free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

How to use Textnow to make nokos is also very practical and fast, you only need to register using email. Here are the steps.

  • Open the Textnow app.
  • Then tap “Get a free phone number”.
  • Make sure you are on the SIGN UP menu, fill in your email and password, click Create Account.
  • Complete the Captcha (just follow the instructions provided).
  • The trick so that it can be easy to complete the captcha, first look at the bottom right corner, if there is still skip writing, just click on the reload image (in the bottom left corner), search until the skip text turns into verify.
  • Select the Virtual Number you want, for example, you can choose 629-222-4875.
  • Tap Continue, wait until the process is complete.

The final word

So many discussions and explanations from us regarding recommendations on how to get an empty cellphone number without an application. We hope that the information that we have conveyed will be useful for those looking for empty numbers.

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