How to Convert PDF to Word Without Application – How to Convert PDF to Word Without Application. Although there is a PDF converting application, sometimes people choose how to convert PDF to word without having to install the application.

Besides being fast, practical, of course it will make the internal memory and RAM more efficient. The performance of converting PDF to word is even faster even in large numbers.

About that, you don’t have to worry because just like how to download songs without an application, we can also convert PDF files to word without an application. There are many online site tools that can help us do this.

For those who want to know which sites can be useful or useful so that we can convert PDF files to word for free without an application, see the description below. We will discuss in full, following the review.

How to Convert PDF File to Word Without Application

Without further ado about anything else, here is complete information on how to convert PDF files to word without using an application. You can see the full review in the following explanation.

1. SmallPDF

SmallPDF lives up to its name, offering a very simple yet innovative feature to convert your PDF files to Doc. The simple drag and drop feature lets you upload and convert any PDF file you want.

Documents processed in SmallPDF without compromising on quality. Users can also expect better quality finishes soon. SmallPDF is the solution and how to convert PDF to word without an application

You can convert only through a browser on a PC or cellphone, it’s really very easy to convert PDF files to Word easily. SmallPDF also has a very strict privacy policy to ensure your documents are always safe.

2. PDF to DOC

PDF to DOC allows users to use online PDF converting sites with a simple one-page interface. One simple page in PDF to DOC will show you all its features from PDF to DOC.

The features in PDF to DOC include extract PDF, compression, join PDF, and of course convert. PDF to DOC offers a very easy to use interface to convert your PDF files into editable document files.

In addition, you can easily switch from the home page to use other features found in PDF to DOC, such as compression or merging. This site can also be said to be similar to a photo compress application.

3. iLovePDF

ILovePDF is an excellent PDF to word convert website that can be used easily, free of charge, without watermark, and safe. iLovePDF can easily convert PDF file formats into editable Word files.

How to convert PDF to word without an application with iLovePDF in just two steps. The first thing is to select the file you want to convert, select the format you want to convert, and wait for the final result.

In addition to Word, you can convert PDF files to several useful formats, including JPEG, Powerpoint, and Excel. Apart from changing the format, with the help of iLovePDF you can also perform PDF merging, compression, and PDF partitioning.

4. Simply PDF

Simply PDF has a simple interface that can be easily used by many people. However, if you have opened the site, then you will find the convert PDF to word feature which is very fast and practical.

With the help of converting PDF files in just two simple steps, Simply PDF can convert PDF to Word format or PowerPoint to Excel. The converted file can then be edited.

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The quality of the converted file formats in Simply PDF remains as secure as the original. Simply PDF is supported by an OCR feature that allows you to find hyperlinks, tables, and images in files, so they can be edited in Microsoft Word.

5. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is an ideal PDF to word converting site that can be used for free. PDF2Go can not only convert your PDF files, but also other PDF editing features in the word to PDF application or vice versa are very useful.

The features in question include being able to convert from PDF to Word very simply. All you have to do is upload the file, select the output format, and convert one or more PDF files without page errors.

PDF2Go uses OCR to make direct corrections to scanned documents. Apart from the above features, this application can be used to split and merge PDFs, compress them to the size you want, repair PDFs, optimize and rotate PDFs.

6. Foxit

Foxit can also be a solution and a way to convert PDF files to word without an application. Foxit has the feature capability to easily convert any PDF file into any other format without compromising on quality.

The online PDF converter site Foxit has a simple interface that allows it to be easily formatted, thanks to its drag and drop feature. You can convert PDF to any format you like, not just Word.

According to, there’s no limit to the number of files you can modify, and the end result is flawless with no noticeable errors in the document. In addition, you can also subscribe to premium to remove existing ads.

The final word

That’s a little discussion from us about how to convert pdf to word without an application. By using the online PDF converter site, you don’t need to install anything to be able to change the PDF file format.

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