How to Clarify Blurred Photos Without an App – How to Clarify Blurred Photos Without an App. There are many applications to clarify blurry photos, with the help of these applications we can clarify photos that look blurry easily.

But the applications on the list mostly have a fairly large size. When installed on a PC or cellphone, of course it will make the RAM swell and the performance of the device decreases.

The solution is that we can use online tools or applications that can be used to make blurry photos clear. There are many web-based applications that can be accessed via a browser without having to install them.

Previously we also discussed how to change the WA theme without an application, then on this occasion we will describe a tutorial on how to clarify blurry photos without an application. Here is the full review for you.

How to Clarify Blur Photos Without Apps

The following is a complete review and discussion on how to easily clarify blurry photos without an application. Check out the full review and discussion in the description below, here is the information for you.

1. Online Photo! Editor

The recommended way to clarify blurry photos without an application is to use Online Photo! Editor. This app is useful for fixing your blurry, blurry and blurry pictures online.

This free browser-based application lets you take photos from your hard drive or from websites for editing. You don’t need to install any application and can immediately clarify blurry photos.

How to make blurry photos clear in Online Photo! The editor is to click the “Deblur” button in the left pane to fix the image. You will see a sharp version of the image in the preview box, after which you can save it as a JPEG file.

2. Pixlr

Clarify blurry images with Pixlr can also be done without having to install an application. Another free online web-based Pixlr that is useful for helping you edit images to be clearer.

The format is similar to Adobe Photoshop, so if you are familiar with Photoshop then you will be able to use it easily. Pixlr also doesn’t ask you to pay a subscription fee, it’s completely free to use.

The way to make a blurry photo clear on Pixlr is to upload your image to Pixlr online, click the “Filter” menu and select “Sharpen” to correct the blur. This feature allows you to save the updated image file as a JPEG, BMP or PNG image.

3. Web Resizer

You can also sharpen blurry images by using Web Resizer. It can be said that this online application is really reliable for anyone who wants to sharpen blurry photos.

You can directly upload your image to Web Resizer, then set the “Sharpen” option below. You can change the sharpness of the image on a scale from 0 to 500, the number 500 makes the blur completely removed.

After applying the changes, you can preview the automatically optimized image before saving it as a JPEG. To do so, right-click on the image and select “Save Image As”.


Another recommended way to change blurry images to be clearer is to use It’s very easy, just a few steps to sharpen photos on

How to change blurry and unclear photos to be clearer in, namely:

  • Press START to open’s Convert and Online Editor features.
  • Then upload your digital photo that you want to edit.
  • Select one or more images to sharpen and de-blur in film strips
  • Go to the left sidebar and please select Edit
  • Sharpen the blur image by using the other features in the toolbar on the right
  • Apply sharp tools to your images

Apart from sharpening blurry images, can change the format of your RAW images or photos to more standard JPG or PNG images.

5. Bigjpg

Another alternative to make the image clearer, less blurry, and clearer is to use Bigjpg. How to use Bigjpg for blurry photos are:

  • Go to the site first.
  • Then you can click ‘Select Image’
  • Continue by selecting the blur image you want to define.
  • After that please click ‘Start’
  • Don’t forget to adjust the settings to your needs
  • Wait until the process is complete
  • Then if you have, download the photo specified at the end.

The final word

That’s a little discussion from us about how to clarify blurry photos without an application. Hopefully the information that we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those who want to make their photos clearer.

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