How to Change the WA Theme Without an Application – How to Change the WA Theme Without an Application. Sometimes there are people who feel bored with the look of WhatsApp that they currently have, the color is just green without any variation.

Even on WhatsApp there is only a dark mode or night mode feature that turns the display dark. The rest, we are only treated to a boring default alias standard view.

In the Play Store or App Store, there may be an application that works to change the appearance of WhatsApp. But if the application is installed, of course it will be burdensome, especially since its function is only to change the WA theme.

If we look at how to convert PDF to word without an application, there is actually a way to change the WhatsApp theme without an application. Want to know how? In this opportunity we will explain it to you.

How to Change WhatsApp Themes Without an Application

Without talking about this again, let’s discuss together about how and tutorials to change the WA theme without additional applications. Check out the full review and tutorial in the discussion below.

1. Use Your Own Photo

To make chatting more interesting and not boring, you can change the WhatsApp theme without an application. For example, by using your own photos, how to change the WhatsApp theme without an application using your own photos is as follows.

  • First, you can directly open the WhatsApp application on Android.
  • After that, then you open the Settings menu at the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then several menu options will appear, click Settings at the bottom.
  • The next step is that you can select the Chat option and click on Wallpaper.
  • If so, please select the image in the respective smartphone gallery.
  • Once selected, click the Set option and your photo will automatically become the background image.
  • There is also a default option available to you if you decide you want to use the default theme of the default application itself.

2. Using Another Wallpaper

Another option to change the WA theme without an application is to change your wallpaper. This application also provides a large selection of wallpapers that can be changed easily by:

  • First you open the WhatsApp application that is already on your Android phone.
  • Then you can select the Settings menu in the upper corner.
  • Next, if you have, please select the Settings option at the bottom of the selection.
  • Select the Chat option, then click the Wallpaper option and then select the WhatsApp Gallery with a specific theme.
  • Select the interesting WhatsApp wallpaper that you have chosen then press the Set button.
  • If you have, the WhatsApp wallpaper theme will automatically change according to your wishes.

3. Change the Original WhatsApp Theme

You can change the WhatsApp theme without the original application if your Android phone already has its own default theme. Because the replacement of the original WA theme will follow the default Android theme.

For example on Xiaomi cellphones, there are many cellphone themes that can change the appearance of WhatsApp at once. The trick is to just open the default theme application, then select and install the theme, and after that the original WhatsApp theme will also change.

4. Changing the Bubble Chat

In addition to changing the original WhatsApp theme, you can also change the appearance of chat bubbles on WhatsApp. How to replace it is as follows.

  • Open the default theme application on your Android phone.
  • Then you can select the Search menu and write Initial J and download.
  • After that you can immediately apply it.
  • Automatically the appearance of your WhatsApp chat bubble has been replaced.

5. WhatsApp Dark Mode

How to change the WhatsApp theme without other applications is to change the background theme to dark mode. This method can be done differently on Android and iOS devices, namely:

Dark Mode WhatsApp iPhone

Here’s how to change the dark mode of the dark theme on WhatsApp, see below.

  • For iPhone 11 users and above, there is a menu option called Smart Invert.
  • This menu is usually used to activate dark mode on iPhone devices.
  • The function of dark mode is to change the appearance of the smartphone. goes dark, including WhatsApp.
  • You can select the Settings menu in the WhatsApp application on iPhone devices.
  • Next, please select the Display & Brightness option.
  • Then select the Turn dark Mode On option again to turn it into dark mode.
  • If so, automatically your background theme has been successfully changed to dark.

Dark Mode WhatsApp Android

Here’s how to change WhatsApp dark mode on Android.

  • First, please enter the WhatsApp application on the Android phone first.
  • Then you can select the Settings menu or your WhatsApp settings on your cellphone.
  • Then open the About phone or About Phone option.
  • If you have, you can click the Build Number option up to seven times.
  • Then back again on the Main Settings page, how to open the Developer Options menu.
  • He continued, activating the Override Force dark option to apply dark mode to all applications, including WhatsApp.
  • Your WhatsApp theme will automatically change to dark dark mode.

The final word

That’s a little discussion from us about how to change the WhatsApp theme without an application. Hopefully the tutorial that we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those who want to have a new look in the WhatsApp application.

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