How to Change Font in Instagram Bio Without Application – How to Change Font in Instagram Bio Without Application. Have you ever visited someone’s Instagram profile, then looked at their bio using a font that isn’t Instagram’s default?

Do you also want to change the font in your IG bio to be cool, beautiful and nice? Without using an application, all your wishes for custom font types on Instagram can be easily done.

Because there are lots of online sites that can easily replace photos in our IG bio. The way it works is also almost the same, just write the text we want, then select the font type, then just use it.

It’s as easy as sending an application via WA, isn’t it? But if you are still curious about how to change the font in the Instagram bio without an application, then we will review it in the discussion below.

How to Change Fonts on Instagram Bio Without an Application

Here’s the complete information for you on how to change the font in the Instagram bio without using the app. Check out the full discussion in the explanation below in full.

1. Replace Instagram Fonts with IGFonts

You can change the font type and format on Instagram by using IGFonts, an HTML-formatted font changing site that you can paste into your IG bio. How to use IGFonts is as follows.

  • Visit the site first.
  • The next step, please type the text you want to include on your IG profile in the ‘Add text here’ column.
  • Once done, you can scroll down.
  • Then you can find the font options will appear for a while.
  • There are various choices of fonts available and can be used for free, such as bold, italic, spaced, and even upside down.
  • At the bottom, you will be able to see the results of the text that was typed earlier with a variety of font choices.
  • Please scroll down further to see more options.
  • When you have found the desired font, copy the text with that font type.
  • When all the text has been copied successfully, return to the Instagram app so you can change the font in the bio.
  • The next step, please open your account settings in the ‘Edit Profile’ menu.
  • Paste the text into the Instagram bio column and don’t forget to save the settings by clicking ‘Done’.
  • Done, the font in your Instagram bio has been successfully changed.

2. Change Instagram Font with Coolsymbol

Alternative ways to change and change the font in the Instagram bio can be done by using the Coolsymbol site. Launching, this online typesetting site can be used to edit Instagram bios in the following way.

  • First, you can go to the site.
  • To open it, you can use a web browser on your cellphone, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Web Browser, or others.
  • If so, please click “Fancy Text” on the top menu option.
  • You can then enter the text or words you want to change in the Instagram account bio.
  • After that log in again to your Instagram account.
  • Click on the bio section.
  • Copy the text in the bio.
  • Please open the site again and paste the changed text in the box.
  • Later you will see many types of text that you can use to insert in your Instagram account bio.
  • There are bold, italics, blurry, and many other types.
  • When you have found the appropriate text type, you can click “copy”.
  • To see other font options, please click “Show More Font”.
  • Please you can reopen the Instagram application.
  • After that, then paste it in the bio section to change the font.
  • Click the blue check mark on the top right when it’s done.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully changed the font on your Instagram bio.

The final word

That’s a little discussion from us about how to change the font in the Instagram bio without an application. Hopefully the information that we have described can make you understand better how to change the font in the Instagram bio.

Originally posted 2023-09-16 15:59:51.

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