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Stornowaybc.com – Home Buying Application. If you intend to buy or sell property, now in the era of digitalization, everything can be done easily, quickly, and immediately sold or bought.

You can use a lot of trusted Android home buying and selling applications. The application is free, can be used anytime, and of course there are many choices of properties that you can choose and then buy.

If you want to sell property, you can also buy and sell a house in the application. Maybe in a short time there will be many people who contact you asking about the location, facilities, even asking to meet.

Yesterday we discussed the running application, here we will give a few recommendations for the apk used to transact property. Check out the full review in the discussion below.

List of Best Home Buying Apps

Without further ado, just take a look at the full review of the list of the best, most trusted, and free home buying and selling applications. Check out the discussion directly in the review below in full.

1. Rumah.com

Rumah.com is an application that focuses on home search services as well as other properties for sale or rent. This online home search application is equipped with a map on the maps application feature to make it easier for consumers.

The Rumah.com Android application also provides various kinds of detailed information about houses, photos, environmental conditions, to information on property agents who manage them. You can contact the property agent directly before making a transaction.

Many important features are offered by Rumah.com. Such as searching for more than 100 thousand properties in Indonesia, to the built in GPS making it easier for consumers to find the nearest house or apartment.

2. Rumah123.com

This application is not much different from Rumah.com. Rumah123.com is here to function as a search engine for properties or homes for sale and rent with a total of more than 140,000 properties.

A wide variety of properties are offered, including houses, apartments, shop houses (ruko), commercial buildings, and land or plots of land. There are many features offered in the Rumah123 application for users.

One of its superior features is the ease of signing in, you can use a Rumah123 account or a Facebook account. In addition, there is also an easier connection feature with property agents so that property purchases can be as expected.

3. 99.co

The 99.co application focuses on selling and buying property in any form. Various types of properties are offered such as houses, apartments, land, shop houses, office areas, warehouses, and other types of properties.

Users can make home sales using only their cellphones easily anywhere and anytime. The 99.co application also uses the GPS feature to make it easier for buyers to choose properties based on location.

Various main features that the 99.co application offers to make it easier for users. Like the smart search feature with filters such as entering the car, in front of the main road, strategic, or other keywords. There is also a Detailed search by selecting a location, price range and more.

4. OLX

The next home buying and selling application is OLX. You could say that OLX is the largest buying and selling platform among the store application options that facilitate buying and selling houses on this list.

This is indeed natural, because OLX has been a big player in buying and selling various kinds of products in Indonesia for a long time. Not only used for buying and selling houses, but also for buying and selling other products.

OLX itself is a classifieds platform and free online marketplace to advertise houses, motorbikes, electronics, both used and new. The application in the Play Store and App Store has also been downloaded by more than 30 million users.

5. Rumah Dijual

Houses for Sale is also an apk that focuses on searching for homes and properties for sale or rent. There are more than 100,000 types of properties offered through the Homes for Sale app on Android or iPhone.

The advantage of the Houses for Sale site which was founded in 2010 lies in the community features that are always active. In addition, there are also many features offered by the Home for Sale application to users.

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For example, a feature for detailed property search provides the filter you want to search for. The search filters include property type, land area, city, maximum price, minimum price, and other keywords.

6. Realoka

The Realoka application also has features to facilitate marketing and even property buying and selling forums in all provinces of Indonesia. Starting from buying and selling property in urban or regional areas.

The Realoka application available on this cellphone can also be used by housing developers, property marketing, and even independent property agents. They can use Realoka for those who want to sell their property directly without intermediaries.

Prospective buyers in the Realoka application are also given convenience by the availability of an easy search filter. Such as filters on the number of bedrooms, car parks, land area, up to the price range.

7. Trovit Homes

The Trovit Homes application is another highly recommended home buying and selling apk. This is because this application integrates advertisements for houses and apartments that are sold and rented from a number of direct sites.

Of course, the integration carried out by Trovit Homes makes it easier for consumers to find home sales information. Even users can do it very easily without having to surf various sites.

Trovit Homes also provides property search filters so that the house or apartment you are looking for matches the buyer’s wishes. Such as filter area, address, surrounding area, area, price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, to other detailed information.

8. Lamudi Indonesia

Lamudi Indonesia will help property seekers who want to buy or sell a house. Lamudi is also a two-way online property search platform that accommodates the needs of property buyers and sellers

Not only houses, the Lamudi Android application also has land, land, and plot buying and selling services. The Lamudi application does not even only operate in Indonesia, but also operates in Mexico and the Philippines.

Lots of interesting features in it. Such as specific search gilters, such as price range, number of rooms, and the physical condition of other properties. In addition, the Lamudi Indonesia application also continues to update property information in real time.

9. DealRumah.id

As an online home buying and selling application, DealRumah.id does not only focus on offering properties for sale, but also focuses on serving the seller at once. This application connects all home buyers and sellers directly via email or chat features.

If you intend to sell and rent a house, then you can become a member for free. After registering and registering, you can upload house ads for sale or rent on DealRumah.id.

This application allows users to advertise various types of properties. These include houses, land, apartments, shop houses, rented offices, boarding houses, and warehouses for storing goods.

10. Mitula Rumah

Mitula Rumah is here for the Indonesian people as an application to find homes for sale or rent. Within Mitula Rumah, there is a wide range of areas for property search.

Not only in Indonesia, but also in 41 countries and 15 languages. In your home search, you as a potential buyer can add filters to make your property search more accurate.

Some of the features offered in this application include being able to contact advertisers directly. In addition, there is also a choice of features in 15 languages ​​and receiving notifications on your cellphone when there is a new house that fits your criteria.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about the recommendation for an android home buying and selling application. Hopefully the information that has been provided above can be useful for you.

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